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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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So the liar porn Star got her ass kicked in court?

The left is going to hate the next 2 months Roflol !!

Has lefty and the fake Indian jumped the shark?

Does Trump have Roto Router on stand by?

We could be in a world of shit when the blue wave clogs the toilet!!!

Sanity may yet return to DC!!

Awe hell we know the left will be up their next outrage in 3 minutes.

I wanted to make a sarcastic post

Then I said no I won’t add to the stupidity.

Democrats, liberals and the MSM have once again taken advantage of people who really were sexually abused.
Those protests in dc never happened when or president Bill Clinton’s rape allegations were out there! Even to this day they treat the very credible woman who accused him like trash.

Sexual abuse is real but these people made a joke out of it to win an election.

There is no lower form of life than Democrats today .

I dont think the left realizes

They woke a sleeping giant.

The lame stream media has really hurt them they are just too stupid to see it once again.

These baseless accusations coming from the same people who thought Bill Clintons proven actions are okay won’t play in America.

We are witnessing the complete destruction

Of Democrats this week.

There isn’t a person in America that thinks they aren’t being complete fools over this nomination.

The party that defended sexual abuse with Bill Clinton taking advantage of a young intern now pretending High school children have to be held to different standards.

If you take a step back from all the raw emotion the media is presenting you could actually laugh at this

Breaking News! A 4th accuser ready to testify!!

Unnamed sources with key insider knowledge have said they heard someone say a nurse with credibility is set to drop the hammer down!

She was in the delivery room where he was born and he tried to grab her breast’s only minutes after being born ! Then he peed on her so he is a pervert all around!

I heard earlier today from someone who would know.

That blinking your eyes is a white power sign? Okay

I think people lose sight of the problem when we see Muller and his witch hunt looking

at Obstruction. Is there anyone in America who thinks Comey didn't deserve to be fired at this point:? Once again Trump made the right choice and the Trump haters can't stand being proven fools.
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