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Racing Slick

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Member since: Wed Dec 20, 2017, 06:46 PM
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Well, it's time for a break

The forum snitches have endangered this name.

90 days makes it nice and fresh again.

No hides last 90 days.

See y'all in 90 days.

Jeff Bezos works Americans like slaves in legalized sweat shops

So he can send fucking illegal Mexicans to college?

Richest man in the world is actually a worthless piece of shit.

Shitholes and Democrats explained

Pop quiz on Haiti and the Clinton Foundation

When Trump said shitholes...

Was he talking about Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, or Mempfrica?

Why do Democrats still whine about Al Gore losing before the SCOTUS?

They should be embarrassed to bring it up.

Their whole argument before the Supreme Court?

"Democrats are too stupid to read, comprehend, and correctly mark an election ballot."

On second thought...they are correct.

Another "Obama son" plays stupid games

Wins stupid prizes.

As always...he was a good boy and "unarmed".

"NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — North Little Rock police released dashcam video Wednesday that shows a 17-year-old pull a gun and fire it during a traffic stop before officers fired back, killing him.

Police Chief Mike Davis said he hopes that releasing the video will dispel “misinformation” that Charles Smith was unarmed during the confrontation early Sunday.

“Since the incident, a great deal of erroneous information has appeared on social media outlets. … I want to make sure we clear that up today,” Davis said."


...might even be a lesbian....

OH...the liberal in me just can't control myself...

Trump vs Oprah

Bannon out at Breitbart

Moral of the story:

DO NOT fuck with President Donald J. Trump
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