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Awake Trump America!


I am a white male American

These trash bitches in Charlottesville protesting for the white race do not represent me.

This is how Nazi Germany started

Real Americans will not allow us to fall into white nationalism. I invite all republicans to joins us in ending this all right movement now.

Check out #Charlottesville

Prime examples of the alt right in all their glory...

Uncovered: Obama had the worm smuggle

Nuke miniaturization plans and parts into NK. Heard it on the radio.

FatTrumpDow EXPLODING today 8/11

Through the roof! Everyday is a new record!!

Self driving electric vehicles

When do you predict the majority of vehicals sold globally will be electric and self driving?

Its obama's fault that the fatTrumpDow is down again


Trumps fire and fury

Released shorty after...
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