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Biden has a big lead in the polls ... so does anyone here support him?

Where are all these Biden supporters hiding?

I've yet to see a Biden yard sign, and have run across few online supporters

I've been saying this for years, ICE raids should target EMPLOYERS of illegals

With Jailtime!

Weissmann's documented history of prosecutorial abuse...

Mueller’s weak grasp of the facts, combined with his deputy Weissmann's documented history of prosecutorial abuse, strongly suggests Weissmann ran the investigation, not Mueller. It also indicates that Weissmann enjoyed free rein to go after not just the facts, but the people associated with the president.

Those people were systematically investigated for any and everything that may have gone wrong in their lives and put in a prosecutorial vice, and still Weissmann turned up nothing significant.

By Mark Penn, a guy that knows the Clinton crime family all too well

They don't have Epstein in solitary? OF COURSE some powerful people want him dead!

With Mueller obviously impaired with age, that means Hillary SUPERFAN Weissman was in charge

Oh boy, can't wait to see what the Repubs can do with that.

And we still have IG Horowitz and Barr reports

Sad face for Dems.

Repubs clearly showed Muellers omission of information in Trumps favor, biased lefty "Dream Team"

that hated Trump and Mueller's team prosecuting perjury against conservatives and not liberals.

Also the entire "Book 2" of the Mueller report was illegal.

You don't get to dump all of the prosecutions notes when you don't bring charges, it's a basic aspect of
our justice system that you are innocent until proven guilty.

And, check a minute into this video...
Mueller can't name another case where prosecution declared a defendent NOT EXONERATED because thats not a fucking legal standard, its bullshit that the *** DEM ALLSTAR TEAM *** of lawyers made up!

Are these Dems idiots? This Mueller hearing was a disaster, and the final Dems are talking like

impeachment is going to happen.

Mueller- charged with finding if there was collusion, can't say when he knew there wasn't collusion


Just doesn't want to say because it was over a year ago, and there is no justification for the fishing expedition he went on AFTER the purpose of his investigation was satisfied.


Talk about "Above the Law", Mueller is out of control

He never heard of Fusion GPS or Glenn Simpson?

Perjury - file charges against this asshole.

Detective:Inconceivable that people in Epsteins social circle didn't know

We all know what a dog Bill Clinton is

And from flight logs we know that most of the 26 times he was on the Lolita Express there were young girls also

And he was on the Pedophilia Island at least once according to the victims

There is NO Way Epstein wouldn't have offered Bill Clinton the girls

And theres no way Bill Clinton would have said no

Theres a reason that Epsteins black book had 22 different phone numbers that could be used to contact Bill Clinton
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