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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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I hope they find this ass hole and charge him publicly.

He probably thought it would be funny and a story to brag about to his friends.

It really is encouraging

To look back since the election and realize the unprecedented levels of attack Democrats have tried to overthrow Trump.

His approval numbers should be near absolute zero at this point and they are not. Their strategy is not only failing they are losing ground.

Americans who have not drank the Jim Jones flavored kool aid are not fooled by the lies.

Democrats childish outbursts yesterday?

Is that the actions people confident in their positions would have?

I think they realize the screwed the pooch and got caught.

Listening to the farce over lunchtime.

I am wondering why joe Biden hasn’t dropped out yet?

According to Democrat’s Trump withholding aid over a corruption investigation is what Obama and Joe Biden did correct?

How can Joe run if he is impeachable before he even wins?

So African Americans are supporting Trump?

Do they not know he is a racist? Do they hate peoples of color? Did they stop believing the lies from liberals?

Interesting how more and more articles and coverage in the MSM on Trumps rising political support.

Thus can’t be good for the left.

Should our great President start pointing out

Things Congress is not doing so they can fake an impeachment?

Take the budget or NAFTAs replacement for example. Democrats have jumped the Shark Bigly and voters should know what isn’t getting done in DC.

The MSM would never report on Nancy’s failure of leadership so Trump should tweet the information IMHO.

I honestly think Trump is one of the greatest Presidents we have had.

He puts America first every day and every issue. He doesn’t focus group test the things he says he lets you know exactly what he means.

The political class hate him because he doesn’t follow their rules. The MSM is threatened because he doesn’t try and earn their support.

Liberals despise him because he is everything they are not. His trip to Afghanistan for example was genuine something Obama could never pull off.

Theft attacks on Trump are the biggest testament to his greatness, they are afraid, very afraid of him.

I agree 100% democrats are Putins puppets.

I have felt since the election the Democrats have surpassed Putin’s wildest goal of sowing division.

KT McFarland: Division created by impeachment is 'Putin's dream'

An example of predictable unintended consequences.

Democrats demand we don’t enforce our immigration laws and the drug lords take advantage of their stupidity.

The cartel can send members anywhere they want to expand drug sales here in America. While politicians will tell you we have a pain killer epidemic at crisis levels the drugs in the article are to blame more than prescribed medication to people in pain.

Why then is securing our borders not part of the solution to the fake “opioid” crisis?

Will the Democrats be focus group testing for

The best way to word an epic failure?

Perhaps call it a successful challenging impeachment that for the benefit of the country has eluded its goal.
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