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Crazy D

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I found a new way to terrorize your pets

I see the hatred is strong tonite on the DUmp

I especially like this comment

"I know what needs to be done with them.

But I won’t say it here."

Sounds like a "final solution" to me. Reminds me, need to double my ammo stash, looking like we're going to need it in my lifetime

Boy, the DUmpsters are celebrating this one

I'm thinking the USSC is still ducking the gun issue, for as long as they can. They rule on this now and they have to abide by the law shielding gun makers from lawsuits for crimes committed with firearms.

They can duck the issue by letting the lower courts handle the lawsuit. If Bushmaster wins and the gun grabbers appeal then they'll have to rule if the PLCAA applies.

If Bushmaster loses same deal, they appeal to the USSC again and the ball kicks back into the USSC court.....they then have to get off their asses and decide if the PLCAA is an actual law or a suggestion.

This is only Act 1 of a long play

Americans killed by Mexican drug cartels and DUmpsters blame the victims

Predictable to say the least. Now if this had been a group of LBGT activists they would be demanding Trump send in the 1st Armored Division

"Saint Beto".....another delusional day at the DUmp

Bottom line, Beto ran against Cruz and the only 2 reasons he was competitive was massive amounts of cash donated from out of state liberals and Cruz isn't really liked in Texas.....a strong Republican challenger could replace him IMO.

Beto never stood a chance in the Primary and has killed any chance of office in Texas outside of "maybe" winning his old House seat back....and his newfound anti gun platform makes the odds of me winning the Powerball better.

Beto will end up being a weekend anchor on MSLSD at the best, lucky for him he has a rich father in law......for now. Any bets he's divorced in a couple years

ABC Reports Turkey(s) starts bombing Americans on US soil

Damn, Another Reason To Impeach Trump, He uses Sudafed

I gotta couple 1/2 used boxes myself, think I'm in trouble

Damn, their eating their own again at the DUmp

Lieawatha gets caught in another lie and the site goes to war with itself again

Damn, I never knew Bernie was so pro gun

Someone should tell SidBlathers that the reason Bernie voted against the Brady Bill is he wanted a 5 day waiting period for all gun purchases, not the current system where when you pass NICS you get your gun unless that state has a waiting period.

Bernie is a totalitarian socialist, grabbing guns is on his agenda.......

OK, if part of the New green deal is cutting out red meat....why are all of the Democrats at the

Polk County Steak Fry?

Are they protesting the event? Or eating and drinking their soft drinks with plastic straws?
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