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The Covington incident is what Obama would call "a teachable moment".

I can almost hear his sonorous tones imploring us to look into our hearts to see what we can to do to improve ourselves to make sure we don't judge people by the clothes they wear or the color of their skin.

Turkey completes first phase of 900km wall along Syrian border

Two minutes with Bill Hicks: "It's just a ride."

Do the Western Elites believe they are the Heirs of Atlantis?

Atlantis was the capital city of an empire that included the precursors of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Babylonia and Persia.

It was allegedly the first transcontinental culture and was ruled by a hereditary aristocracy - each region was ruled by the descendants of one of the ten sons of the original founder.

It was a civilization that created amazing feats of engineering including garden cities, irrigation canals and giant statues and monuments such as pyramids and ziggurats.

Details of the classical civilizations and their achievements were rediscovered in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and this led to groups which tried to recreate the beliefs and ethos of those epic builders of ancient times.

We can see that in the Greco-Roman and Egyptian influenced architecture in the capital city of the New World, which was to become the seed of the New Atlantis.

The father of the EU also alluded to this ancient culture and race when he stated that he wanted to create an Afro-Eurasian race that were just like the Ancient Egyptians (which was of course part of the Atlantean Empire). Hence also the use of the pyramid as a symbol and the obsession with mass migration into Europe from the neighboring continents.

Perhaps this blending of races and countries is an attempt to recreate the time before the Flood and fall of the tower of Babel when humanity was one race with one culture ruled over by one family.

The purported location of Atlantis in North Africa when looked at from a satellite looks like an eye - this is perhaps why this symbol is so prominent among the elites.

And so perhaps we are seeing the early stages of the New Atlantis taking shape around us.

Of course, the fall of Atlantis was precipitated by corruption and decadence on a massive scale

Is this 7-year-old girl destined to be the next monarch of Great Britain?

This young girl pulled a sword out of the same lake as King Arthur's Excalibur.

Let there be light! The cosmic dark ages and the formation of galaxies...

Are we at the center of the universe?

New research shows that the earliest galaxies orbit the Milky Way.

Ever wondered what's right under your feet? This Danish couple found a 3000-year-old Viking sword!

This Danish couple found an ancient sword just one foot underground.

So this is where the Social Media brouhaha is going IMO...

They will make it so that all sites no matter how big or small will have to accept all legal comments or register as a publisher.

So any two bit blogger that accepts comments will have to accept them all or register as a publisher.

Something like that is going to happen.

There will be a sting in the tail somewhere along the line.

Re. Social Media: wouldn't it just be easier to allow speech that is legal

and have a legal process for removing speech that is illegal?

Hundreds of potential "water worlds" discovered in our galaxy

Water is a key ingredient for life — and new research suggests we might find it all over the galaxy.

Scientists looked at the mass of Super-Earths, a kind of planet common across the cosmos but not present in our own solar system. These rocky worlds are several times larger than Earth, but the team’s analysis of known Super-Earths reveals something astounding: Many of them may be literal water worlds.

According to the research, many of these planets may be half water. By comparison, water is just a tiny fraction of Earth’s mass. But that doesn’t mean these Super-Earths are friendly places to live. The Harvard-led team determined that those planets with 1.5 times Earth’s radius or below would be terrestrial, or rocky.

Super-Earths above 2.5 Earth radius might more like tiny versions of Neptune or Uranus. The two water-dominated planets in our solar system are far from life friendly. Such hulking Super-Earths would be enshrouded by a mostly-water vapor atmosphere. Further below, there might be oceans at extreme pressures and temperatures — between 390 and 930 degrees Fahrenheit (200 to 500 Celsius).

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