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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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Did you see the breaking reports on the MSM?

The one talking about how Trump was a victim of a smear attack and saying they were wrong to report it?????

Me either

Imagine if the democrats MSM were even half way honest about congress!

If the Trump was in working on his tan in Puerto Rico last weekend like the Democrats it would be breaking news. Congress is so disconnected from the real world at this point and if the MSM didn't cover for them they would lose their elections.
It is going to be hard for Nancy to splain to the US why she hasn't been working on a solution and busy flying around the world on our dime.

Walls and Fences WORK! There is consensus on the facts that walls work! End the debate.

Wall deniers shouldn't be allowed to talk and should be arrested on sight. We have no room in this country for people who don't believe that consensus is all we need to make law.

Will the wall and the shutdown bring back the Tea Party?

Democrats fear the Tea Party almost as much as the fear losing power. In large part because that is what the was done to them since 2010.

Granted the Democrat MSM tried to demonize the lawn chair Tea Party Americans knew better. It is time once again for people to stand up to these hate filled Democrats.

Will the left destroy the economy to destroy Trump?

We know last time the dems took the house the economy went to shit, they control spending remember.
With the anger and hate they have for America and Trump it would nit surprise me to see a full court press to derail a good economy. They can’t compete with Trump making things better they can only try and tear him and everything down .

How sad.

Is it me?

Or, does that guy in the Fisher investing advertisement look like Anthony Carlos Danger Werner?

The left has been destroyed.

The once proud party has been reduced to outright lying fake outrage and encouraging violence to try and win.
Sure they blame Trump and his followers because they can only project themselves on others they are so low.
When you step back from the emotional reaction to their lies and games you see angry children who didn’t get their way. They are taking their ball and going home because they were out on a pop fly.

They offer nothing of value anymore to anyone they are so fractured. The right should have super majorities in both house but they show their incompetence daily as well.

When an American political party is counting on voters who are not eligible to vote it really proves they are not real Americans but sniveling cowards and fools. They would destroy America if it means they get their way.

Is it me ? There seems to be an awful lot of violence

Against the right lately. If you step away from the kook aid you can the damage the Democrats and MSM are cultivating.

Don’t they understand if being called names drives them to their safe space what happens when the right says enough of the losers temper tantrums?

If illegals crossing the border were shot on site?

That would sole the problem would it not?

So the liar porn Star got her ass kicked in court?

The left is going to hate the next 2 months Roflol !!
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