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Hometown: SW Ct
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Likes rye bread and wry humor. Exodus 22:19. "Whoever lies with a beast shall be put to death!"

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News Thumbnail. Brexit, MCA, BoJo and Blexit looking golden. Budget, Economy and

China deal are moving along nicely. Impeachment folly pales in comparison. Socialists running for safe spaces!

Thanks Democrats; for engaging your heavy hearts and solemnity to dump Impeachment

on America at the beginning of the Christmas season! Worse, by dumping it, they're selfishly freeing themselves of the burdens it brings. I smell Dem chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Yes, R's did it once. Are you saying they were sound in doing so? I'd argue they're BOTH wrong.

Only in America could a 15 year old high school dropout be the Person of the Year

for discussing complicated issues of SCIENCE!

Does anyone here think it's a good idea for the USA to have it's citizens guarantee

loans, through the World Bank, to our primary adversary, Communist China? Well it's happening now and has for a line time!

Did #Horowirz imply 'you can't convict a murderer unless he fully ADMITS the crime?' It

sounded like that to me. So absent an admission, he found no bias as a fact?

'Why MCA, why MCA?', Nancy was quick to start movement after almost a year.

She clearly was trying to give her caucus 'cover' for their silly, upcoming impeachment vote.

Clueless Comey is out doing a victory dance in the media, having just had an IG find his

conduct in the FISA Warrants was a Keystone Cop endeavor? Perhaps the worst thing he did was to send an agent to the WH to entrap the highest leaders in the Nation.

IG found no admissions or documents(smoking gun) proving FBI political involvement.

That's a far cry from saying it didn't happen. Besides, his findings are NOT binding on the AG's investigation.

Clueless Joe, 'nobody told me conflicts or murder were against the law!'

Why are House D's stalling the MAC trade deal? Easy, their fear it will immediately

benefit the stock markets and our economy during an election year! No Other Reason; but they are maintaining our gubmint has the right to raid Mexico to enforce some labor laws.
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