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wow! 650k emails on huma and her pedophile husband's computer!!!

That's a lot! Almost a million emails!! I wonder what kind of computer she had. I get maybe 30 emails a day and I'm a busy private sector employee! 650,000!!!!! Maybe hillarys bathroom server couldn't handle all that classified information?? God knows what's in there... hopefully the fbi has a lot of Arabic translators given humas Saudi and terrorist roots... 650,000 emails... wow!!!!!

Congratulations Democrats!!! Liberal utopia Chicago hits 500 murders!!!

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 453
Shot & Wounded: 2500
Total Shot: 2953
Total Homicides: 502

And who was the lucky democrat that helped push them over the top? Don't know. It's not on the news. Sounds like it was all Donald Trumps fault.

Chicago, America's largest outdoor shooting range!! Way to go, Democrats. Black Lies Matter!

Tired and haggard Hillary will now travel with her press shop on her private jet.

Beginning on Monday -- with just 64 days left until the election -- the Democratic presidential nominee will replace her small, private jet with a significantly larger aircraft that she will not only share with her campaign staff, but with Secret Service staffers and reporters too.

Only a 3 paragraph article from abc. I'm sure Hillary will be in the sleeper compartment for the entire trip, it's not like she's going to wake up and rub elbows with Pravda. I guess traveling with your hand picked media supporters is 'almost' as good as an actual press conference

Trump immigration speech!!!!

After an amazing and presidential appearance in mexico, donald is already tearing it up in his speech!!! Go trump!!!

Democrats circle wagons ahead of next Wikileaks release. Will contain "fabricated content"

Wow! Between Cankles pay for play at the state department, John Podesta (Cankles campaign manager) lobbying Russia/Uranium one, and the Democrat party colluding to take down Bernie, it looks like they are running scared! It looks like the dems are trying to run the Russian angle against Trump 2016 because the leaks will include their collusion with the commies, which of course, cankles wants to start her next war with, or at least sell out our country to.

Stupid democrats. If cankles somehow manages to stay alive and somewhat lucid into October, she had better be ready for damage control of biblical proportions, which I figure, will be good for a 15 pt Trump bump considering his consistent narrative of cankles corruption and pay for play at the State department.

God bless Julian Assange! Trump 2016!

Trump giving awesome speech calling out the democrats war on police.

Took forever for him to show up but he's knocking it out of the park. He just locked up the law enforcement vote at least. He's going to get tough on crime like guliani did and clean up america just like he did new york. He's absolutely slaying hillary as well on the 2nd amendment.

Also talking about how the democrat party has betrayed african americans!!

And how the worst crime is in long term democrat run cities

cop who shot armed thug in Milwaukee was black.

So the primates in black lies matter went on a looting and white beating spree over a black thug with a huge arrest record being shot by a black cop. Looks like it was just another reason for them to destroy and not really about any injustice. Now the national guard has to be called in to protect the citizens against black lies matter. Obama and the democrats need to get control of their base, rfn.

3 US swimmers robbed at gunpoint in Rio

Looks like the liberal IOC even tried to suppress the story. Figures. Brazil is a cesspool of crime and filth.

Following conflicting reports — including the IOC denying any incident took place — Lochte himself confirmed with TODAY's Billy Bush that he and the other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint.

"We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over," Lochte said. "They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like we didn't do anything wrong, so — I'm not getting down on the ground.

Video: Hillary heckled by protestors, has mini-stroke, consoled like a baby by secret service

You may need to turn down the volume, as Hillary's shrieking is quite loud in this one. But turn it up again once the black dude comes in to console her.

Watch it again to see her reaction to the hecklers. It looks like she went into another place or something. Some type a stroke or her programming just needed a reboot?

These 'senior moments' sure seem to be adding up...

DUmmies twisted in knots over "USA, USA" chants at Hillary's coronation.

You can't make this up. The DUmmies at the DUmp, and Democrats in general, are in a kerfluffle about the USA chants during Hillary's coronation. This just adds to their disgust at American flags in the audience the third and fourth days. They seem to justify it as 'acceptable' since the drones chanted it to shut down the Bernouts.

Look at these idiots:

"I can still remember the daily repeated chants of "USA! USA! USA! USA!" outside my office window. "
This dude apparently has a black girlfriend so his opinion is especially valid:

Why the Democrats started chanting USA! USA! USA! and waving the flag?
This guy tries to calm down the DUmmies but they are still outraged.

No wonder Trump will win. God help us that the rest of us proud Americans need to live amongst people such as this.

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