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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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Okay democrats win on the census lol.

Foolish Trump was fighting for Americans and democrats were fighting for anyone but Americans what a victory!!

Score one for the blue team !

Seriously is there any accomplishment Democrats have given


They have destroyed everything they touch. They have done as much damage to the African Americans as slavery had done. Democrats talk a good game but the results are undeniable. The last thing the democrats want is for any group to be successful because then they would have no use for democrats.

Has anyone seen the headlines?

Where Democrats admit Trump was right there is a birder crisis?

Me either

Liberals are so predictable.

Why hold an election at this point? I mean it’s Bidens turn. Poll after poll fools idiots that Bidens lead is insurmountable. So why bother?

Because we learned in 2016 most people are smarter that democrats think. America soundly rejected them and in mass since 2010. Rather than move to the center the will pivot hard left and double down on stupid.

Americans love their country even when their party isn’t in charge. Liberals hate Americans and treat them like fools and idiots. Liberals hate everything that allowed them to exist and from that there is no spin they can sell.

I enjoy waking each morning to see

What creative way posters can try and find fault with Trump. It’s comical at this point.

Think about it like this, these are the type of person that thought Hillary was a good choice and Obama wasn’t elected because of his skin color. They allow the powers that be on the left to tell them what to think and say.

They make fun of his hair color lol they call him names like we are back in 1st grade. They think standing up for Americans is bad. They pray for the economy to crash or a natural disaster they can politicize. They blame guns not the metal instability in people they foster with the hate they spew.

It’s funny yet so very sad.

You realize how sad todays left is,

They can’t run on ideas anymore. They offer nothing to anyone of real value. They have to distract voters with taxes , Russia and anything but facts.

What happened to the once proud party?

Democrats dont realize

Americans are looking at the border crisis in large part because of their antics. Democrats refusals to Address national security is making people pay attention.

People are asking why are these women and children put at risk because of political goals? The focus was originally about a wall now the human trafficking is being looked at.

Democrats are on the side of the traffickers of that there is no doubt. Profit for them and potential voters for democrats. No more children being trafficked for politics or profit!

Liberals say there is a Climate Crisis , not a border crisis

They are not fit to be in power anywhere. There are woman and children getting raped and murdered every day at the border. They should not be there in the first place except liberals want them crossing.

What about the children liberals?

The climate farce is nothing more than an AlGore get rich scheme you fell for.

So liberals investing in Russia bull shit?

Do they know and just don’t care it was all another Hillary lie?

Why for once won’t they grow up and allow Americans to prosper?

This is a good opportunity for liberals to look in the mirror.

This entire Russia Bull Shit was fed to you by your failed party leadership. In part to give Hillary some form of cover for her humiliating loss. Worse was it was propagated by the MSM and you gullible liberals for 2 years.

Why not put America first for a change get your heads out of your asses and think for yourselves.
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