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Those sorry, fat motherfuckers should be run to ground

And a summary execution performed.
It’s time to quit fucking around with this scum.
Just start laying them down.

Man kicks pro-life woman

If this fairy prince pussy boy had done this to my wife, he would be cooling his heels in the county morgue.

2 anti gun folks converted!

Yesterday at a friend’s birthday party, we did his traditional day of shooting.
Mostly skeet, and pistol range stuff, at his home range.

Among the guests were a man that I work with and his wife, both raised in Chicago, who had never held or fired a gun in their lives. (They are both in their 40’s)
They both have had somewhat like a fear of guns.

After watching everyone shoot for awhile, I was able to convince the husband to give the shotgun a try.
Another shooter (an NRA instructor) took him aside and gave him a class on safety and proper handling of the shotgun.
When they returned, he took a few shots and hit a few birds. He really enjoyed it!
His wife did the same, and liked it as well.

The same thing happened at the pistol range and they both had a great time!
The amazing thing is that he called my friend this morning and said that they are now going to be shopping for a shotgun and a pistol.

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