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Its happening

Heard this story today on red pilled America and had to share it:

The family at the heart of the story:

Has anyone here given up air conditioning yet to combat climate change?

Maybe in the forward thinking, cutting edge states like California or New York? I'd like to see those states and more try to regulate AC use in homes and businesses. They would if they were truly in the fight against climate change.

Trump calls Bill Clinton to ask whether he should run for president in 2016

In which he ultimately will run against 1 of 4 democratic candidates, Hillary being the presumptive nominee. Bill says "yes you should run" and the rest is history.

Both family's had a relationship with Epstein. Trump, knowing the Clinton's know Epstein as well and are probably privy to Trumps dirty secrets regarding their friendship, nevertheless decides to run for president so that the Clinton controlled media and democratic party can destroy his whole life and his family's life by arresting Epstein and having him testify about those secrets.

Sounds totally plausible

I dont align with progressives on most stuff but these guys are patriots

Is it a little spoiled for the US womens soccer team to demand equal pay to men

When illegal immigrants in the US dont get equal pay to anyone?

I've never posted a thread about DU and I've never been a member there

But I've read some threads over there about the Epstein case and there are a couple of things that fascinate me.

1) if CNN or MSNBC doesnt report something, its probably not worth finding out. Theres no curiosity with many members there and Bill Clinton only had an inappropriate relationship with Lewinsky. Reminds me of when Acorn got busted by James O'Keefes crew and then congress pulled any funding they were receiving. Only Fox gave that story any time.

2) The clinton/epstein/trump stuff was widely talked about on the right prior to november 8th 2016. I hadn't committed to even voting for Trump until the anonymous rape victim had dropped her case. Clinton supporters for the most part gave zero fucks about Epstein back then.

So I think its impressive that main stream corporate news has such a lock on the hearts and minds of so many and Iam sure it has consequences on day to day governing in this country. I think most democrats are good people with good intentions and I hope more of them start to wake up like many already have. The swamp will not get drained by one person or one party alone.

Democrats used to talk about diplomacy in the 90's

And republicans talked about not meeting with hostile nations like Iran, North Korea, to deny them credibility. Now we have a republican president that has turned that notion 180 degrees it seems. Iam assuming most normal democrats still want peace and diplomacy but their allies in the corporate media are having none of that.

The most progressive candidate won the second debate by a longshot

Joe Biden. It wasnt even close. You could tell most of the candidates knew they were outmatched and competing with a seasoned chess player. Swalwell and others even seemed to beg Joe to get out of the way so lesser candidates could "carry the torch". Bernie was in disarray being that close to someone he has modeled himself after. Mayor Pete was trying not to blush when he locked eyes with the older, more experienced Biden. Harris was reduced to outbreaks of dramatic acting to get the audience to focus on her rather than Joe and at the last minute she tried to use her color to one up him.

None of them want to admit that the greatest president and human being in history perhaps, Barrack Obama, picked Joe for a reason, and that is because Joe is the second greatest man and presidential candidate in US history.

I think the networks should skip the primary and just focus on Joe until next year.

My summation of the first dem primary debate

Beta, Castro and Booker love people that speak spanish, even though it may be a language that was hoisted on their ancestors.

Delaney and Gabbard seemed like reasonable democrats.

Warren's policy overview is, whatever Sanders is promising, she'll double it!

Deblasio is probably the most hated mayor by the country and many of his constituents but hes honest about his terrible ideas.

Governor Inslee looks like the big bad, white, jock Republican boogeyman smacking cheerleaders in the ass with a cigar in his crooked mouth. Democrats have boycotted his image.

Booker, apparently is african american, lives in the ghetto and probably speaks differently to white and black people when hes alone with them. He did good last night and sounds white enough for many democrats.

Tim Ryan, almost forgot about him. Seems like a 90's era democrat, not too radical but isnt pretty enough for an electorate that just had 8 years of obama. He has a deer in the headlights look most of the debate. Also, hes white.

Beta is a legend in his own mind. I thought him and Castro were going to start making out on stage. He probably has his wife buy special pens for siging autographs. The dude is super white but not as smart as a kennedy.

I think Democrats voters are wise to Trumps tactic with Biden and Iam getting worried

I think they know that Trump is pretending to want to face Joe in the general election so Democrats wont support him. I think Trump and Democrats both know that Joe would easily beat Trump in 2020. Trump needs to start attacking Corey Booker to get Joe's name out of the spotlight. Joe's drawing hundreds of people at speaking events and rising in the polls. He is hugely popular for his progressive record on important issues as Bernie Sanders and Tusli Gabbard race to try and take the progressive mantle away from Biden. Hes just too strong , especially being best friends with Obama, our greatest modern day president according to almost every democrat.

So let's get the word out to our president to quit attacking Joe because Democrats will see that and think hes the strongest candidate. While Joe is no Obama, he is pretty close and oozes charisma like no other. We dont want Trump on stage against him. His intellect is probably second to none other than Obama. It's just a had strategy guys.

Let's hope Trump runs against Booker, Harris, the pretendian, Beta or Buttgiggs.
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