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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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Tulsi on Tucker 10/18/19

"I don't fear the Clintons" -- Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi in 2016: "I don't fear the Clintons"

Gabbard has more class in her left little toe than the Witch has in her entire extended "family" of whores and prostitutes and warmongers

Bonus Video:

No other scumbag politician in the District of Criminals has bothered to tell the dumbed down "Murikans that their dirty stinking corrupt government is funding Al-Queda and Isis.

Today, Americans watched while another $200 million dollars was flushed down the toilet


Bloomberg: Power Is Trading BELOW ZERO in Middle America Amid Strong Winds

Bloomberg October 18, 2019

Strong and steady breezes are helping states in the central U.S. generate so much electricity from wind turbines that wholesale power prices have fallen below zero.

It’s a relatively new phenomenon in America’s spot power markets. When there’s an overabundance of solar or wind, grid operators send prices plunging to negative levels -- a signal to generators that they need to take supplies offline so they don’t overload transmission lines. On Friday, wind output surged to as much as 17,264 megawatts across the Southwest Power Pool -- a grid that stretches from North Dakota to Texas. That’s more than 60% of the region’s power.

Power prices fell below negative $10 a megawatt-hour for much of the region.

Negative electricity prices are becoming commonplace in parts of the U.S... more:

If only there was a way to store excess renewable energy...

"If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value," Trump told his fellow Republicans April 2. "And they say the noise causes cancer."


Top of Drudge- Gallup: Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up

Slim Majority Now Supports Trump's Impeachment and Removal From Office

OCTOBER 16, 2019

Public opinion on whether Trump should be impeached remains mixed, but Americans now lean slightly more in favor of impeachment and removal from office compared with where they stood in June.

Currently, 52% say Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 46% say he should not be. This is roughly the opposite of what Gallup found in June when asked in the context of special counselor Robert Mueller's investigation.

How Does Support for Trump's Impeachment Compare With Clinton and Nixon?

Gallup measured public support for impeachment and removal of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton during their presidencies. Nixon resigned from office when it was clear the House would vote to impeach him, while Clinton was impeached by the House, but the Senate voted to keep him in office. The level of support for Trump being impeached and removed is well above where it was for Clinton, and higher than it was for Nixon in all but the final poll before he resigned.

Support for impeachment and removal of both former presidents was 19% in Gallup's initial reading for each.

Americans' support for Clinton's impeachment and removal did grow from there but never came close to majority level, maxing out at 35% in the months before the Republican-led House voted to impeach him.


Carnival's AIDA Cruises Will Pilot the Worlds First Fuel Cell System for Large Passenger Vessels


Carnival Corporation & plc, a global leisure travel company, today announced its Germany-based brand, AIDA Cruises, has partnered with leaders from the maritime and engineering sectors to pilot the world’s first fuel cell system designed to power large passenger vessels. As early as 2021, AIDA Cruises will trial this fuel technology on AIDAnova.

The research project, named “Pa-X-ell2,” is designed to develop fuel cells that are powered by hydrogen derived from methanol, with the potential to supply power to cruise ships at even lower emissions levels than liquefied natural gas (LNG), the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. Designed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, the fuel cells are expected to have a longer lifecycle than those currently being developed for automobiles, with early trials on land showing a lifespan of over 35,000 operating hours.

Developed as a hybrid energy system for use in cruise ships, the fuel cells will be designed to enable benefits beyond lower emissions, including operating with lower noise and vibration. In the future, there is the potential for the required methanol to be produced from renewable energy sources.

Funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the Pa-X-ell2 research project will include AIDA Cruises, represented by Carnival Corporation’s Hamburg-based Carnival Maritime GmbH, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, the Meyer Werft shipyard and other partners... more

H2 - much more than cars

CNN: The UK company turning waste plastic into fuel for hydrogen cars

October 14, 2019

London (CNN Business)- Britain produces about 5 million metric tons of plastic waste every year, but less than a third of that is recycled. Roughly half ends up in landfills.

UK company Powerhouse Energy wants to turn this plastic deluge into an opportunity by producing energy from non-recyclable plastics and other waste.

Powerhouse Energy has developed a process where it shreds the waste and then heats it to around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to produce syngas — a mixture of hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide. Syngas can either be burned to produce electricity, or the hydrogen can be separated out to power fuel cells in vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are powered by electric motors, but instead of carrying their energy in a battery pack, they create electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air in a fuel cell. Water vapor and heat are the only byproducts at the tailpipe...

..."For road transport, hydrogen is the perfect fuel," says David Ryan, CEO of Powerhouse Energy. "For large lorries and buses it is probably the future of clean fuel, because its emission is water."... more

Democrats Deep Ties To Russia & Ukraine Corruption


Anatomy of the phone call now imperiling Trumps presidency

Top of Drudge SAT 10 PM

Anatomy of the phone call now imperiling Trump’s presidency

WASHINGTON (AP) — There were dozens of ears listening to President Donald Trump’s 30-minute phone call with the leader of Ukraine that is at the center of a House impeachment inquiry , and as many eyes that saw what he said.

White House staffers, working in the secure, soundproof Situation Room in the West Wing basement, listened in and chronicled the conversation . National Security Council personnel edited a memo written about the call. White House lawyers, according to a government whistleblower , directed that the memo be uploaded into a highly restricted classified computer network. And there were the staffers whose keystrokes on a computer made that happen.

They represent a universe of people, little known outside their vital circle of national security officials, who can either support or disavow the whistleblower’s account. Their roles could well become more public as the impeachment investigation unfolds and Congress seeks additional witnesses...


By the time staffers in the Situation Room got the president of Ukraine on the phone at 9:03 a.m., Trump had just finished firing off tweets claiming complete vindication from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony the day before about the Russia investigation. On the call, Trump was first to speak. He showered the 41-year-old Ukrainian, a novice politician and former comedian, with praise following his party’s victory in parliamentary elections. Zelenskiy chatted about how he wanted to “drain the swamp” in Kyiv and how he wished the European Union would provide more financial support. He told Trump that Ukraine was ready to buy more Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States....more:

Good riddance to bad rubbish- DRAIN THE SWAMP


Lindsey Graham duped by pair of Russian pranksters pretending to be Turkey's defense minister

A notorious pair of Russian pranksters who previously prank-called Sens. Mitch McConnell and John McCain duped Sen. Lindsey Graham, and called him posing as the Turkish Defense Minister, according to new reports in GQ Magazine and Politico, the latter of which published audio of the call.

The pranksters, Alexey Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov, got through to Graham, one of President Donald Trump's staunchest defenders on Capitol Hill on foreign policy, in August.

This week, Graham and several other Republicans have broken with Trump over the administration's sudden decision not to interfere in Turkey's ongoing military incursion of Northern Syria, which directly threatens the US-allied Kurdish forces, who were key partners in the fight against ISIS.

The Turkish campaign has so far resulted in the deaths of at least 100 Syrian Democratic Forces fighters.

Over the past few days, Graham has excoriated Trump over his decision to pull US forces out of Northern Syria.... more:


South Korea to turn three cities primarily fueled by hydrogen by 2022 | 2019.10.10

South Korea envisions creating “hydrogen cities” by 2022 where hydrogen fuel is used as power main functions such as heating and cooling, electricity, and transportation.

According to plans announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on Thursday, it will select a city for a pilot hydrogen project to test related technologies in residential and transportation sectors. A total three test areas – which will each be up to 10 square kilometers inside a city – will be selected in December after fair review based on project proposals from local governments. The ministry will consider factors such as project feasibility, validity, and willingness to promote hydrogen-related policies in the future.

The ministry will provide 50 percent of total project cost with maximum 29 billion won ($24.2 million) limit to each of the three selected areas, which will be used to plan hydrogen-friendly city and establish key infrastructures such as integrated operations center. Each test city will have a joint residential complex with 440 kilowatt fuel cell that uses hydrogen as energy source, commercial building with 100 kilowatt power, an integrated operations platform center, hydrogen pipe, and city gas ejector.

According to the ministry, a hydrogen city is a place equipped with a “hydrogen ecosystem” where hydrogen production, storage, transfer, and utilization are arranged altogether. Citizens are also offered healthier lifestyle as it uses hydrogen as main energy source.... more:

Another great news week for Hydrogen

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