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DOJ 'may force Apple to turn over entire operating system source code'.....

DOJ 'may force Apple to turn over entire operating system source code' as the tech company resists court order to unlock terrorist's iPhone

Added emphasis.

The department acknowledged Apple's argument that forcing the company to write code that would unlock Syed Farook's phone without erasing its contents would be excessive.

However, it then placed Apple between a rock and a hard place, suggesting that the company could simply hand over the entire operating system source code instead.

A footnote in the filing read: 'The FBI cannot itself modify the software on Farook’s iPhone without access to the source code and Apple’s private electronic signature.

'The government did not seek to compel Apple to turn those over because it believed such a request would be less palatable to Apple.

'If Apple would prefer that course, however, that may provide an alternative that requires less labor by Apple programmers.'

The filing also cited a case in 2013, when the FBI tried to force the owners of a secure email service used by whistle blower Edward Snowden to turn over its encryption keys.

When Ladar Levision, owners of the email service Lavabit refused, the courts slapped them with a contempt of court ruling.

According to The Guardian, the FBI could potentially write new operating systems and issue an update under the guise of Apple.


Just for the record...white males built western culture...

So, feel free to destroy it.

Hillary questions a state employee using personal email

Is he in NEA currently? Or was he in Embassy? I was surprised that he used personal email account if he is at State.

So, I'm afraid of anal sex...

So I don't do it...what about you?

Pitch or catch?

A climate change DOOMER actually said this...

We know that variations in the Sun's activity has no correlation to warming on Earth.

It's like they're out to prove how clueless they are.

I've seen variations of this in the past...

But I thought this was fun.

Guess what...I live in the heart of Baptist land...and nobody wants to enslave you in a baptist...


Incase anyone was wondering, here is trumad being a hardass until he wasn't...

Here is my favorite part...

Response to Name removed (Reply #35)Sun Dec 6, 2015, 07:36 PM
Star Member trumad (40,544 posts)
36. Let's do it right here dude.

You want me to sign up to that shit hole so that you and your right wing asshole friends can challenge me on what I wrote in this thread. Is that what you are asking me to do.

Let's do it right here, right now! Bring your fucking chickenshit friends over as well.

Right here...right now.

Of course it's surrounded by a user called "name removed".

Brave Sir Robin ran away.
Bravely ran away, away!
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat,
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!

Do you think DU would host us...

If admin moves this server?

You may have noticed the socialists getting their hats handed to them in France yesterday but....

It gets worse, for the socialists that is, south of our border.

You might notice that Fausta supplies her own links to back up her stuff so I won't bother.

It does an old cold warriors heart good to see socialism failing on such a large scale...again.
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