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Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. Here's why.

Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. Here's why.

Any Floridians have this problem?

We have been covering the ongoing bureaucratic obstructionism caused by Florida’s newly-elected Democrat Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried. She now oversees the issuance of concealed weapons licenses in the state and appears to be making the process a nightmare. A fellow Floridian I know is getting a taste of the department’s new systems and policies first hand.

As we documented earlier, he received a certified letter from the Commissioner’s office stating that his concealed weapons license had been indefinitely suspended. The Ag Department claimed he had an injunction (restraining order) filed against him in Nassau County in 2003. That was false and he obtained proof from the court, per the Ag Department’s instructions, that no such injunction had ever been issued.

What will NZ parliment do,

Will the NZ gun banners push to restrict guns because of the acts of one or two evil person?
New Zealand Herald reports a second shooter was repelled by someone armed with a shotgun. Will this affect policy?

To Understand The American Lefts Anti-Semitism, Look To Europe

But it’s clear that “anti-Zionist” antagonism is fueled by Jew hatred, not the reverse. Israel, of course, is the epitome of Jewish power, so it makes sense. Many liberal Jews (which is to say most Jews) like to pretend Israel has nothing to do with them. The haters emphatically disagree. Even secular Jews who drift away from the tradition and faith, and those who have replaced their Jewish values with the Democratic Party platform, or those progressives who blame Benjamin Netanyahu or scapegoat Republicans, or simply don’t care, will still be blamed whenever Jews in Israel defend themselves. Count on it.

It’s worth remembering that “anti-Zionist” terrorism –whether perpetrated by Palestinians, Iranians, or the Baader-Meinhof Group—have always targeted Jews, not merely Israelis. It was so long before Netanyahu was prime minister, long before Likud ever won a national election in Israel, and even before there were ever “occupied territories.” (Unless, of course, you, like many progressives, believe all of Israel is an occupied territory.)

The most charitable reading of the Democratic Party’s recent actions is that, in this age of identity politics, they believe Muslims in Congress deserve special dispensation regarding bigotry. The less charitable reading is that a large faction of their constituents agree with the bigots. Maybe it’s both.

I thought the NYTimes couldn't get worse, but it has

Anti-Semitism has toxically penetrated and infiltrated the world’s every nook and cranny. Blood Libel propaganda is now far more dangerous than it was in Hitler’s time. Today’s barrage of genocidally intentioned propaganda against the Jews is intense, brazen, and increasingly being normalized on university campuses, in national and international government bodies, in the media, and in demonstrations—and in every language on earth 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- courtesy of the internet and the airwaves.

Nearly twenty years ago, I wrote that that Anti-Zionism was, in part, now the “new” and acceptable anti-Semitism; it’s also what I believed almost fifty years ago, when I first began collecting signatures to oppose the Zionism=Racism resolution at the United Nations. As Daniel Pearl’s father, Judea, has said: “Zionism does not =Racism—Anti-Zionism=Racism.”

Anti-Gun Doctors Upset That Physician Groups Give More Money to Pro-Gun Candidates

Warrant Issued for St. Louis Anti-Violence Activist & Police Chaplain

Why are “anti-violence” activists so violent? Could their anti-violence crusade simply mask their own violent tendencies and lack of impulse control? Either way, cops want to put the cuffs on a gun control preacher in St. Louis who also volunteers as a St. Louis Metro Police Department chaplain.

Prosecutors say Pastor Ronald M. Fraction took a shot at a car as it drove away from a gas station back in February. Prosecutors issued a warrant for his arrest on March 1, in part because the whole incident appears on the business’ video surveillance footage.

The hypocrisy of this so-called pastor runs deep and wide. Pastor Fraction campaigned vigorously for mandatory minimum prison sentences for those convicted of shooting into a car with a child passenger. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in a story about a six-year-old who took a stray gang bullet in the head last year while riding in a car to football practice, wrote this:

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Posted by 357blackhawk | Fri Mar 8, 2019, 07:20 PM (6 replies)

Why The Democrat Party Excuses Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitism

Posted by 357blackhawk | Fri Mar 8, 2019, 12:44 PM (6 replies)
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