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The only good republican is a dead republican! BTW, Fred Sanford isn't a vet - I know the guy personally. He's just a lonely old fag who likes little boys. Like REALLY little.

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Question for engineer/physics folk

If I put an 8 pound ceramic pizza stone in a 500 degree oven - how long until the stone equals the oven temp?

There's sand in Scottsdale!

Some of it seems to have gotten into some panties!

Oy Vey!

I got fan mail! And it turns out I'm Jewish now! Who knew - all this time I thought I was an atheist!

E Pluribus Rectum

Went out to get coffee

Drove past a Starbucks to get to Caribou. Didn't notice any police presence or disturbance around Starbucks as I passed. Once at Caribou, I somehow failed to note the racial makeup of the other customers and staff. The punkish girl who made my drink had a nose ring as I recall, but I forgot to be outraged by that because I hadn't had my coffee yet.

So, nothing really to report except a large dark chocolate mocha with an extra shot, and a pound of Obsidian, drip grind.

Sip... ahhhh....


Unique and interesting form of backlash

"Former GOP Megadonor Is Giving His Tax Cut To Democratic Candidates ‘For The Good Of The Country’ "

and then the Munchkins were free, and forever grateful

They just don't make films like that anymore...

Richard Nixon on Barbara Bush.

Richard Nixon once said of Barbara Bush "That woman really knows how to hate." Apparently it was an expression of admiration.

I ask you this - what kind of person do you have to be to earn that kind of reaction from Richard Nixon?

The sun shines just a touch brighter and the air seems just a little purer today.

The elusive lower case g.

"Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say most participants in a study couldn't pick out the correct form of lowercase g, a letter shape most of us have seen millions of times. Play this game to find out if you can spot the right g."

I got it, but I've been dealing with letters for a living for 30 years. Most folks I've shown it to - even some other sign people - either get it wrong or blind guess the right answer...

Warrant: Wisconsin man with guns, bombs, white supremacist literature blows self up

Post title taken directly from article.

Self solving problem, IMNERHO...

What's that they say - Ker-effing-BOOM!

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