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House Russia investigation chair asks Democrats to cool public criticism
In News - By meanitt - 10 hrs ago

Were Obama's Press Briefings on MSNBC every day like Trump's are?
In Politics - By Jenny Fromdahood - 10 hrs ago

Halfway thru and it is already shaping up as another typical Trump week
In Politics - By archives - 10 hrs ago

I am curious if there are any progressives over to the Dump after the purge.
In Politics - By Moe Zarella - 10 hrs ago

New GOP Trumpcare plan exempts Congress from losing key Obamacare protections
In Politics - By joannadufrane - 10 hrs ago

WATCH: the robots are coming and many conservatives and most (if not all) Democrats will not adapt.
In Culture - By Shkreli - 11 hrs ago

COSTCO special dividend
In Money - By Docbroke - 11 hrs ago

Why picking your nose and eating it may be good for you!
In News - By Troll2 - 11 hrs ago

Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care proposal
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - 11 hrs ago

'Psychic' accidentally stabs himself in the heart with a sword and dies in front of horrified specta
In News - By Troll2 - 11 hrs ago

Anti-Trump Protestors Plan "Die In" For Trump's NRA Speech In Atlanta
In Politics - By Juan Rico - 12 hrs ago

Turkey detains 1,000 in new anti-Gulen crackdown
In News - By Troll2 - 12 hrs ago

DUer perfectly describes the D's delusional beliefs
In Politics - By KittyCatIdiots - 12 hrs ago

German-Israel relationship: no longer so special?
In News - By Troll2 - 12 hrs ago

Feel good story of the day!
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 12 hrs ago

New York State senator seeks law to ban hate crime offenders from owning guns
In Politics - By Juan Rico - 12 hrs ago

Arkansas carries out nation's first double execution in 17 years
In News - By Juan Rico - 12 hrs ago

antifa does not fight fascists. they never did.
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 13 hrs ago

New allies in the war with ISIS
In News - By Agent_86 - 13 hrs ago

Sanders supporters get day in court against DNC ( claiming bias for HER TURN)
In Politics - By Boston - 13 hrs ago

San Francisco Judge blocking Trump order is Obama Bundler/Appointee
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 15 hrs ago

Nuke Blast Mapper: Figure out your worst case scenario.
In Politics - By It Guy - 17 hrs ago

In News - By RATFINK_5.0 - 17 hrs ago

Socialism gets crushed by reality
In Politics - By Iron Condor - 17 hrs ago

Well...we kept the location of our THAAD Deployment a secret for abt 5 min.:
In News - By RATFINK_5.0 - 18 hrs ago

A video lesson. Credibility: Its HARD to get, and EASY to lose.
In Politics - By Nostrings - 18 hrs ago

AC-DC: ThunderStruck_Fighter Jets. AIM Rocket Defenses.
In Fun - By RATFINK_5.0 - 19 hrs ago

More DUmmy FAKE NEWS (as certified by Politifact)
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 19 hrs ago

"Contact Uranus"!
In Fun - By wonderwarthog - 20 hrs ago

Day 95 Day 2 of President Obama's Return. Full video of President Obama's Chicago U. talk
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 21 hrs ago

Remember when the rePugs whined anytime Obama brought up the previous admin?
In Politics - By KayDog - 21 hrs ago

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - cover by real people
In Fun - By wonderwarthog - 21 hrs ago

Hi neighbor
In Life - By oflguy - 21 hrs ago

Soldiers Last Letter - Merle Haggard
In Culture - By wonderwarthog - 21 hrs ago

Happy Birthday, Melanija Knavs!
In Life - By Bubba - 21 hrs ago

The liberal, explained.
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - 21 hrs ago

NRA takes aim at California to reverse its strong gun control laws
In Politics - By Juan Rico - 22 hrs ago

In Culture - By wonderwarthog - 22 hrs ago

So much for the Trump Slump.....Smith & Wesson and Ruger Rise As FBI Gun Checks Surge in March
In Politics - By Juan Rico - 22 hrs ago

New 12 Gauge Laughs at Gun Control Law
In Culture - By Juan Rico - 22 hrs ago

Simon the giant bunny found dead after United Airlines flight
In News - By Shredded Hedly - 22 hrs ago

I wake up grumpy when I have to go to work.
In Fun - By JaimeBondoJr - 22 hrs ago

62 toy guns confiscated in Atlantic City
In Politics - By Juan Rico - 22 hrs ago

So pretty
In Life - By oflguy - 23 hrs ago

Oh we're #winning all right. Every day in every way.
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 23 hrs ago

"Activist Says Having Genital Preferences In Dating Is Transphobic"
In Politics - By Nostrings - 23 hrs ago

Voodoo Economics redo...
In Politics - By ProgressiveTaxation - 23 hrs ago

Baseball, you confusion me.
In Fun - By Immacolata - 23 hrs ago

In A Drawer by Band of Horses
In Fun - By Agent_86 - 23 hrs ago

Work - lose - golf - repeat. Trump's week.
In Politics - By Tiphill - Yesterday

Trump keeps losing
In Politics - By Tiphill - Yesterday

Ted Cruz is becoming very creative,
In News - By bruiserboy - Yesterday

is this fake news ?
In News - By jimiray - Yesterday

Will Lefty EVER get to see President Trump's taxes?
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - Yesterday

BAMN are a violent cult
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - Yesterday

Leftists make humor video for 2A supporters
In Culture - By _eek - Yesterday

Lefty Wing Propoganda Outlet Hosts Group Therapy Session for Trump Haters
In News - By MumblyPeg - Yesterday

Artificial womb passes first tests
In Science - By JJ667 - Yesterday

Border Wall Request Equals 0.035% of Federal Spending
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - Yesterday

As #MAGA progresses
In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - Yesterday

GOP judge shocks fellow Republicans in NC by resigning to allow Dem governor to choose replacement
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

In which Lefty never learns, and loses the next Midterm elections as well
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - Yesterday

Warren on Coulter: 'Let her speak'
In News - By cologeek - Yesterday

The Pro-War Twist of the Resistance- Consortium News
In News - By TerroristSlayer - Yesterday

Proof that God has a sense of humor.
In Culture - By Iron Condor - Yesterday

Warren gives Trump's first 100 days an 'F'
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

Coulter to Speak at UC Berkeley Public Plaza on Campus Thursday Afternoon. PARTY! POLL. (Poll)
In News - By Social_Justice - Yesterday

Lefty feminists boo Irvanka Trump in Berlin?
In Politics - By Horsefeathers - Yesterday

What's for dinner?
In Life - By Muddling Through - Yesterday

No Border Lawmaker Supports Funding Wall
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

"Elites" still sitting high and dry.
In Politics - By swifty - Yesterday

Hate group leader: Our allies 'are now very well placed' in the Trump administration
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

@Dems: What can the government give you that can possibly make up for....
In Politics - By Konservative - Yesterday

Flynn responds: Everything was reported and documented by DIA
In Politics - By Let it go - Yesterday

Trump is really excelling at backing down to Congress
In Politics - By The Big Red Machine - Yesterday

Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesnt Know How to Be President
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

Drip, Drip, Drip... (Poll)
In Politics - By Konservative - Yesterday

Judge blocks Trumps order on sanctuary cities
In Politics - By Letmypeoplevote - Yesterday

"Lawmakers: Flynn likely broke law in not revealing Russia payments" - Drip, drip, drip, ......
In Politics - By archives - Yesterday

Maybe this is why muslims have a hatred of pork
In Fun - By Frankenvoter - Yesterday

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