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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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You know the left is making shit up about the poor children who have bad parents at the boarder.

If there was anyone actually breaking the law 10,000 liberal lawyers would be filling court cases by now.

No wonder the left hates Rush. His opinion here is fairly accurate.

Trigger warning! If you don't want to understand other people thoughts and ideas don't click the link. The left is creating a very dangerous atmosphere here in America, just as Putin would want and they, not Trump are the pawns.

I wonder if this is the first Time in history a political party is basing their hopes

on appeasing people other rather than Americans? It is just an extension of their insanity keep the illegal immigration flow going because it helps America how?

I agree that this issue is one of our darkest times.

The truth is much like abortion the left only cares about the kids that make it out, be it Mexico or the womb. If the MSM was not so hell-bent on destroying Trump and ultimately any conservative opposition they would see the truth.

To allow them to continue spinning their narrative any longer puts more children and families at risk but they don't care as long as they think it makes Trump look bad. The children being used today by the MSM and the left are nothing more than a tool to those hate-filled people. If their concern was real they would address the problem rather than exploit it.

The left has encouraged every single person to risk their lives in order to come to America illegally, think about that for a minute and tell me Trump is the bad guy here. Trump inherited this mess from Obama, he was elected to fix it and he is and that drives them nuts. If they don't like the way he is doing it they should start announcing that people should not risk their lives and their children's lives any longer because they will most likely get sent back.

Every single BS sob story should be met with why are they here in the first place when they shouldn't be? Who's fault is it that they thought they like Hillary were above the law?

So it looks like Trump turned the tables and stopped Strzok lol.

The left is like an arsonist who sets fire to their own house

then complains when the fire department gets water on their furniture. They are the root cause of the immigration problem and chose to do nothing to fix it.

Why the left has zero credibility in their war on Trump.

This also is a wake-up call to anyone thinking we should allow Democrats into higher office. The Obama years have proven they will use the government resources against its people without thinking twice.

Look at the Trump death Train he forces these poor kids to ride

Oops, I mean Obama's Death Train since he gave them hope they would be able to come here and become Democrats.

A child looking for his father the left doesn't care about.

They only care about the ones they can make partisan attacks with I guess. Here is a child looking for his dad and they don't want to help him.

So Trump fires Comey and we has a special council yet

there is not a single person on the planet that thinks he shouldn't have been fired? How do we allow the left to get this far out of control? There is virtually no one on either side that didn't think he should be fired at one point of another, Trump has the guts to do it and look what they are trying to do to him.

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