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Likes rye bread and wry humor. Exodus 22:19. "Whoever lies with a beast shall be put to death!"

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Ocasio-Cortez Compares Mandatory Math Classes To Concentration Camps?

That explains almost everything. Concentration is suddenly baaaad?

Lefty presses that Trump merely rode Obama's economic coat tails. How do they explain the

explosion of consumer and business confidence which appeared right after Trump's election?

Does anyone disagree with deporting those who 'disappeared' after receiving formal deportation

decrees? I'd be curious about your reasoning if 'yes.'

Go figure! NY Pols who try to keep cars out of Manhattan want Driver's Licenses for illegals? *

FREE 4 year College for ALL? Taxi, bus and Uber drivers? Military? Dept. Store clerks? Plumbers?

Chefs? Lifeguards? Hotel maintenance workers? Janitors? Etc. And does it apply to ALL, even those at the bottom 'spectrums' of their 'professions?'

And does it apply for all majors, like gender studies? Rap Music? Clerical degrees? Etc?

List other 'degrees' you fear it will cover.

Possible unintended consequence of not making arrests for drug offences? Those arrests are rarely

the sole charges, save for sale. Most often a more serious crime/charge is involved, although the ultimate resolution is a plea to the lesser, easier to prove, drug offence. Take that drug charge away, and many defendants will end up being charged/convicted with the more serious offences.

Imagine my surprise early this morning when I ran into former Vice President Joe Biden at

Mass at Our Lady of the Late and Partial Birth Abortion!

When you create a $15.00 minimum wage, the REAL minimum wage for the least skilled is $0.00.

Many will earn less per week and others will be let go for AI.

In essence, Lefties are saying had Trump paid for Russian info via a USA 'cut out' he'd be home

free legally? McCabe too.

California Logic? State residents are legally allowed to own POT. Prisoners are citizens. So. they

can posses it in prison, as long as they don't smoke or eat it. I'm assuming unused knives will be next. This is the kind of logic(sic) they use there.
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