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The Latest: Senate approves bill to widen private care at VA
In Politics - By Doctor_R - 8 min ago

Libs are still beating the dead horse of racism.
In Politics - By Jack Burton - 18 min ago

Chicago and the Gun Control Act
In Politics - By 357blackhawk - 23 min ago

DUmmies are giving up. On suicide watch because of the losses they are handed EVERYDAY
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 24 min ago

Rudy now thinks Trump should do Mueller interview. I question Rudy's ambivalence.
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 45 min ago

This is America
In Culture - By shogun - 51 min ago

Steve Bannon: Meuller a honorable guy shouldnt be fired
In News - By Fiendish Thingy-BC - 52 min ago

Thug runs into Good 'Guy' with a gun
In Culture - By oflguy - 1 hr ago

Kushner's security clearance restored, met with Mueller team a second time
In News - By WTFhappened - 1 hr ago

Rush gets this question every day: (Poll)
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 1 hr ago

Unlimited time and money to investigate the possibility of crimes...
In Politics - By OTSmithers - 1 hr ago

I am all for Trump but I do not like or trust this smiling boy.
In Politics - By joefriday6 - 1 hr ago

Forbes: Budget Deficits Really Don't Matter
In News - By foia - 1 hr ago

Kusners getting indicted? Libs said it everyday.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 1 hr ago

China Disinvited from Participating in 2018 RIMPAC Exercise
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 1 hr ago

Rejoice, it begins
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 2 hrs ago

Trump Can't Block Twitter Followers, Federal Judge Says
In News - By RCW2014 - 2 hrs ago

Is the political classs obsession with global warming rotting their brains?
In Politics - By Jack Burton - 2 hrs ago

Forbes: Trump most fiscally reckless president ever
In Politics - By liberalguy - 2 hrs ago

US Ambassador 'Tricked' Into Posing with Doctored Photo of East Jerusalem
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 2 hrs ago

The DU boycott of the NFL has begun.
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 2 hrs ago

If a Lefty attacks you in public space you would have a reasonable fear for your life and safety.
In Politics - By Shkreli - 3 hrs ago

So... Cohen's business partner has cut a deal now
In Politics - By Ohio Joe - 3 hrs ago

Neocons Threaten to Deprive Trump of His Much Coveted Photo-op of The Century With Kim Jon-un
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 3 hrs ago

Pompeo discredits "deep state" theory
In Politics - By jh4freedom - 3 hrs ago

FBIs Embedded Trump-Campaign Spy Vanished in Sept. 2017; Is Halper Dead or Playing Dead?
In News - By WTFhappened - 3 hrs ago

U.S. Iran Strategy Reinforces Conservatives, Endangers Region: France
In News - By RCW2014 - 3 hrs ago

In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 3 hrs ago

Far be it for us to suggest the Left says whatever, whenever just to advance their momentary agendas
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 3 hrs ago

Dear Conservative Christians......
In Beliefs - By southernwriter - 3 hrs ago

The NFL has banned kneeling
In News - By Currentsitguy - 3 hrs ago

James Clapper Recalls 'Staggering' Proof of Putin Swaying Election to Trump
In Politics - By wonderwarthog - 3 hrs ago

30 year old entitled millennial ordered by judge to vacate his parent's home
In News - By Iron Condor - 3 hrs ago

Harley-Davidson took its tax cut, closed a factory, and rewarded shareholders
In Politics - By Phlegm Monger - 4 hrs ago

Drudge Headline: Vanity Fair Cuts More Staff
In Politics - By WTFhappened - 4 hrs ago

Putin, Abe May Discuss Joint Business Activity on Disputed Islands: Kremlin
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 4 hrs ago

Survey: Nearly Half of Americans Can't Cover an Unexpected $400 Expense
In News - By RCW2014 - 4 hrs ago

Tribune; Government to borrow $1t this year - up 84% from last
In Politics - By liberalguy - 4 hrs ago

Are NFL owners suddenly growing a pair? It looks that way!
In Politics - By Dumper - 4 hrs ago

Gun Control Support Fades Three Months After Florida Massacre: Reuters/Ipsos Poll
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 4 hrs ago

Naval Academy Grads Will Respect the President's Office but Not Necessarily the Man
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 4 hrs ago

Teacher Defeats Rising Republican Star in Kentucky's State House Race: Media
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

U.S. New Home Sales Fall in April; Prior Months Revised Lower
In News - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

Did this father/child discussion happen in the aisle or the parking lot of a grocery store? (Poll)
In Politics - By Killdozer - 5 hrs ago

Iran Steps up Broadsides Against U.S., Syria Signals Iran Won't Leave
In News - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

Cyber Firms Warn on Suspected Russian Plan to Attack Ukraine
In News - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

Trump Teases 'Big News' for U.S. Auto Workers, Offers No Details
In Money - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

U.S. Sanction Power May Be Reaching Its Limit
In Politics - By RCW2014 - 5 hrs ago

Politics Trump Praises Tomi Lahren After Restaurant Crowd Tosses Water, Insults
In Politics - By Tin Ear2 - 5 hrs ago

3 more teens charged in death of Maryland police officer
In News - By Bronxbomber - 5 hrs ago

Nobel Surprise
In News - By LavenderGirl - 5 hrs ago

Who will be on top of the democrat party ticket for 2020? (Poll)
In Politics - By TheyLostTheirForums - 5 hrs ago

Atlantic: Trump almost always folds
In Politics - By liberalguy - 6 hrs ago

Trumps Immigration Crackdown Opening Construction Jobs for Women
In News - By Gunslinger201 - 6 hrs ago

Damn the amount of republican voters last night almost doubles the dems
In Politics - By Pennsylvania - 7 hrs ago

CNN: Donald Trump Insults, Ridicules Four Year Old Girl
In Politics - By rh24 - 7 hrs ago

Save the Braciole!
In Fun - By myohmy - 7 hrs ago

Show Dogs under fire for scene which 'grooms children for sexual abuse'
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 7 hrs ago

I don't know how true this is so I will put this here.
In Fun - By Solesurvivor - 7 hrs ago

10 Rules for Debating Leftists
In Culture - By Jack Burton - 7 hrs ago

A perfect example of how the left wants to control people.
In Politics - By Jack Burton - 8 hrs ago

Sean King claims LEOs kidnap, rape, and hold woman hostage. Then - body camera.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 8 hrs ago

Pedophile Grooming Alert: Do Not Take Your Kids to the Show Dogs Movie
In Culture - By Thorson - 8 hrs ago

Americas Most Pathetic Millennial
In Fun - By Solesurvivor - 8 hrs ago

Kim Jong Un worried about military coup while he meets with Trump in Singapore
In Politics - By Thorson - 8 hrs ago

8000 years ago, one man reproduced for every 17 women.
In Politics - By Shkreli - 8 hrs ago

Pierce County tax-shames Seattle
In Politics - By foia - 8 hrs ago

A robotics company named "Cyberdyne." What could possibly go wrong?
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 8 hrs ago

Richard Pipes has died at age 94
In Culture - By Cold Warrior - 9 hrs ago

Sources: FBI Agents Want Congress To Issue Them Subpoenas So They Can Reveal The Bureaus Dirt
In Culture - By Gunslinger201 - 9 hrs ago

And a slow, sarcastic clap goes out to West Hollywood, California.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 9 hrs ago

Van Jones pokes a toe off the plantation. Any guesses about the reaction?
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 9 hrs ago

SPLC goes all-in on defending MS-13.
In Politics - By Charlie Mike - 10 hrs ago

Ozzy Man Reviews: Royal Wedding 2018 NSFW
In Fun - By Solesurvivor - 11 hrs ago

Lets play Connect the Dots
In Politics - By Gunslinger201 - 11 hrs ago

the end of the world as we know it
In Culture - By rampartb - 12 hrs ago

10 Most Important Cities in the World
In Culture - By Cold Warrior - 12 hrs ago

Secret FBI Team That Coordinated Set-Up of Trump Was Pressured by CNN Guess Who Was CNN DOJ
In News - By Sundogs_Place - 14 hrs ago

Patriotic American Moslem FBI Agent Tells the Truth
In Politics - By Will Morningstar - 14 hrs ago

Russian Sub Test-fires 4 Intercontinental Missiles in Salvo
In News - By DillyDilly500 - 15 hrs ago

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