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The Democrat and the Republican parties should be banned and the so called "Leaders" of these criminal gangs put on trial for treason and jailed.

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Bernie Sanders Punked by Russians Posing as Greta Thunberg

It's the real Bernie

Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov (Vovan and Lexus) have launched the international project "Stars Save the Earth", a project dedicated to the global problems facing humanity. The third episode of the show is a prank with US Senator Bernie Sanders. The pranksters communicate with the Presidential candidate as Greta Thunberg and her father Svante. This episode is focuses on climate change and the US presidential campaign.


Bernie Sanders pranked by Russians posing as Greta Thunberg

NY POST 2/15/2020

Two Russian pranksters say they successfully duped Sen. Bernie Sanders into believing they were environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her father Svante during an 11 minute call with the Vermont socialist.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov — who have a history of targeting US politicians — told The Associated Press they had pranked the senator and posted audio of the call to YouTube.

...The conversation began warmly with Stolyarov taking the role of Svante while an unknown woman played Greta. The three spoke about the possibility of Thunberg endorsing his presidential campaign.

Things eventually went downhill after the faux-Thunberg peppered the senator about his 1988 visit to the Soviet Union.

“In the Soviet Union in 1988, after you were recruited you were programmed to work for Russia and your memory was erased so the CIA wouldn’t track you down,” she said.

“This is what you believe?” Sanders responded.

“Yes, you became a sleeper agent of the KGB. Now it’s time to wake up and fulfill your mission, become president of the United States, build communism in the United States and work for Russia!”

At some point during the rant Sanders hung up the phone....

And this clown wants to be President

Trump Supporters Are George W Bush Supporters LARPing As Ron Paul Supporters

Caitlin Johnstone, FEB 16, 2020

The Trump administration has released its official statement to Congress justifying its drone assassination of Iran’s top military official Qassem Soleimani last month. Surprising exactly zero people, the formal notification makes no mention whatsoever of any imminent threat posed by Soleimani, a direct contradiction of this administration’s previous claims defending the assassination.
...snip...What this means legally is that Soleimani’s assassination was a war crime. On a practical level, since the US is never prosecuted for war crimes it commits, what it means is that we now know we were lied to about an assassination which by Trump’s own admission brought us “closer than you thought” to a disastrous full-scale war.

What I personally find interesting about the destruction of the “imminent threat” narrative is that none of the many Trump supporters I spent time arguing with last month about Soleimani’s assassination ever attempted to claim that he posed an imminent threat to Americans. They’d argue that Soleimani was a bad man who deserved to die, they’d attempt to spin unfounded claims that he was directly behind the embassy attack or the aforementioned rocket strike, they’d accuse me of being a terrorist-supporting terrorist lover, but I never once encountered anyone who tried to argue that there was an imminent threat to American lives.

They made no attempt to make this argument because they knew it wasn’t a good one. They knew the Trump administration was making bogus claims that they couldn’t defend. They knew this. They just didn’t care.

They didn’t care because they weren’t approaching the situation from any interest in truth or facts. Their sole interest was, and is always, in defending their president and promoting narratives which help ensure his re-election in November. It’s a game to them. A game of imagination which consists entirely of narratives that have little to no relationship with objective reality. They are LARPing.

Well, not all of them to be fair. There are two kinds of Trump supporters: there’s the straight-ticket Republicans who’d support an animatronic Chuck E Cheese robot as long as it had an (R) next to its name, and then there’s the so-called “populists” who say everything Trump does is secretly a brilliant strategic maneuver against the Deep State... snip

....These bizarre mental gymnastics are possible because these Trump supporters aren’t interfacing with reality in any way. They’re engaged in a weird Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game where they pretend to be knowledgeable patriots cheering for a Ron Paul-like champion of peace and anti-authoritarianism, while in real life they’re acting exactly like garden variety Republicans cheering for a standard Republican president who’s been advancing longstanding agendas of neoconservatives and the CIA.... more:

Dear tRump Cheerleaders: It would be helpful if you'd read the entire article before commenting. Thanks so much (they won't LOL)
Washington, District of War Criminals, Draft Dodgers, Pedophiles, Liars, Cheats and Thieves

Iran Says US Must Fix Its Own 'Nontransparent' and Undemocratic Elections Before Lecturing Others

The U.S. election system "ignores the vote of the majority of people," said Abbas Mousavi, spokesperson for Iran's Foreign Ministry.

February 17, 2020

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday urged U.S. officials to focus on fixing their own country's "nontransparent" and undemocratic system before calling into question the legitimacy of elections in other nations.

Abbas Mousavi, spokesperson for Iran's Foreign Ministry, told reporters that the U.S. system "ignores the vote of the majority of people" and said "American officials had better address questions" about the country's elections from the U.S. public.

Mousavi appeared to be referring to the Electoral College, the archaic system the U.S. uses to elect its president every four years. Two of the last three presidents—George W. Bush and Donald Trump—have lost the popular vote yet won the presidential election thanks to the Electoral College.

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Tom Steyer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Pete Buttigieg have all expressed support for abolishing the Electoral College.

Mousavi's remarks came in response to a video released last Friday by the U.S. State Department characterizing Iran's upcoming Feb. 21 parliamentary elections as fraudulent...

How dare Iran locate themselves on our oil fields

Pentagon Audit Shows $10 Trillion Unaccounted For, as Trump Attacks Sanders on "Socialism"

Pentagon Audit Shows $10 Trillion Unaccounted For, as Trump Attacks Sanders on "Socialism"

While Donald Trump in his State of the Union address took a thinly-veiled swipe at Bernie Sanders when he declared that America would never, ever, fall victim to "socialism," analysts were aghast at a recent General Accounting Office report that the Pentagon was forced to make up to $35 trillion in "accounting adjustments," more than the entire size of the US economy, in 2019.

Socialism is just not the American way, declared Trump. Sanders is now leading the pack by 14% in the upcoming, all-important California primary, 22% ahead of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Media describing the report, such as Bloomberg News, carefully stressed that most of this amounted to double, triple, and even quadruple-counting billions from one account to another. "The same money as it got moved between accounts,” according to Todd Harrison, a Pentagon budget expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

This double-counting gives the impression, in the Bloomberg piece, that it pretty much all balanced out, with not much missing. Pentagon spokesman Christopher Sherwood explained "how the dollar figures multiply":..

What a shame the dumbed-down Americans didn't listen to Ike. Now the treasury is drained, America is bankrupt and can't make anything but war toys anymore - thanks to the District of Criminals and Wall Street.

You- and your kids and their kids have been PUNKED by professional liars, cheats and thieves. WAKE UP

From "Slave Mentality" on RPF: The (R)s are definitely welfare kings contrary to the arguments otherwise. They believe that giving billions a year to guys in suits isn’t welfare and acceptable. They believe giving poor people billions is welfare and should be avoided. They just can’t seem to see past the partisan politics that taking from one and giving to another is socialism/communism/whateverism. Fluffy words don’t change this. Half our labors go to feed this beast. I pray we quit arguing about the details.

Washington, District of Criminals, Draft Dodgers, Pedophiles, Liars, Cheats and Thieves

Facebook Censoring Reporting On Buttigieg Cheating

When will Rachel Maddow talk about this?

Journalist Abby Martin Sues Georgia Over Israel Loyalty Oath Law (Full Press Conference)

On Feb. 10, Abby Martin filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging a Georgia law requiring all independent contractors to sign a pro-Israel pledge, promising to not participate or advocate the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israeli crimes.

Abby is working with two renowned civil rights organizations, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF).



Hannity challenges Tulsi Gabbard on criminal justice reform on FOX NEWS

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard weighs in on the state of the Democratic primaries on 'Hannity.'


Hi - I'm Sean Hannity and I'm a Clown

Hey Righty- Nixon's UN Drug War was UNCONSTITUTIONAL but you didn't care a tiny bit. In fact, you loved it- war on plants! LOL

Neither did "Lefty"

The 2 party SHYTSTEM has ruined the US

Fukushima radioactive water should be released into ocean, say Japan experts

Build-up of contaminated water from wrecked nuclear plant has been sticking point in clean-up likely to take decades

UK Guardian JAN 31 - 2020

A panel of experts advising Japan’s government on a disposal method for radioactive water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant has recommended releasing it into the ocean, a move likely to alarm neighbouring countries.

The panel, under the industry ministry, came to the conclusion after narrowing the choice to either releasing the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean or letting it evaporate – and opted for the former. Based on past practice, it is likely the government will accept the recommendation.

The build-up of contaminated water at Fukushima has been a sticking point in the clean-up, which is likely to last decades, especially as the Olympics are due to be held in Tokyo this year with some events less than 60km (35 miles) from the wrecked plant.

Neighbouring South Korea has retained a ban on imports of seafood from Japan’s Fukushima region imposed after the nuclear disaster and summoned a senior Japanese embassy official last year to explain how the Fukushima water would be dealt with. Its athletes are planning to bring their own radiation detectors and food to the Games... more:

Fukushima fishermen concerned for future over release of radioactive water

Eight years after the triple disaster, Japan’s local industry faces fresh crisis – the dumping of radioactive water from the power plant

They said an accident like Fukushima could never happen. They were wrong. Spectacularly wrong. Now everyone pays.

EXPLOSIVE: Pam Bondi EXPOSES Hunter and Joe Biden's roll in Burisma Trump Senate Impeachment Trial
Joe Biden - Poster Boy for the Downfall of America

Just another Criminal in the District of Criminals, Draft Dodgers and Pedophiles

Bernie Sanders Campaign Called The Cops On Project Veritas And Even LIED About What Happened

Don't ask a Bernie Bro about the time he had anti-war protesters arrested

Bernie the Bomber’s Bad Week

In late April I was among the 25 Vermonters who occupied Congressman Bernie Sanders’ Burlington office to protest his support of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the ongoing war against Iraq. Calling ourselves
the “Instant Antiwar Action Group,” we decided to bring our outrage at Bernie’s escalating hypocrisy directly to his office, an action that resulted in 15 of us being arrested for trespass....

Bernie Sanders: Shepherd for those Democrats thinking of straying off the farm

Just another outlaw in the District of Criminals

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