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How does that happen.. is there an explanation of it somewhere..

The reason I was wondering is because of the Bristol Palin post..

I didn't make the post.. just curious..

Voting in Texas

Just voted.. I had about 20 minute wait.. People seem amped up this year.. I was disappointed that I was the youngest one in line (52) .. The new machines were difficult for the older people to figure out.. and one guy left before completing.. I did see an elderly lady with a water bill in her hand.. not sure if that was used or she had another form of ID.. she voted so whatever..

Texas didn't have many Independent candidates .. and the County guy ran unopposed as a Republican.. dang it..
Anyway I thought I would mention on here that I have never had to wait 5 minutes before to vote.. glad to see this trend..

Justin Amash

What do you think of him?



Just another bullshit artist?

I am starting to really like him..


"Texas blues legend Johnny Winter, known for his lightning-fast blues guitar riffs, his striking long white hair and his collaborations with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and childhood hero Muddy Waters, has died. He was 70."

Quick question

Do people on here think because I am a Conservative and ex Tea Party member that I am a:


Piece of Shit


Gun Humper

Anti American




Women Hater

Christian Fundy


Just curious because so far I have been called all of the above (if not directly then by association).. not crying but shit is getting kinda old..
Don't buy into the one size fits all.. and the propaganda..

Transgender Surgery to be Covered by Medicare

Not sure about this one...

Liberals were right

About Snowden..

He is not a traitor .. He is a Patriot..

Manning.. not so much..

Anybody hear anything about the American Spring?

Weird.. no updates at all on this forum..

I would of guessed somebody would be making a bunch of swarmy post about it.. must of mis judged the posters here?

Occupy to Join Bundy

Two sides of the same coin:

Progressive group fighting the control of the 1% ..

Conservative group fighting control of the government..

Why support one group and not the other?
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