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The Cowardice of Carlos Maza

Posted by 357blackhawk | Wed Jun 5, 2019, 09:16 PM (2 replies)

Are Pre-Crime Measures Absolutely Unethical?

Both political parties have placed their feet on this slippery slope in the past. The essence of pre-crime is punishing a citizen for what he or she is, rather than for what he or she has done, on the theory that what an individual is makes that person “dangerous,” in the words of Mrs. More, for what they might do. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (and the Supreme Court that backed him) was responsible for probably the worst example of pre-crime in our history, when the United States, in full panic mode after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, imprisoned loyal Japanese-American citizens as a precautionary measure. Another panic, also not entirely groundless, led to a pre-crime mentality during the Red Scare and McCarthy episodes, seeking to punish Americans who belonged to the dreaded Communist Party, a nonetheless legal organization.

To be abundantly clear, I will define pre-crime as when the government removes a civil right, a Constitutional right, from a citizen, not as punishment for breaking a law, but based on what that individual believes, says, is or is understood to be. The fate of registered sex offenders comes perilously close to pre-crime. Civil libertarians persuaded the courts in the Seventies that open-ended civil commitment to asylums based on diagnoses of insanity was pre-crime: they were being institutionalized to prevent incidents that had not occurred yet. (I had a great uncle who was institutionalized in his teens and spent his entire life in an asylum. When he was about 50, the staff determined that he had been misdiagnosed.) Provisions of the Patriot Act, which have led to the prosecution of Americans for “terroristic threats,” are forms of pre-crime .

Tragically, the Democratic Party, since FDR’s abuse of Japanese-Americans the nation’s traditional watch-dog against encroaching pre-crime, has of late embraced the concept in its mania to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. Memorably, Democratic House members even staged a sit-in to demand that Americans placed on a terrorism watch list absent due process be prohibited from owning guns. Many of the gun regulations proposals regarding Americans with mental or emotional illnesses are pre-crime, some going so far as to declare citizens who are under the treatment of a psychiatrist must forfeit the right to bear arms. Such proposals punish people for what they are, rather than for what they have done, or are even likely to do.

Once the pre-crime barrier is decisively breached, totalitarianism becomes an existential threat to democracy. Such regimes maintain control by intimidating and punishing dissidents and members of opposition groups on the theory that such measures protect the public, meaning, of course, that they protect the entrenched power of the a nation’s rulers. This is why any hint of pre-crime in our laws and justice system must be viewed with extreme skepticism, and subjected to the most stringent civil rights analysis, and with extreme prejudice.
Posted by 357blackhawk | Wed Jun 5, 2019, 09:15 PM (7 replies)

abortion, guns, and PETA.

Conservatives want to be more like Europe when it comes to abortion, while liberals want to be more like Europe when it comes to guns. Meanwhile, PETA members are OK with New York and Virginia dragging us back to the Bronze Age. That I don't get.

Everybody wants to be Europe

Liberals want to be more like Europe when it comes to guns, and conservatives want to be more like Europe when it comes to abortion.

Gun Control: Is It Really About The Children?

Why Liberals Lie - Falseness of Liberals

So You've Decided You Want To Become a Goth

CNN FURIOUS Over Trump's Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson

Posted by 357blackhawk | Sat May 4, 2019, 04:57 PM (2 replies)

My Body My Choice? Yeah Right! Guns & Self Defense
Posted by 357blackhawk | Thu May 2, 2019, 07:57 PM (4 replies)

the far-left, Islamists, and violent white supremacists, have something in common

It’s not like we haven’t been warning about this for the ten-plus years Legal Insurrection has been in existence. We have.

In posts too numerous to link, we have warned that the anti-Israel movement, including anti-Zionist and far left-wing Jews, has been so relentlessly demonizing and dehumanizing Israel that they were normalizing antisemitism.

It’s not just that the gross lies about Israel, and holding Israel to a standard no other nation is expected to meet, were in themselves antisemitic. Though that is true.

It’s that there was a thin line between holding up the Israeli Jew as the cause of the worlds’ ills and having that demonization turn into hatred of Jews as Jews. That thin line has disappeared.

There are plenty of culprits.

Without a doubt, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and its related campus faculty and student supporters, such as Students for Justice in Palestine, bear much of the blame. There is a campaign to delegitimize Israel that is staggering in its scope, far beyond what most people comprehend. That campaign of delegitimization is aided and abetted by left-wing anti-Zionist groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, which spread blood libels that Israelis and American Jewish groups are responsible for police shooting of blacks in the inner city.
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