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When your chickens come home to roost , it better not be in a house of cards you built.

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I think people lose sight of the problem when we see Muller and his witch hunt looking

at Obstruction. Is there anyone in America who thinks Comey didn't deserve to be fired at this point:? Once again Trump made the right choice and the Trump haters can't stand being proven fools.

FB is not having a good Pre Market I wonder why?

Are people #walkingAway from Face Book?

24% drop? Could it be because of their thought police politics perhaps?

Well another liberal feel good idea backfires , so much for judgement free zones.

Just think he would have been fine if he went into the girl's room to pee they would have been okay with that.

The D's are changing their message again for the 98 th time this week.

Once again Nancy wants to ignore that she is one of the oldest alligators in the swamp. I wonder if she forgot she was supposed to do this after Bush? Why would they want to focus on all the corruption under Obama with the FBI, CIA, and DOJ? Democrats are too stupid to remember they campaigned after bush on that theme then promptly did nothing useful whatsoever against corruption. They just want good slogans, not results we all saw that with Obama, they will never change.

Question for those who work for a living.

I was looking at using vacation time for the rest of the year, use or lose type thing. I seriously was thinking about taking the Wednesday off after the election I could watch the MSM crying again.

Anyone else thinking of doing that?

Homeland Security was caught hacking GA Election DB. Russia , Not so much.

So we know Obama had alphabet agencies trying to hack the elections and yet we keep blaming Russia?

I think the time has come for Voter ID. It is the only way we can be sure those meddiling Russians

don't sneak in and vote.

I lose sleep at night worrying about all those Russians sneaking in our porous borders just for a chance to vote here in America. Ice should be stationed at every polling place to "monitor" the locations for Russians. Since we don't have time to ramp up all the polling places by November they should just focus on places like NY and CA where Russians are known to live. Certain Cities should be made secure also like Miami, Detroit, The Twin Cities, Phionex, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio etc.

These are known hot spots for illegal Russians who are here trying to infiltrate our population for Putin. Certainly, now that we know Russia meddles like those pesky kids at Mystery Inc we need to be on guard. This is guaranteed to be a bi-partisan effort because after all it was her turn and it was stolen.

It seems people forget what agency can plant hacking foot prints at will.

Why did Obama stop any investigation during the election into the hacking? Because he knew it wasn't Russia.

So Muller proved this is a political witch hunt yesterday.

Dropping the useless indictments yesterday to control the news cycles this weekend and interfere with Trump meeting Putin. Twelve Russian Military officers who will never set foot in a US court were listed on the indictment.
This is nothing more than a distraction because they have nothing on the Trump Campaign and the MSM will take it and run, ignoring Trump's Overseas Trip.

Just like the last indictment accusing Russians of using social media etc that they never thought they would have to show up and prosecute. That didn't work out so well, neither will this.

"The Russian defendants are not in custody, and it is not clear they will ever appear in American court, though the Justice Department has recently seen value in indicting foreign hackers in absentia as public deterrence."

This had to hurt the AP to have to print this little gem in the article.

"Mueller did not allege that Trump campaign associates were involved in the hacking effort, that Americans were knowingly in touch with Russian intelligence officers or that any vote tallies were altered by hacking. The White House seized on those points in a statement that offered no condemnation of Russian election interference."

This is a joke, a sad joke. I think Trump has the deep state very worried. The swamp is fighting with all they have and it really isn't much.

Look at how Rod Rosenstein suddenly cares about partisanship. He is good with his investigators being partisan hacks but when it comes to Hillary and the DNC's incompetence in securing their information he wants everyone to defend her lol.

"Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called for a unified approach to countering foreign meddling.

“When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it is important for us to avoid thinking politically as Republicans or Democrats and instead to think patriotically as Americans,” he said. “Our response must not depend on who was victimized.”"
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