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You liberals may kneel and kiss the great peacemaker's ring

Trump bringing the Korean War to end by refusing to play around with North Korea or their puppet masters in China.

Kneel, liberals, and understand the power of a real leader.

My favorite idiots

The ones that voted for Obama, then try to act other people who detest that bastard also voted for him.

It's like the they don't want to be a moron all alone.

Like the "good DUers" that infest this site.

Plurality of Democrats Now Say Trump, Not Obama, Is Responsible for U.S. Economy, Poll Finds

This is how you get reelected.

51% say the economy is good. 9% say it is excellent. That is 60% happy with the economy.

People tend to vote their pocketbook.


He's back...

Skinner, can we get a 'My Little Pony' sub-forum for the alerters?

You could make the My Little Pony forum the only one with the jury system.

Then when some of the Sandy Panty Gang or even some of the right-wing snowflakes here feel like, "the mean poster hurt my wittle feewings". They can run to the My Little Pony forum and alert away on each other.

It would clean up the place as they would eventually ban each other.

Plus, it would leave the other forums open to adult discussion.

Thank you in advance.

Obama bombed 7 nations....INCLUDING SYRIA

I don't remember libs freaking out?

"Oh it's Obama, so I'm sure he is protecting us. He's so dreamy. He's Black, you know."

College in California Hosting A No Whites Allowed Swimming Party

Fuck'em! Who would want to be in the pool with this racist filth.

“Bring your chanclas and the homies over to our nice ass resort pool, LET’S TAKE UP SPACE,” the announcement says adding that the event is “a safe space for…students that identify as POC to come together and build community.”

We are laughing at you liberals

Zuckerberg's booster seat

At 5' 7" this guy is only about 5" taller than Big Bad Quoob.

How does Facebook have you labeled? YES, they label you politically

I am labeled "very conservative".

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