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We have quite a large gathering of citizens in Nashville today.

We just walked from the courthouse to the Bicentennial Mall, at the foot of the state capitol. I have a nice, panoramic view of the music and activity.

It is a beautiful day here. Very much like last year. Sunny and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the introverts are here.

Florida man arrested for DUI after mistaking bank drive-thru for Taco Bell

SPRING HILL, Fla. — A Tampa man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for DUI after he reportedly mistook a bank drive-thru for Taco Bell.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, the manager of Bank of America on Mariner Boulevard called to report an impaired driver after he found an unconscious man behind the wheel of a blue sedan in the bank's drive-thru lane.

The manager told deputies that after beating on the car window for "some time," he was able to wake up the driver.

Upon waking up, the driver asked the bank manager for a burrito before driving away after being informed he was not at Taco Bell.

Quick thinking results in black eye

BELFAST, Maine (AP) — Police in Maine have accused a man of punching himself in the face three times to avoid a sobriety test.

Police in the town of Belfast say they found 27-year-old Brian Fogg in his car, stuck in a ditch last week.

WGME-TV reports police said when they tried to test for his blood-alcohol level, Fogg punched himself in the face, causing himself to bleed. Police tended to his injuries instead of giving him the test, but later charged him with operating under the influence, falsifying physical evidence and criminal mischief.

Fogg's been released on bail. He has an unpublished number and it wasn't immediately known if he had a lawyer.

Europe storm: Germany in huge clean-up as trains run again

Rail services are getting back to normal in Germany as trees and other debris are cleared from lines hit by a severe storm that claimed eight lives.

Three people died earlier in the Netherlands in accidents caused by hurricane-strength winds.

Fallen trees and other debris are still blocking many railway lines in Germany. Work went on all night to clear them.

The storm has moved east into Poland. It was the most powerful storm to hit Germany for 11 years.

Check out film of aircraft landing in those winds. Whoa.

The Post

It is a Spielberg production, so I knew it would be a top notch production. The clothing, cars, typewriters, moving print presses, and typesetters are great to see, every little bit of it.

The film clocks in at just under 2 hours. In my estimation, that is the requisite time needed to introduce all the players, their choices and potential consequences be they financial, personal, and/or legal. The writing is strong. It has humor. Suspense? Yes, it is in there too.

The big question is this: Do news gathering organizations serve the governed or the governors? There are very real political consequences to the answer and I think Speilberg's crew does an excellent job of conveying the difficult and uncharted waters in which Katharine Graham found herself as publisher of the Post following the death of her husband Philip Graham.

Bruce Greenwood's physical resemblance to Robert McNamara is excellent, slicked hair and all. There is no mistaking who he is when he appears on screen. Tom Hanks is his usual good self as Ben Bradlee. As for Meryl Streep, she really is an outstanding actor. It is true that the quality of the script and role are important components in achieving Academy accolades, but it is the actor's skill that elevates the part to remarkable. Ms Streep accomplishes that feat in the part of Katharine Graham overcoming the deterence of safety and deference to power during the seemingly endless war in southeast Asia.

The Post is an outstanding film. Go see it.

The Great Defector (2009)

The song is on the Blue Lights On the Runway release.

Emirates hands Airbus A380 superjumbo a lifeline with $16 billion order

NANTES, France (Reuters) - Emirates announced a deal for up to 36 Airbus (AIR.PA) A380 aircraft on Thursday worth as much as $16 billion at list prices, saving the world’s biggest passenger jet from death row and securing its future for at least another decade.

The European planemaker said Emirates had placed a provisional order for 20 of the double-decker superjumbos, with an option for 16 more. Deliveries are due to start in 2020.

The agreement hands a lifeline to the slow-selling aircraft, in service for just 10 years, and rescues one of Europe’s most visible industrial symbols overseas.

“The A380 is good to go,” Emirates President Tim Clark told Reuters.

Public service announcement: Be careful about mixing airline tickets for international travel that involve Emirates. Sometimes airlines do not have reciprocal agreements to transport passenger's bags. Emirates is a carrier with whom American Airlines does not have an agreement. I do not know the circumstances. However, other carriers may have similar restrictions. If that is the case, you will have to claim your bags at an intermediate stop and recheck them with Emirates. This may be impossible to do with standard connecting intervals.

Is There Truth To Refugee Rape Reports?

On April 6, 2016, an unidentified assailant attacked a 20-year-old woman on a playground in the German port city of Rostock and forced her to engage in oral sex before fleeing the scene. The woman reported that the man had been dark-skinned.

On Aug. 6, 2016, an unidentified man attacked a 21-year-old female university student from China near the university of Bochum, choked her with a rope and raped her. The woman said the perpetrator had spoken with a foreign accent. The police conducted a manhunt for a suspect with a "Central Asian/dark skin type."


The "university rapist" in Bochum, it turns out, did actually exist -- and he would go on to attack another female student from China three months later. Ultimately, police captured a 31-year-old asylum-seeker from Iraq, who had lived with his wife and two children in a refugee camp located near the crime scene. A court sentenced him in the first verdict to 11 years in prison.

But the alleged Rostock rapist did not exist. Police had expressed some doubt about whether the incident had in fact taken place in their first press release on the case and a forensic investigation indicated that the woman herself had been responsible for her injuries. In June 2016, the public prosecutor in Rostock closed the investigation, but by then the news of a dark-skinned rapist had already been shared thousands of times on the internet. The Schweriner Volkszeitung newspaper in the state capital even reported on its website about the alleged sex crime, citing "internal sources." The article began with the words: "The Rostock chief of police is keeping silent."

Russian social media defends air cadets dancing in underwear

Russian air cadets seen dancing in their underwear in an online video seen by millions have been spared expulsion.

The video, showing the cadets in their underwear, cadet caps and harnesses, has caused controversy in Russia.

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency condemned the clip and the local government began an investigation into the cadet's "outrageous" behaviour.

However, the authorities softened their stance after the cadets' behaviour was defended online by thousands of people.

Delta tightens leash on comfort animals on flights

Rather than wait for federal regulation, Delta Air Lines unveiled its own tighter rules Friday for passengers flying with emotional-support animals that increasingly disrupt flights.

The rules come as the airline carries about 700 assistance animals each day that the carrier says are increasingly misbehaving by wandering the cabin, defecating or even biting passengers.

Delta's rules for traveling with service and comfort animals starting March 1 require documentation confirming the safety and necessity of the animal 48 hours before departure.

The passenger must provide a veterinary health form or vaccination record for either category of animals. For comfort animals and psychiatric-service animals, the passenger must also provide:

I worked a flight a couple of days ago with 5 working and/or emotional support animals on it. That is an unusually high number for a Boeing 737. In the past, we rarely carried more than one or two per flight.

I recently had a young woman flying with us who traveled with an emotional support dog that seemed to need it's own emotional support animal.

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