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Stray Cat Mama Keeps Her Babies Safe and Fed Even When She Has Nothing to Eat...


What a good Mama kitty! x

Highly Suspect - Wolf

They even politicise the hurricane.

It's rock bottom ..

Hopefully it is just here and not everywhere else.

Praying for TX at the moment! x

Please whatever God is out there , spear their life and stop the suffering! Both human and animals, as we are all equal I your eyes. Amen!

That's a juvenile. No tags

What was the poor hawk juvie supposed to do??? Glad he/she found shelter!

Man and baby lions - holding kisses and cuddles

Japan is about to dump all the Fukushima radioactive waste into the ocean

I was in work a few days ago, browsed the news on my cell on my lunch break, obviously I wasn't able to post.

Does anyone have the link? Let me see if I can find it

Nvm, here it is :

Kitten with special feet walks up to woman for love - now 2 weeks after rescue x

A good Samaritan spotted a very special kitty outside her home all by himself, trying his utmost to survive. His front feet are turned inwards and he walks on the sides of his arms.

Meet Scooter.

Memorial Day Tribute - we will never forget.

I always assume people are great

Until proven otherwise.

My weakness I guess.

The universe itself is unbalanced.

How does anyone justify little innocent babies dying of hunger or thirst? Or animals, starving to death. Being born, only to die, minutes later..

In the meantime, any asteroid could kill everyone and everything in a matter of hours.

What exact balance were they speaking of? Lol
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