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Detective:Inconceivable that people in Epsteins social circle didn't know

We all know what a dog Bill Clinton is

And from flight logs we know that most of the 26 times he was on the Lolita Express there were young girls also

And he was on the Pedophilia Island at least once according to the victims

There is NO Way Epstein wouldn't have offered Bill Clinton the girls

And theres no way Bill Clinton would have said no

Theres a reason that Epsteins black book had 22 different phone numbers that could be used to contact Bill Clinton

Google view of Jeffrey Epstein's Island ...

Here's the mansion in New Mexico

Suppressing Epstein prosecution tied to Hillary 2008 campaign

Life in the DU Bubble, Episode 1: Believing Bill Clinton denial of sexual improprieties!

President Clinton has issued a denial of involvement in Epstein's "Terrible Crimes".

Now he would NEVER lie about a thing like that, right?

The REAL Pizzagate. Docs on Jeffrey Epsteins pedophile buddies to be unsealed

Known Epstein buddies that flew to his "Lolitta" island include Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz

CORRECTION:While Trump knew and associated with Epstein at one time, he never flew on the Lolitta Express, kicked Epstein out of Mar a lago and cooperated with prosecutors.

Rich and powerful predators preying on the poor

So a nice segregationist and a gay waiter walk into a bar ...

That's Joe!

Liz Warren is pushing for Reparations for Native Americans, which begs the question ...

Is she going to check that box again?

Long time waiting for IG Horowitz's report. With AG Barr, has he gone back and dug a little deeper,

Knowing a whitewash won't be acceptable?

My birthday is in early August, i don't expect to be disappointed!

Is Nancy waiting on impeachment until IG Horowitz report comes out?

It would look silly to start impeaching for obstructing an investigation that turns out to be an illegal coup

MSM really wants to help reelect Trump

Listened to Morning Joe, Chris Hayes podcasts on way in to work today.

Having their (no diversity of political
viewpoint) panel Discussions about Trumps kickoff rally.

Everyone's tripping over each other to disparage Trump and all his supporters.

They didn't actually use the word "Deplorables" ... but it was unmistakably their meaning.

Is it that their corporate owners actually want to continue the tax breaks and economic and financial deregulation that would continue under another Trump term?
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