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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
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My avatar picture is NOT me. It's radio talk show host Michael Berry.

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Rode MAX Today.

I seldom go to downtown Portland - Only when I have to. When I do, I ride MAX. Traffic and parking are a hassle.

Along about 3rd and Yamhill were a bunch of protestors. Well, I guess that's what they were. They were carrying signs and making lots of noise. Dunno if they were Antifa or just wannabees. They faces weren't covered, as Antifa's usually are. One sign said, "Abolish ICE." Another said "(Bleep) Cops."

Then a few blocks later, we got to Skidmore Fountain. Last time I was in that part of town, it was one giant homeless camp. Apparently, the city has cleaned it up. At least, they've gotten rid of the makeshift tents that blocked sidewalks.

And how was YOUR day??

Letter To Web Root Virus Protection Software.

Having a strange problem that no one (So far) can help with. Let me start at the beginning.

About four months ago, I started to have trouble signing into Netflix, and other web sites. The phrase, “Establishing secure connection” would appear in the bottom left of the screen. It would stay there for several minutes. Ten or twelve minutes sometimes. Then, the web site would sometimes appear, and sometimes a screen popped us saying, “This site can’t be reached. XXX web site took too long to respond.” If I reloaded the page, sometimes I could eventually reach the web site, and sometimes not.

Other times, an X Finity screen would pop up. The tab at the top says, “” Then at the top of the page itself is a black bar with the words “xfinity xfi” in white letters. Below that are two vertical bars in a circle, the symbol for “Pause.” Below that, “This device is paused or in Bedtime mode.” And below that, in smaller type, “To resume access to the Internet, open the XFINITY xFi app or visit using a different connection or device.”

I do not have, and have never had, any connection with X Finity. I don’t have any of their software. Have never visited their web site. I have nothing at all to do with X Finity in any way, shape, or form.

So I called Fibersphere Tech Support. (Fibersphere is my ISP.) They did a speed test and found I was getting the Internet all right. The lady suggested my Ethernet Board was going bad. Took computer to Best Buy. They wanted $150 just to look at it, and couldn’t guarantee they could fix the problem.

Well, I figured I could buy a new computer for only a little more. And I did. I got a used one for $179 and it worked fine. I was getting Netflix, getting to all my websites quickly with no prob. Didn’t put Web Root on that computer. It had Windows 10 Defender, and I understood that was all the virus protection needed.

As I said, that computer worked fine. For about three weeks. Then the same thing happened. Web sites got very slow. Some of them stopped working altogether. Couldn’t get to Netflix, Facebook, Kanopy, and usually not Google.

I thought, “Hmm. This Ethernet Board must be bad also. Shouldn’t a bought a used computer.” Took that computer to a friend who’s knowledgeable about computers. Asked him to look at it. But he was unable to recreate the problem. Netflix, and all other sites, worked fine for him. (That’s the computer with Windows 10 Defender. I’m typing this on my old computer with Web Root.)

So I called Fibersphere again. Spent ninety minutes on phone over a period of three days. “Guys,” I said, “Problem has gotta be your connection.” They didn’t buy that. They told me my router was going bad or needed to be reset. I don’t have a router. I have a yellow cable. One end connects to computer, other end to wall socket. There is nothing between wall and computer except yellow cable. No router. Nothing.

Then they told me my settings were wrong. That was not the case. Then they told me I had an X Finity account I wasn’t telling them about. Then they said computer was trying to access Internet using wireless instead of yellow cable. That was not the case. They rebooted connection from their end. Didn’t do any good.

Finally they said only possible explanation is a virus. I believe that diagnosis is correct. Why else would I get X Finity screen?? It must be a VERY sophisticated virus. It was able to get past both Windows 10 Defender and Web Root. It not only got past them, but those programs are updated pretty frequently, aren’t they?? They should be able to detect a virus even if it’s already entrenched in computer. Shouldn’t they??

Thing that worries me most is that computer worked fine when my friend hooked it up to his connection. Is the virus capable of detecting that it’s on a different connection?? Could the virus possibly be in the connection itself?? Is that even possible??

Well, that’s where we are now. Not able to get to Netflix, Kanopy, Facebook at all. Maybe one time out of ten I can get Google. Seems to be getting worse. Can’t get radio. Can sometimes get YouTube videos, but only after a ten-fifteen minute wait while computer is “Establishing secure connection.”

What happens next?? Taken me two hours to compose this message. Going to send it to Web Root and post it on a couple of web sites where computer-savvy people will see it. (Well, I mean if I can get to those sites.) I have a prediction. Very much hope I’m wrong, but doubt I am. Web Root will do one of two things: They will ignore this message and never acknowledge it. OR, if they do respond, it will be dismissive. “If your computer had a virus, our software would have found it. Therefore, you have no virus.”

At my wit’s end. Appreciate any help, commiseration, thoughts, and especially advice.

(P. S. Can post on Discussionist though I have to wait two - five minutes every time I click on anything. Cannot view any pictures in a post.)

Any Experienced Delphi Programmers Out There??

Specifically, I need help understanding the Arc command.

Image1.Canvas.Arc(10, 10, 150, 150, 60, 60, 20, 20)

First two coordinates refer to upper left of rectangle in which the Arc appears. Coordinates three and four refer to lower right. But I CANNOT figure out what the last four numbers mean. I have experimented and experimented and experimented and I have never gotten an arc to come out looking the way I expected. Never. Not even once.

If anybody has a clue, appreciate any assistance.

You Can't Be A Beacon.

Windows 10 Virus Protection.

Windows 10 comes with built in virus protection software. Is it good?? Does one need to use another virus protection program instead?? Is it a good idea to have the Windows 10 program and another running at the same time??

Is Belief A Choice??

Is belief something that just sort of ... Happens?? The way liberals assure us homosexuality happens?? Or do we have have to make a deliberate decision to believe??

Now this question obviously has religious overtones. Do you believe in a Supreme Being?? Do you believe YOUR Supreme Being is better than the Supreme Beings of other faiths??

There are other aspects of belief that have nothing to do with religion. Do you believe your significant other is true to you?? Do you believe you'll get promoted at your job??

So I wonder if belief is akin to sleep. Have you ever TRIED to go to sleep?? Big day tomorrow - You need sleep. So you get into bed, but you're not really tired. You grit your teeth, clench your fists, and say, "I'm gonna get to sleep if it's the last thing I do."

Doesn't work that way. You have to be relaxed and comfortable to fall asleep. Is faith similar?? If you actually TRY to believe, can you do it?? Or will you always have that nagging hint of doubt??

Discount Computer Depot.

Anybody ever do business with that company??

Anybody ever even HEARD of that company??

If so, what was your impression??


Here I was patting myself on the back because I happened to click on Fun Forum just as Fuel was posting. I tried to reply, but by that time, he had deleted it. Maybe if we click on Reply before the post is deleted, the software should allow the reply.

Anyway, here's his post:

"Time to pound Tier One again. *snicker*"

(That's the entire post. Fifth one down at this time.)


Do any Discussionist posters suffer from this dreaded affliction??

Suggestion For Fuel.

My friend, you can make life at Discussionist easier for all of us.

Instead of starting twenty or more threads in each forum, why not put everything you have to say in one post ... And THEN delete it??

The obvious benefit to us is that we wouldn't have to wade through all those "This Post Has Been Deleted" threads.

However, the main benefit goes to you. First, it would take up way less of your valuable time. Second, fewer people would put you on Ignore if they only saw one post from you. Your thoughts and opinions will reach a larger audience.

Whadda think?? Give it a try??
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