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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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The very real danger today.

Democrats can not be allowed to win elections. There is ample evidence now that they will not be held accountable for crimes. The MSM refuses to investigate or report on serious charges in Obamgate.

Joe Biden lets his racism show and the MSM bends over backwards to excuse it. Biden is corrupt there is no doubt. His family gets rich from wonderful business deals when he is involved.

If Trump had such obvious problems or racist comments it would be wall to wall news casts denouncing him. When democrats are accused its yawns.

Obama proves the MSM will not hold a Democrat especially an affirmative action democrat accountable. Why? Because they are racists and judge people by the color of their skin only.

I think China wants its puppet Quid Pro Joe to win.

They have lots of blackmail on him and his family already. Trump stands up to them and they dont like it. The only hope Trump had of losing was if the economy died. The Chinese virus did extensive damage but people dont blame Trump.

The left and the MSM (redundant) work hard to brand you as a racist for pointing out where the virus originated. They are in lockstep fascist mode now turning neighbors against neighbors. They want the economy to struggle. They will be pessimistic until the election. If Quid Pro Gropy Joe wins suddenly the news will be bright and hopeful. Remember the summer of recovery where nothing was better?

Would it be okay if Trump

felt that Biden was being controlled by China to start spying on his campaign? If the Trump campaign pays for opposition research that concludes Biden is subject to blackmail from China because of his son perhaps. Then the administration would be free to spy and set up perjury traps for key members of Biden's campaign.

After all, this is acceptable now. All democrats would agree 100%. I think letting Rush Limbaugh lead the investigation will provide non-partisan results in the investigation.

Why are Republicans calling for hearings or an independent

Counsel investigation? This is the scandal in the Country’s history.

Can you imagine the current news cycle if

Evidence was showing up that proved Bush and Republicans used the power of the government to make Obama a one term president?

The virus would be on page 6!

The MSM is actually a danger to our country at this point. These actions make Nixon look like mother Theresa for crying out loud.

Random thought.

With the candidates not traveling to states during this period it may be the least expensive presidential race in a long time.

It made me laugh how Hillary was all worried about glow bull warming yet flew her jet home every night practically. Democrats can’t phantom why no sane person buys their end of the world predictions seriously.

The amounts spent by each side will be interesting.

Next round of magic money?

I am against the feds bailing out states. At some point these trillions add up to real money.
Let states cut some spending for a year imho. Local politicians will have to be held accountable for the shortfalls . If the fed gives states monies theeee is no incentive to open up their local economy.

I admit I would inject Ultra Violet as often as I could!

You know how successful Trump has been when

The hate a America crowd has to pretend he said something he didn’t.

They refuse to consider that Trump is doing a good job . They have to make shit up to justify their insanity over him winning.

Does anyone not infected with TDS think Trump was telling people to drink or inject bleach? Why do we even acknowledge their asinine accusations? These are the same people thank think Hillary was a good candidate and Biden hasn’t lost his mind!

The struggle is real!

I hate it when they close my private beach!

Coronavirus lockdown: Florida CEO pleads for mayor to ‘open the private beach’ in front of his condo

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