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The Dumpsters are talking Civil War II again

"And what do we do when we win"

I hate to break their little hearts but the only side that wins in a 2nd US Civil War will be the side the undertakers are on.

As I've said before, IMO the military would split 3 ways, 1/3rd pro liberal, 1/3rd pro right and the rest would either sit it out or go "home" and support whatever side controls the area where they live.

The side with the most "trigger pullers' will have the edge, and I assuming that will be "Trumplandia" to use their term.

Then we factor in the 400-500 million privately owned weapons. Now we all know Dumpsters think all guns are owned by senile old white men but the truth is there are enough ex-military types whom bring their skill sets into play to reek havoc across the nation.

Even us old farts bring things to the table. I might not last long in a ground war (61 and 1 bad foot, I give myself 3 weeks) but we bring weapons into the fight that the younger people might not own (I can equip 4-6 with decent quality AR's and hand weapons, plus ammo for 2-3 combat loadouts per trooper)

And what do the Dumpsters plan on doing with those who don't support them. We all know what would happen real life, ethnic cleansing on a scale that will make Yugoslavia look like a Sunday picnic

And now the DUmpsters want Iran to assassinate Trump

At least their consistent in their hatred

The Real Reason Soleimani was Targeted

Bah Humbug, ok.....who bought themselves something for Xmas?

I always get myself something for Xmas, either electronics like a new computer or a new gun.

This year I'm getting my 3 year old desktop tuned up and I bought myself a "new" Hi Power clone.

Hungarian "FEG", 95% direct copy of a Browning Hi Power (the slide release is 1911 style), LNIB for $250ish.

Might not be done buying guns this month, friend of mine is talking about selling his Beretta M9 for a decent price. He's a older gent and has problems with racking the slide, wants a revolver to replace it so next time I see him I'll see if he still wants to sell it. I don't really "need" another M9/92FS, I've 2 now but if I get it at what I offered him it's a good deal and I can always break even on it down the road.

What did you get yourself

Boy, talk about trying to spin a story....New Zealand Gun Confiscation

It's either a huge victory for gun grabbers as posted on the DUmp

Or a major failure if you believe this story

I actually think the story is somewhere in the middle. New Zealand did have a permit system IIRR for certain classes of firearms, so the government did have a idea where some of the weapons banned were at.

I don't think they took 50000 "assault weapons" in though. I'm thinking it was firearms of all types and like police departments here in the US they "padded" the numbers and claimed alot of firearms types as "assault weapons" (a .22 Ruger Mk I pistol is now a "Assault weapon" in New Zealand).

There are a estimated 1.5 Million firearms in the you do the math.

Now there are 450 million firearms in the US according to the ATF (I think that's low by 100 million myself) so how many weapons would be turned in if left ever gets their wet dream of confiscation here in the US

Quid Pro Joe wants to ban 9mm Pistols

Because their "military weapons".

Yeap, that's something he should come out in to open and run on, not sneak around at a private event like that and say. I'm sure all those law bidding gun owners would rush to turn in their Glocks and Beretta's under a Biden presidency

Damn, talk about double standards and being hypocrites

The DUmp, never letting facts get in the way of the story

Damn, this DUmp thread should die soon

The shooting in New Orleans, looking like it was gang related so it won't fit the narrative

Another false claim by a gun grabber at the DUmp

Nikon is getting out of rifle scopes, something they've been gradually doing for a couple years. Flaming Idiot credits wildlife photographers.

It's really about the bottom line. Between Vortex, Primary Arms and other inexpensive manufactures offering a wider selection of optics with better features at a lower price and Nikon not updating their lines to match what buyers have been wanting (1x6 and 1x8 illuminated optics are popular).

I'm the only person I know who owns more than 1 Nikon brand scope, a 3x , 3x9 and 1x4 on 3 AR's. The glass is sharp as a tack on all of them but their on the heavy side compared to Vortex scopes I have. The only reason I even own 3 is I snagged 2 of them 1/2 off on's EE forum. The 1x4 I bought new
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