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The Dumpsters and another gun sales thread

They still cling to the belief that the current rush on guns is just right wingers adding guns to their collections. I've talked to several gun shop employees before they closed here in Ohio (I think their closed) and 85% of sales the past 2 weeks were 1st time buyers.

I'm the only "gunner" I know real time who has bought a new gun in March and that was a couple weeks ago at the start of the rush, local shop had a scheduled sale and I actually bought 2, a .22 pistol I was planning on getting and a 9mm I was thinking of getting this summer.

Same with ammo sales, most have been 1st time buyers rushing to stock up. "Serious" gun owners have been stockpiling for years now. The only ammo I ordered online this month was .30 Carbine that was a "planned" purchase anyway. I could use more 9mm but have 3500 rounds (3000 stash, 500 "shooting"....I keep separate stashes on those)

And yet another Dumpster "goes there" with political opponents

I'm surprised this clown is getting as much pushback as he is though.

It's amazing how much the left hates church goers

I'm surprised some of those saying lock the doors while people are there don't say burn the church down while their at it.

Now, I'm not religious but figure if people want to pray together they might get some comfort from it

Damn, the Dumpsters heard about the run on guns and ammo

What these idiots can't accept is 90% of gun sales the past week have been 1st time buyers. I know this because I'd taken a 3 day weekend this weekend and went to the local range/gun shop

I stopped at the same shop this morning (the gunsmith got a M-1 Carbine in last week that he needed to borrow my bolt assembly tool....he didn't have one and asked me since he knows I'm into Carbines) and the shelves were damn near as bare as they were post Sandy Hook.

Very little common caliber in stock, entry level AR-15's wiped out. They did have the high end ones in stock still but that was only because no one was willing to spend $1600 on one.....yet....give it a couple weeks.

Manager told me most of the people buying were 1st timers. The only "serious" gun owners buying were taking advantage of a sale they had scheduled for the weekend, and I admit....I bought a CZ P07 9mm I'd been waiting for this sale to buy

The latest panic buying items, guns and ammo

Mini panic going on with gun and ammo sales. I was off work yesterday and stopped at a local indoor range to see what the prices were on a sale this weekend ("employee pricing" gag...they've got a Springfield 1911 I've been tempted to snag).

Place was a madhouse at 6:30 pm and short staffed. I got asked by the one counter girl I know to help a couple guys through their 1st handgun purchase. I get them sorted out (CZ-07 and Ruger pistol of some type) then someone asks me about AR-15's. I help him out (he got the last S&W MP15 in stock....2 weeks ago they had a dozen that model in stock running a sale and they weren't moving).

After that a Oriental couple ask my about shotguns, I give them my opinion on that and a couple pistols someone they know is texting them to look at (Glock 19 and Sig 365) then sneak out.

These were ALL first time buyers getting guns because of the panic.

I"ll get a couple free hours range time for my "work". The moral of the figure it out

Poor Dumpsters, they just realized how dumb AOC is

Boy, are the Dumpsters breathing a sigh of relief today with Biden finally winning one

Tuesday we're going to have to have a suicide watch on them, me thinks the Sandinista will win Super Tuesday big time.

The Dumpsters are talking Civil War II again

"And what do we do when we win"

I hate to break their little hearts but the only side that wins in a 2nd US Civil War will be the side the undertakers are on.

As I've said before, IMO the military would split 3 ways, 1/3rd pro liberal, 1/3rd pro right and the rest would either sit it out or go "home" and support whatever side controls the area where they live.

The side with the most "trigger pullers' will have the edge, and I assuming that will be "Trumplandia" to use their term.

Then we factor in the 400-500 million privately owned weapons. Now we all know Dumpsters think all guns are owned by senile old white men but the truth is there are enough ex-military types whom bring their skill sets into play to reek havoc across the nation.

Even us old farts bring things to the table. I might not last long in a ground war (61 and 1 bad foot, I give myself 3 weeks) but we bring weapons into the fight that the younger people might not own (I can equip 4-6 with decent quality AR's and hand weapons, plus ammo for 2-3 combat loadouts per trooper)

And what do the Dumpsters plan on doing with those who don't support them. We all know what would happen real life, ethnic cleansing on a scale that will make Yugoslavia look like a Sunday picnic

And now the DUmpsters want Iran to assassinate Trump

At least their consistent in their hatred

The Real Reason Soleimani was Targeted

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