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Verdict Reached On Lesbian Couple Who Drove Six Adopted Kids Off Cliff

A California special coroner’s jury has decided that lesbian couple Sarah and Jennifer Hart killed themselves and murdered their six adopted kids by driving them off a California cliff in March 2018 Opens a New Window. .

The decision came down late on Thursday, April 4, 2019, after a year of controversy over the horrifying case.

Timothy Roloff, a CHP crash investigator revealed one of the stunning details, telling jurors that the computerized data recorder inside the car Opens a New Window. revealed the driver had floored the gas pedal ahead of the crash.

America was shocked to hear that the Harts, both 38, were killed when their 2003 GMC Yukon XL crashed off Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California Opens a New Window. last year—and all their adopted kids, from ages 12 to 19, were also presumed dead.

Rip little ones

Rot in hell you worthless POS bitches!!

Has anyone heard from zingerr, ilovestx or kittycatidiots today?

I'm really worried that instead of deleting their posts they may have accidentally deleted something else.

I really hope they are doing OK.

Why was this thread deleted? Maybe someone was more unhinged than normal?

Trump commits TREASON. . . His supporters continue to kiss his ass
Trump spent two hours in a room with Putin and Putin aides. The only other American in that room was a State Dept. translator that Trump demands stay silent.

After the meeting, Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, admitted publicly that he has not been told what the President discussed.

So . . . Let’s recap. The Russians have transcripts and probably an audio tape of everything Trump and Putin discussed for two hours, which was directly fed into the Russian intelligence pipeline.

The American intel admits it knows nothing.

Trump is with knowledge aforethought providing intelligence to an often times hostile foreign power while denying that same information to our own intelligence agencies, the ones charged to protect OUR security and interests.

That is TREASON. And if you support this President, you support treason too."

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