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Worlds largest oil facility and no air defenses?

That plant isn’t even near the sea or a border. If it was launched from Yemen, it had to cross 2/3 of Saudi Arabia.

Were the Patriot systems sleeping?
Radar operators on their lunch break?

Who benefits most from a war with Iran

Oil companies are thrilled by the Saudi Attacks, who else is dancing in the streets?

Massive Fires Erupt After Drone Strike Hits World's Largest Oil Processing Facility In Saudi Arabia

What appears to be the most devastating Yemen Houthi rebel attack on Saudi Arabia to date, took place overnight on the world's largest oil processing facility as stunning videos emerged of massive explosions rocking the major Aramco Buqyaq facility.

Fires burned into the morning daylight hours, with explosions also reported at the Khurais oil field, in what the Houthis said was a successful attack involving ten drones. "These attacks are our right, and we warn the Saudis that our targets will keep expanding," a rebel military spokesman said on Houthi-operated Al Masirah TV.

Satellite images shows extent of fires following the attacks in eastern Saudi Arabia: NASA Worldview/AP
Saudi authorities — initially slow or reluctant to identify the cause of the major blaze — on Saturday issued a confirmation via the Saudi Press Agency: "At 4.00am (01:00 GMT) the industrial security teams of Aramco started dealing with fires at two of its facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais as a result of... drones," an interior ministry statement said, which further claimed the fires were "under control".

Ahmed Alsalman
#Buqayq city view as #Aramco facilities burn. Very likely to be an attack of some sort as gunshots are also heard. #SaudiArabia #Saudi

So what causes an eye to explode with blood while regurgitating bullshit?

Serious question. Is he gonna die soon because I want to see him live long enough to understand the humiliation of losing again.

Any Hollywood political Starlets commenting on Epstein lately?

I have noticed Hollywood has been pretty quite on Epstein.

Haven’t seen any paintings from Mr Carrey

No tweets from Alyssa Milano


Trump will go down as one of the best

He took on the establishment
He took on the deep state
He took on the FED
He took on China
And he will end the DNC

None of them will be the same, ever

Fucking love that guy

Uber about to lay-off lots of people. Not public yet

But a friend just agreed to a severance package.

Hi Ho Silver

And we are off to the races

Gillette sending me advertisements for discounts

Wondering how many “smart” people got fired

In 2019, Bombings And Explosions Up 45% In Sweden

Compared to the same period from January to July in 2018, the occurrence of explosive incidents and bombings in Sweden sky-rocketed 45 percent this year.

Statistics revealed by authorities show that Sweden saw 120 explosive events, whereas that same number from 2018 was only 83. Different sources report different numbers for the entire length of 2018, however. According to paper Dagens Nyheter, 157 explosions took place across the country in 2018 while the Crime Prevention Council BRÅ reported 108 instances of destruction via explosion last year.

The numbers differ but all of the organizations agree that 2019 has seen a rise in bombings.

Criminologist Sven Granath detailed on the explosions, explaining:

Yes, unfortunately, it has increased. Why we do not know, this may be due to the increase in gun violence at the national level. In individual locations, there may be one or more conflicts between criminal networks, but it is very difficult to know.

“You can really only speculate. It may be stolen from a building site and sold, or maybe smuggled in,” Granath continued, noting that investigators never know for certain what materials were used in the explosions or what their origins were.

According to police, the nature of explosions have shifted in recent years. At one point, hand grenades were more common in Swedish bombings but now dynamite, stolen from construction sites, has become the new norm.

Experts claim that the explosions are likely linked to organized crime and could be increasing due to stricter regulations on firearms in Sweden.

Sweden’s southern city of Malmö has been faced with a high number of explosion cases in the last several years with 58 cases in 2017, 45 last year, and 23 so far this year. Notably, the city saw three explosions in the span of just 24 hours earlier this year.

It seems that authorities willingly bury their head in the sand regarding the similar correlation of an increase in migrants and refugees as bombings and explosions also rise. Experts and officials can call it “organized crime” if it makes them feel better, but it is wholly ignoring the true problem at hand.

The reality of the situation is that the importation of third-world invaders into a once prosperous and stable first-world country has turned it into an unsafe and tumultuous battle zone where the threat of explosions place high in the minds of citizens.

After all, you reap what you sow – and Sweden is doing that, tenfold.
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