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Yes Voter Fraud *does* happen. FINALLY found one actual instance...

Unfortunately for the Republicans pushing Voter ID with this vanishingly rare problem... it was one of their own!

Milwaukee John Doe probe looks into multiple votes by Shorewood man

MILWAUKEE -- Prosecutors here are describing a Shorewood man as perhaps the most prolific multiple voter in memory following a John Doe probe into allegations he voted in at least two states and cast absentee ballots on behalf of others.

Documents obtained through an open record request show prosecutors have finished their probe but not yet filed charges against Robert Monroe, who has denied any recollection of wrongdoing.

Monroe, who claims he suffered from a temporary amnesia disorder, is accused of voting using three different addresses in two states and voting absentee for his son and his girlfriend's son. The possible charges include: voting more than once in a single election; falsely procuring registration/false statements to election officials and registering in more than one place for the same election.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Sat Jun 14, 2014, 12:07 PM (12 replies)

Libertarian host who inspired Vegas killers: They were ‘victims,’ murdering cops saves lives

Continuing the conversation about whether or not RW media has fanned the flames of the hate and paranoia that led to the LV shooting. What about it? Shouldn't asshats like this be denouncing the Millers as "domestic terrorists" instead of calling them the VICTIMS?

On his Wednesday Internet show, Adam Kokesh blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for noting that Jerad and Amanda Miller had been inspired by his gun activism.

“You’re not going to get away with it this time USA Today and SPLC,” Kokesh insisted, arguing that the shooters had acted because “authority has become a homicidal institution against freedom.”

Kokesh asserted that the slaying of the two officers was not “murder” because police are likely to kill people.


Kokesh argued that blaming Jerad and Amanda Miller was “kind of like blaming the victim,” adding that they could have been thinking about the time his home was raided after he posted the video of himself loading a shotgun in downtown D.C.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Thu Jun 12, 2014, 12:54 PM (18 replies)

Fox News foments another violent outbreak: From Cliven Bundy to Jerad Miller, words matter

Joan Walsh has an exceptional op-ed on Salon right now, in which she laments the necessity to constantly push back against the anti-government fear-mongers on the far right. Here's a taste, but you should read it for yourself:

I’m coming to believe we need another bit of boilerplate language to react to these kinds of killings: “Not all Republicans are racist or violent, but increasingly eliminationist rhetoric against President Obama and Democrats is fomenting extremism – and Fox News is making things worse.”


I’ll give the last word to Paul Waldman, something for Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to think about before the next killings:

When you broadcast every day that the government of the world’s oldest democracy is a totalitarian beast bent on turning America into a prison of oppression and fear, when you glorify lawbreakers like Cliven Bundy, when you say that your opponents would literally destroy the country if they could, you can’t profess surprise when some people decide that violence is the only means of forestalling the disaster you have warned them about.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Wed Jun 11, 2014, 12:14 PM (22 replies)

Louie Gohmert tells Congress the ‘good news’ that non-Christians are ‘going to Hell’

Sharing this story in the Politics forum, because Gohmert Pyle is typical of the Teabaggers in the House, and mainstream GOP leadership had the huevos ("stupidity"? "nerve"?) to put this wingnut on the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. That's *almost* as bad as putting Lamar Smith (also from Texas) as head of the Science and Tech committee.

And then Republicans wonder why we don't think they're qualified to lead the nation.

“Do you believe in sharing the good news that will keep people from going to Hell, consistent with Christian beliefs?” the Texas Republican wondered.

Lynn, however, disagreed with the congressman’s “construction of what Hell is like or why one gets there.”

“So, you do not believe somebody would go to Hell if they do not believe Jesus is the way, the truth, the life?” Gohmert pressed.

The pastor argued that people would not got to Hell for believing a “set of ideas.”

“No, not a set of ideas. Either you believe as a Christian that Jesus is the way, the truth, or life or you don’t,” Gohmert shot back. “And there’s nothing wrong in our country with that — there’s no crime, there’s no shame.”
Posted by Banned Atheist | Wed Jun 11, 2014, 10:47 AM (13 replies)

Video Emerges of Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Speaking at Bundy Ranch

That headline should read, "VideoS", since there's more than one, including an interview with Miller speaking to KNRV-TV out of Reno:

I feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come in here and try to push us around, or something like that. I really don’t want violence toward them, but if they’re going to come bring violence to us — well, if that’s the language they want to speak, we’ll learn it.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Mon Jun 9, 2014, 05:15 PM (55 replies)

House Republicans sink to new low: "House bans the military from acknowledging climate science"

The notoriously anti-science House Science Committee has hit a new low, voting on Thursday to approve a spending bill amendment that “would prohibit defense spending on climate change research and the social cost of carbon analysis.” Translated: The Pentagon is being ordered to ignore climate science.

Specifically, the amendment, which was introduced by Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., forbids the Department of Defense from in any way utilizing the findings and recommendations of the National Climate Assessment or the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s fifth assessment on climate change, two landmark, comprehensive reports reflecting the work of hundreds of the world’s top climate scientists and experts — or, as McKinley referred to it, “ideology.” In so doing, it renders all that knowledge and understanding effectively irrelevant to national defense.

This is a problem, because understanding and preparing for climate change is an important thing the Department of Defense needs to be able to do, in order to, you know, defend us. Their words: “DOD expects climate change to challenge its ability to fulfill its mission in the future.” Natural disaster response, increased conflict tied to drought and food and water security and other “non-traditional” security challenges are all things the military’s been actively working to address. In its 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review, as a recent example, the Pentagon identified the impacts of climate change as “threat multipliers” that “may increase the frequency, scale, and complexity of future missions.”
Posted by Banned Atheist | Fri May 23, 2014, 07:38 PM (17 replies)

Right-wingers amping up war on science

No longer content just to claim to be “skeptical” of scientific findings they find disagreeable, Republican politicians have moved on to a more alarming anti-science strategy: confuse the public about what science even is, claiming it’s just someone’s opinion and ignoring the importance of evidence.

Marco Rubio’s recent remarks about climate change epitomize this new era, with conservative politicians deciding that “science” is whatever they say it is. “I don't agree with the notion that some are putting out there—including scientists—that somehow, there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what's happening in our climate,” Rubio told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientist are portraying it,” he added.

By making climate change a matter of what he “believes” or “agrees with,” Rubio was implying that climate change is a matter of opinion and not of evidence or fact. There’s the old saying, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Conservatives have figured out a workaround: redefine the facts as opinions, and by golly, now you get to have your own facts!

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal was even more blunt in asserting that scientific findings should be regarded as more opinion than fact in his defense of Rubio, portraying Rubio as a rebel “for refusing to submit to scientific authority.” In a sleight of hand, Taranto portrayed the debate as one of scientists simply asserting, from authority, and Rubio as just someone disagreeing. But Rubio isn't disagreeing with the opinions of scientists; he’s disagreeing with the conclusions derived from the evidence. Even if all the climate change scientists died tomorrow, the planet would still be heating up. This isn’t a matter of one person’s opinion versus another. It’s a man being presented with facts and refusing to believe them.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Thu May 22, 2014, 10:20 AM (167 replies)

TX Republican: Obama thinks he's God, can control "weather"

Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick made the remarks during a debate Tuesday night in Salado, reported the Texas Tribune, where an audience member asked whether the lawmaker supported the president’s plan to spend $1.2 billion to change the weather to fight global warming.


“I understand why Obama thinks he can change the weather — because he thinks he’s God,” Patrick said. “He thinks he is the smartest person in the country. He thinks he knows better in Washington what we do in Texas. He thinks he’s the one, through all of his executive orders, that Congress isn’t even up to his level, so I’m not surprised that he also thinks he can change the weather.”


“Climate change, if you let the Democrats and the liberals enact their programs, it will destroy jobs in this country and it will destroy our economy,” Patrick said as the crowd murmured in agreement. “I’ll leave it in the hands of God. He’s handled out climate pretty well for a long time.”
Posted by Banned Atheist | Thu May 22, 2014, 10:04 AM (29 replies)

Beck fans turn on him over American Spring coverage

Delicious crocodile tears! Yummy.

Longtime supporters of Beck turned their sights on the radio host-turned CNN host-turned Fox “News” host-turned multimillionaire Internet entrepreneur after The Blaze’s Oliver Darcy covered the event, describing it as “only millions short of projected turnout,” featuring “only a few dozen protesters” and as having “failed incredibly.”

Many of Beck’s fans were decidedly not happy about that, some going so far as to declare Beck himself “the enemy.”

“Operation American Spring was BECKSTABBED and then TheBlaze has the nerve to mock them for low turnout,” said one furious commenter at The Blaze. “Of course glenn did not endorse it, it wasn’t his PARTY,” said another in response.

And on and on it went. While many Blaze readers predictably blamed the usual “commie” or “Muslim” or “liberal” or “government” operatives for undermining the event, the most vitriol in The Blaze’s hundreds of comments on the one article seemed to be reserved for Beck himself.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Wed May 21, 2014, 10:08 AM (33 replies)

Prediction: Discussionist will become a Left-Wing site because...

Just curious.
Posted by Banned Atheist | Sun May 18, 2014, 02:05 AM (43 replies)
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