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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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I think I agree with the 2020 census asking about same sex couples

And/or "openly" gay.

Fine lets's get a head count, and that way the over inflation of numbers that gives unwarranted extra bend over and take it (not sure if I should use that term) forced upon regular society can once and for all be shown the door.

"You're only one half of one percent of the population, STFU".

"If you build it, they WON'T come" (and then you can blame that on racism too, as in all issues)


Living in the past is not good for anyone, it seems to me that even though there has already been a black president we are still in the 1850's, and so now we have a monument to the lynched, and you can count me out of anything resembling a visitation if in the area for any reason, I've already heard ALL about it, and then I hear some more whenever a racial hemmorroid gets agitated for whatever reason, then I hear it again somewhere in that night's "news".

Then I hear it again somewhere in the next mornings updates, there's a poutrage somewhere by someone who is a varying shade of brown over another institutionalized racism being perpetrated against them, sniffle moan whine complain repeat blah blah blah blah blah.

The biggest racists in America today, are American African racists, and that's a fact jack.

Trump denies report he calls Rosenstein "Mr. Peepers"

And that he calls Sessions "Mr.Magoo". The link has a bunch of tweets by Trump including calling some lady at the Times "3rd rate reporter", I love it i just wish he'd admit that is what he calls the shitstain of an excuse for an impartial lawman.

Butchering a deer in front of vegan protesters

He said it started over a sign that said "Venison is the new Kale" that they didn't like too much, then he dared to have an open window when butchering so people could see. He said he was putting up with it until they started turning agitory the way they always do, harassing his customers, other various lefty harassments, that's when he did the whole deer (my kind of chef, I like his reasoning).

Mom lets 2yr old smoke meth, roll joints

A 20-year-old Florida woman is accused of allowing a 2-year-old child to smoke methamphetamine and to roll joints of marijuana

Quote: The report found that the toddler tested positive for “chronic” use of both methamphetamine and amphetamine........The finding indicated that the two-year-old had been exposed to the drug “several times or on one or more occasions.”E/Q

She was ratted out by her neighbors appearantly

Quote: Witnesses told detectives that the child smoked marijuana with Ecker and “joked” that the toddler knew how to “roll joints.”E/Q

She still has all her teeth it looks like so she must not be much of a meth smoker, she must leave that to her kid. And wheres the daddy in this situation?

The "news" doesn't say, so until further notice I will just assume down the road as usual because Uncle Scam is raising everyones kids these days, the reason for so many more of these stories every day now it seems.

Philly Starbucks protest vids

This next one is a german "news" outfit so unless you can Speaken the Duetch you won't understand I mainly wanted to show the asswipe with the bullhorn in the cashiers face. Is THAT illegal? I'm sure the C.E.O. will be informing his staff to make like a cop when that happens and allow spit to come their way if thats what it takes, they are the professionals in all this. The C.E.O. is on his way now to grovel and beg forgivness.

"Being a person of privilege" (I.E. White) I thought I'd start a thread about the Philly Starbucks

And the obvious set up that it is

Quote: "These men were discriminated against and unjustly detained. //Being a person of privilege//, it's hard to believe things like this still happen in 2018," Lauren told ABC. "Sometimes you don't fully believe it until you see it with your own eyes." E/Q

(I added the // in order to highlight her phrase, this site is too low grade for me to add colored text)

Do people talk like that without a script?

Hillary/Huma snuff film supposedly circulating on dark web

Quote: It is understood the file was recovered from Anthony Weiner’s laptop, located in the “Life Insurance” folder.

Reliable sources familiar with the dark web claim the snuff tape was dropped by an unknown user and began circulating early last week. The dark web is a part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software. E/Q

Quote: ...........It is believed they were terrorizing the young girl, deliberately causing the child’s body to release Adenochrome into her bloodstream before bleeding her out and drinking the blood during a Satanic ritual sacrifice.
Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline (ephinephrine, norepinephrine) that is extracted from a living donor’s adrenal gland. According to those familiar with the elites’ drug of choice, the high is “intense” and “exotic”. E/Q

I did not type what they were doing to the girl, you will have to readfor yourself, or not, I wouldn't blame you for the same reason I left up to you to decide, somethings can't be unseen, or unread.

This is the 3rd I've heard of this from seperate sources and so I am tending to believe it is true.

Edit: so here's a link saying alert alert alert, the "Frazzledrip" story (the supposed name of the film) is fake news

But still, how do we know THEY are telling the truth?

Hemorrhoidal flareup at Philly Starbucks

Well that was right on cue. Once again the "news" has managed to stir up a pack of shit before any real FACTS come out about the obviously staged incident.

Nope, we're gonna beat the narrative drum and get the protests started, the CEO is on his way to apologize profusely to the mob and hope they don't "no justice no peace" that location into "used to be" status, what we have us here folks, is the first of what promises to be a protesting summer egged on by our "news" media who agitate, they do not investigate, the scumbag treasonous anti american POS.

Starbucks CEO en route to Philadelphia as another protest is planned at Center City Starbucks where two black men were arrested

Please don't burn my building down Please don't burn my building down Please don't burn my building down
Please don't burn my building down Please don't burn my building down Please don't burn my building down

I almost feel like taking a trip on the train over all this BS rather than getting to a new level of pissed off.

Of course, you always get more than expected with that ticket

Staged event at Starbucks has black police chief accused of racism

(IOW this isn't going as planned)

Typical MSM "reporting", nothing like a full accounting of the facts, just the "facts" they prefer you base an opinion on (which should be ILLEGAL).

I think it was a set up, and everyone was ready to play thier part in the latest brown person poutrage in America except the police chief, who happens to be black.

The mayor:

"I am heartbroken to see Philadelphia in the headlines for an incident that — at least based on what we know at this point — appears to exemplify what racial discrimination looks like in 2018," Kenney said in a statement.

The Starbucks complaint that got it started:

Commissioner Richard Ross said Starbucks employees called 911 to say the men were trespassing. He said officers were told that the men had come in and asked to use the restroom but were denied because they hadn't bought anything, as he said is company policy. He said they then refused to leave.

So the dindu's dindu nuffin, they wanted to use the bathroom (this is story #1) and because Starbucks said they had to buy something in order to use the facilities they got in a huff and decided not to leave (meaning they must not have had to go that bad if at all. I know myself sooner or later public exposure might become nessasary but waiting is generally not an option).

So Starbucks calls and makes a complaint, the cops respond as they should, and are accused of racism as a result. But lets look at story #2 as to why they were there

"A white man in the video is heard saying he was meeting with the men and calls the arrest "ridiculous." (probably their boyfriend they are sharing on the "down low").

Attorney Lauren Wimmer told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the men, who she did not identify, were commercial real estate professionals and were meeting with the another man to discuss business. She identified herself as a friend of the man they were meeting with

So they were there to use the restroom, that's the story they gave Starbucks, and they were also there meeting someone on a real estate deal, that's what their lawyer is telling the cops.

The police chief is having none of it, and is also keeping me ever so slightly on the side of "I know they aren't all like that"

"If a business calls and they say that 'Someone is here that I no longer wish to be in my business' (officers) now have a legal obligation to carry out their duties and they did just that."

Damn right, and why I think it was a set up. One way or the other they wanted the public arrest, the hissy fit that ensues over "you have no right to do this blah blah blah" , making sure it's all on camera and ready to inflame the SJW crowd, have a schizophrenic reasoning from Starbucks over the whole incident to begin with "They wont leave, we're calling the cops....they got arrested, we're issuing an apology" WTF is that??

Starbucks posted an apology on Twitter Saturday, saying the company was "disappointed this led to an arrest" and was reviewing its policies.

And who else is reviewing thier policies? The mayor of course

Kenney said a review promised by police of policies in similar situations "is fully warranted given the unfortunate outcome of this event, particularly at a time when our criminal justice reform efforts are focused on avoiding needless incarcerations."

So it all works out in the end I guess. A staged incident happens and policy changes are forced as a result. Badda bing, badda boom.

it's time we quit being so ready to believe things just because they are "caught on camera", because you know damn well scripts are being written these days.

They really need to keep their stories straight though.
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