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So The Ma'am left her CAC in her computer and walked away.

Unfortunately for her I was not there for her because someone else happened along put her card in the vending machine.

It cost her $1.50 but at least she got some chocolate donuts out of it.

Kamala Harris announces new initiative to plunge nation into civil war

That guy that made a thread saying he just had to put me on ignore because I'm just so awful

Here's who you lefty foo's were cheering...

2. We should eat less beef and poultry
And more people.

How dare I treat him like a spoiled brat!

As a member of the US Congress should Omar be rooting for US troops or Somali warlords?

Asking for a jihadist cunt.

Lefty assures us that impeachment is a strictly political affair.

If enough people support it to let you get away with it, it's totally legit!


Muslims get slaughtered, they wear hijabs. Christians get slaughtered

they won't even refer to them as Christians, let alone doing anything so tacky as sport a Rosary or cross.

They hate you. Remember that fact whenever they ask to govern you. Stay armed because one day they will stop asking but they will still hate you.

So, this fat son of a bitch is a real piece of inhuman shit...

marble falls
3. A real shame but no more a shame than the almost 300 nameless others murder with them.

Hey lefty, if you're still butt hurt over Flint water...

He knows the pain Sri Lanka endures and he knows how to fight it...
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