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Won't someone think of the children.....that we couldn't get aborted!?!?

- Lefty

'Where are the girls?'

- Bill Clinton

So, you wonder why we harvest Du:

We Righties harvest Du because Di Lefties pussed out and ran.

I myself would MUCH rather and stay here and Leftyspank, but the options are so few.

Lefty couldn't take the return fire to zhe's formerly unchallenged talking points.

There are a LOT of kids in Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit looking for their fathers.

'Where's daddy?'

Have you ever heard this argument regarding abortion?:

If so, destroy it thus:

@Lefty: Do you know why your poutrages only have about a one to two week life expectancy?

The internet. It is a source of information free from the MSM agenda filter. In other words, your lies get exposed fairly quickly.

People escaping violence in South America will bring that violence here.

It's the CULTURE, not the GEOGRAPHY turnips. I wonder how many members of your family will suffer as a result of your blind partisan stupidity?

@Lefty: Which is worse?

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