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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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Will a political nut case try and get this virus and spread it?

We have seen mumbling at DU about supposed Americans wanting to spread the virus among Trump supporters already. Normally I would laugh it off but mentally they might do that to damage the economy.

Nothing else they have done has hurt Trump. A year ago impeachment was not an option Nancy wanted to take. A few months later she and Mike Bloomberg’s political prostitutes in congress voted to impeach on bullshit. The impeachment stared as he was gearing up to really run.

I wouldn’t put it past them to try and exploit the virus given the chance. Democrats can not be trusted.

Keep in mind all this panic about the virus one simple thing.

The Democrats and Main Stream Media can not be trusted to be honest about anything. They will try and use this to crash the economy because they think it will hurt Trump.

Every single conservative talking head or congressperson needs to point this out every hour of every day.

She is upset Trump is fighting these frivolous

Court cases brought on by the America last crowd.

We have not only the right but the responsibility to require self sufficient people applying. It is amazing how this liberal judge has a hissy fit when Trump fights the out of control illegal immigration . It isn’t that they have a bias toward Trump they respect the law and are trying to uphold the law. Liberals don’t want anything slowing down their potential welfare voters.

Sotomayor issues blistering dissent, says Republican-appointed justices have bias toward Trump administration


There seems to be a lot of focus on peoples attendance here at the board which I find very interesting.

I think we should have a commemorative list to previous posters who have moved on to bigger and better boards by choice or by post.

I’ve for one Miss Graham, G4. You have to admire your dedication he had to his candidate it would be interesting to see his posts for this election I hope he is well sincerely. Very rarely did he ever say anything I agreed with he was always polite and he did have some good taste in music.

Why didnt anyone go and get the ship in 2018?

I think it’s odd whoever owned the ship just let it go?

Bomb cyclone washes up 'ghost ship' in Ireland, UK reels from flooding

The MAGA race. Our wonderful President!

I was at a bar picking up some wings to bring home. They had the race on all the screens. People were standing up yelling and waving at the beast !

I was amazed it’s normally a toned down place. These are not red necks at all. Mostly suits and ties during the week.

I think Trump has had a much bigger impact on people than even he realizes.

I would have like to see him do doughnuts but that might have been too much.

I hope President Trump pushes for tax reforms.

It is insane all the paperwork to file taxes. Why does it have to be so complicated? Seriously it should take one form and 15 minutes nothing more.

I won a few thousand at a casino and got a 1099. The trip cost me that much why isn’t my hotel and airfare deductible lol?

I think a flat sales tax makes the most sense. Every grocery store already manages the taxable purchases at checkout. You buy a car boom taxes paid right then and their.

Taxes are probably the biggest failure our government has had to date IMHO.

How you can tell the latest outrage is partisan.

You just ask yourself “Would they be upset if Trump tweeted that stone should get 9 to 10 years”.

I also don’t understand the outrage because Trump tweeted in response to what bar said. How is agreeing with a decision impact a decision was already made?

Based on the latest outrage by Democrats

I think they have no credibility with the public. People see their rants and say it’s just more partisan attacks on Trump.

It’s obvious to everyone people around Trump are being persecuted not prosecuted at this point. They have noticed all the alphabet agencies that claimed Russia was interfering exposed. All of Obama’s agents were lying to make up dirt. They see Hillary walk on serious charges and Stone frog marched for CNN.

They have reached full saturation of everyone’s bullshit meters.

I wonder if we will see Trumps polling increase.

Looking at the unprecedented turnout in NH yesterday they should. A historical number of people turned out to vote for Trump even though he had no competition.

I wonder if the polls will start to increase because they want his supporters to think the election is in the bag?

If they inflate his showing in national polls they might be so desperate to think people won’t feel like they have to go vote for Trump because he’s going to win.Everything they have tried to bring him down has it worked maybe they’ll try the opposite.
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