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Who wore it better?
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 2 min ago

Good news on RUSAL
In Politics - By TheShoe - 4 min ago

..Bill Browder. Here's the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump
In Politics - By swifty - 13 min ago

Lib protesters throw feces at L.A. kosher cafe because owner supports President Trump.
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - 15 min ago

Its All Fake: Reality TV That Masquerades as American Politics
In Politics - By Cyberpunk - 20 min ago

Leftys newest concern? The SOUTHPARK conspiracy!
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 20 min ago

How come no one can tell me why I'm supposed to hate Russians???
In Politics - By Shkreli - 47 min ago

LOL! WP pollster about Helsinki:"Public reaction nationally appears more muted than in Washington"
In Politics - By rh24 - 1 hr ago

They are indeed complicit
In Politics - By TheShoe - 1 hr ago

FBI was unable to verify Steeles sources because they disappeared
In Politics - By Let it go - 1 hr ago

The GOP feels trump means these guys are acceptable.
In Politics - By TheShoe - 1 hr ago

DU wants to know why Carter Page hasn't been indicted.
In Politics - By Rae - 1 hr ago

Cop Wants To Go On Paid Vacation..Pulls Gun On Unarmed Cameraman.
In News - By Daves Not Here Man - 1 hr ago

Anyone here have any time in a Glassair III?
In Life - By MumblyPeg - 1 hr ago

Socialists are joining the Democrats in huge numbers and have pushed the party further to the left .
In Politics - By Dexter Morgan - 1 hr ago

Chicago is the rat Capital of the U.S.
In Politics - By bruiserboy - 1 hr ago

Does anyone have the mugshot of the ANTIFA Terrorist that was arrested recently?
In Politics - By WhiskeyMakesMeHappy - 2 hrs ago

White House Pulls Circuit Court Nominee at Last Minute
In News - By uncledad - 2 hrs ago

As #TheResistance Burns, America Yawns
In Politics - By rh24 - 2 hrs ago

Russian billionaire with U.S. investments backed alleged agent Maria Butina...
In Politics - By swifty - 2 hrs ago

Soon, we will be able to gene edit out the broken DNA that causes liberals/Democratism.
In Politics - By Shkreli - 3 hrs ago

CNN: Eric Holder 'Seriously Considering' Run for President in 2020
In Politics - By Da Mannn - 3 hrs ago

In Politics - By rh24 - 3 hrs ago

From FaceBook ....................
In Culture - By bobsal - 3 hrs ago

Why would the Director of National Intelligence know of a planned meeting with Putin?
In News - By Troll2 - 3 hrs ago

The same Lefties who rate Obama high in the annals of the Presidency, rate Trump's
In Politics - By Dumper - 3 hrs ago

"We're Going To Flip This Seat RED In November"
In Politics - By MumblyPeg - 3 hrs ago

Bacon and egg pie
In Life - By Da Mannn - 4 hrs ago

Steve Bannon plans Brussels-based foundation 'The Movement' for EU far-right
In News - By Troll2 - 4 hrs ago

Jordan says to transfer Syria White Helmets to UK, Canada, Germany
In News - By Troll2 - 5 hrs ago

Afghan VP Dostum to return after more than a year in exile
In News - By Troll2 - 5 hrs ago

Finally, the FISDA warrant. We learn that Rod certified that the dossier was just as
In Politics - By Dumper - 5 hrs ago

Larry Page is quietly amassing a flying car empire
In Tech - By Aquila - 5 hrs ago

Russians helped the Great White Socialist against Messalina Agrippina
In Politics - By imwithfred - 5 hrs ago

beautiful day #6
In Life - By imwithfred - 6 hrs ago

Obama slips and admits he's from Kenya
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 6 hrs ago

Manchurian Candidate 2 - The Worst Manchurian Candidate Ever
In Politics - By bfox74 - 8 hrs ago

'I hope some girl in an ICE cage is writing modern version of "The Diary of Anne Frank".'
In Politics - By Nostrings - 9 hrs ago

Should religious views be immune from mockery? (Poll)
In Beliefs - By Cold Warrior - 9 hrs ago

Pence, Bolton, Kelly confronted Trump in Oval Office about Russia comments
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Russia Calls U.S. Charges Against Alleged Spy Maria Butina Fabricated; Demands Release
In News - By RCW2014 - 10 hrs ago

Carter Page FISA app only lists Source #1. There is no Source #2
In Politics - By Let it go - 11 hrs ago

The Scarlet Johansen quit Tranny movie...and now its canceled. (Poll)
In Life - By Da Mannn - 12 hrs ago

"Any day now.." said Lefty.
In Politics - By Fred Sanford - 12 hrs ago

The FBI FISA application for surveillance on Carter Page has been released
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 12 hrs ago

Snuggle Russia or China? (Poll)
In Culture - By myohmy - 13 hrs ago

beautiful night
In Life - By imwithfred - 13 hrs ago

Our Future: Antifa gathering weapons and bombs. Lefty embraces terror.
In Culture - By Da Mannn - 13 hrs ago

The "Post-Trump" Republican Party is in BIG trouble.
In Politics - By PrescientWon. - 13 hrs ago

More FBI/DOJ lies...attested to by Rosenstein.
In Politics - By Let it go - 13 hrs ago

So the CIA and FBI are the good guys because you hate Trump?
In News - By Troll2 - 13 hrs ago

In News - By Troll2 - 13 hrs ago

China must speed up development of nukes to deter US aggression state media
In News - By RCW2014 - 13 hrs ago

Salvini: Italy not afraid to use EU veto to lift Russian sanctions
In News - By Troll2 - 13 hrs ago

Ecuador's president to hand Assange over to UK during London visit Greenwald
In News - By RCW2014 - 13 hrs ago

Ukraine Furious After Italy's Salvini Calls 2014 Revolution "Fake" And "Foreign-Funded"
In News - By Troll2 - 14 hrs ago

Name something more FUN than POLITICS contest
In Fun - By wonderwarthog - 14 hrs ago

Hillary now wearing colostomy bag?
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 14 hrs ago

7268 Khz
In Tech - By wonderwarthog - 14 hrs ago

Gettysburg (the movie, 1993)
In Culture - By imwithfred - 15 hrs ago

Unexpected Sabaton thread
In Fun - By TendiesForBreakfast - 15 hrs ago

Deep state freaking out over release of FISA app.
In Politics - By Let it go - 15 hrs ago

Season 4 Supergirl introduces first transgender superhero. I'm emailing the head of our Local School
In Culture - By joefriday6 - 15 hrs ago

FBI/DOJ lied to FISA court.
In Politics - By Let it go - 16 hrs ago

"Have you confronted another person with a firearm, ...
In Politics - By Lumster - 16 hrs ago

In the beginning Hitler was like an American politician
In Culture - By MumblyPeg - 16 hrs ago

Michael Avenatti would 'absolutely' join Cohen's legal team
In News - By orson - 16 hrs ago

Hillary Clinton Says Trump and Putin Meeting Alarming
In Politics - By graham4anything4HC45 - 16 hrs ago

DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Application (Heavily Redacted)
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 16 hrs ago

Americas Factory Towns, Once Solidly Blue, Are Now a GOP Haven
In Politics - By TendiesForBreakfast - 16 hrs ago

Michael Ian Black is a sick fucking pedo.
In Culture - By TendiesForBreakfast - 17 hrs ago

Modern day leftist media.
In Politics - By Nostrings - 17 hrs ago

Democrats shown to be racist!
In Culture - By nolidad - 17 hrs ago

Question for Liberals
In Politics - By Karin_A - 17 hrs ago

Another win for an average citizen protected by Florida's "stand your ground" law
In Politics - By Frankenvoter - 17 hrs ago

All that needs to be said to go after Hillary!
In Politics - By nolidad - 18 hrs ago

Question: Tier One posters only, nobody else allowed in here
In Culture - By MumblyPeg - 18 hrs ago

After Trying to "Debunk" #Walkaway Fake News tries to debunk Qanon
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 18 hrs ago

Hillary, who didn't protect our Ambassador in Benghazi, now says Trump's bad for not
In Politics - By Dumper - 19 hrs ago

Trump trying to run an American 'Coup de Te'...
In Politics - By RATFINK_5.0 - 19 hrs ago

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