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Cold Warrior

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Interesting Phenomenon

Two major conservative message boards — Conservative Underground And Conservative Cave — both had their biggest day in terms of total visitors on 14 Aug 2019. CU had slightly over 5100 visitors and CC 3100. What happened on that day to stir Conservatives’ interest?

- Shootout in Philadelphia? Maybe
- DOW drops 700 points? Possibly

Wait! Here it is! Definitely!

- Painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress found in Epstein’s house

...a villa in Italy

WDPLAC, Part 48

Why are Europeans mentally healthier than Americans?

I hear that a main cause of domestic terrorism in the US is mental health. While there have been cases of mass shootings in Europe — Dunblane, Oslo — they do not occur with the regular frequency that they do in the US. Additionally, I think Europeans play video games just as much as Americans. So what’s the key difference between the two?

Hey Mumbles! How yuu doin?

I see "someone" from the small medical software firm that Mumbles works for has viewed my LinkedIn profile. Could it be Funky or could it be Todd, the guy who owns the place? I guess Mumbles doesn't realise when one has LinkedIn Premium, one can see all the people who view one's profile.

Another RWNJ Terrorist in Norway

A 21-year-old Norwegian man has appeared in court in Oslo, accused of a terrorist act in connection with a gun attack on a mosque at the weekend.

His face and neck marked by bruises and scratches, Philip Manshaus was also charged with attempted murder, as well as the murder of his stepsister.

He was remanded in custody for another four weeks, as prosecutors requested.
He smiled at photographers but said nothing, before the judge opened the case behind closed doors.

Mr Manshaus is accused of opening fire at the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in Baerum, west of the capital Oslo, on Saturday.

Shortly after the attack, the body of his 17-year-old stepsister was found at a house in Baerum.

Trump supporters say the darndest things, 3 (NSFW)

Warning: Graphic language

The Lessons of Woodstock

Even pretending to care was too much

Televangelists Who Are Anything But Holy

Posted by Cold Warrior | Fri Aug 9, 2019, 05:15 PM (3 replies)
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