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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
Member since: Wed Dec 16, 2015, 07:27 AM
Number of posts: 5,103

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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

Journal Archives

#releasethememo *Trump Jr. saying it will w/Tucker

A nice quick 5 minute bite out of the ass of the deep state, and well worth the watch.

Johhny Depp spends 30K/mo on wine—here’s-how-else-he-blows-his-fortune/ar-AAuWocr?ocid=spartandhp

I'm sure some of that is finding it's way into a wine vault as an investment but I bet a lot is also finding it's way to his liver, that dude's a drunk occultist deviant who's got "issues".

I bet it wont be long before he is claiming bankruptcy, the article says he spends about as much as he is bringing in and just like Wesley snipes, if you got 23 million, but owe 100 million, you're broke bub.

I'm sure he will blame his alcoholism and money problems on Trump, he was having a good old time until the election, that's when he started drinking and hasn't stopped yet (excuses, excuses, excuses).

New trump ad says dems complicant in murders committed by illegals

Yes they are.

CNN's Reza Aslan eats human brains w/cannibals

I was just watching a you tube vid posted today by "a call for an uprising", but as I Nazi'd (Googled, but they sure are acting like Nazi's these days deciding who and who does not get listed in search results, and other various etc's), I Nazi'd the guys name and the topic and put up the Fox post but it was dated March of last year, so IDK if it has just been buried by the "news" and uprising just found out about it but I wanted to share the info.

Panic is setting in, I just woke up and found out the govt. is shut down

Fear, panic, uncertainty, I just don't know how I will be able to function today without government.

People on social security will still get their checks, OK, feel a little better.

Welfare breeders will continue to get their money too, as well as eggs and cheese delivered to the door (you cant expect a swollen tick looking preggers welfare breeder to go and get it can you?).

Mail will still be delivered, the sun will still come up, the lights are still on, it looks to me like the main people worried about this are the presstitutes who would like to make the welfare breeders believe they are going to be missing out on a GENEROUS taxpayer donated check, even though in reality they wont be missing a penny. So breed away roweena, breed away. Bring another mouth you cant feed into the world.

I think the only people who will actually be missing out are govt. "workers", who will be getting a check in back pay when this is all hashed out and so as much as they are sniffling over it, it's all just for show because they know, and I know, and I am sure anyone reading this knows, they are on a paid vacation right now, they wont be missing out on one penny.

So what is the big worry? It is a media induced panic with no basis in reality. Chuck Schumer with his eyeglasses clear down to the tip of his nose (he thinks it makes him look scholarly) doesn't agree though. He's an asshole, and I'd mortgage my house in order to pay someone to go bitch slap them off his anus looking face.

Michelle Obama still trying to prove he's a woman

Most likely one of those male fashion experts wrote the article.

Quote: The 53-year-old looked ageless, sporting a white string bikini top that displayed her washboard abs, while matching cut-off shorts complemented her toned legs.....Obama topped off her beach attire with a playful bandana, large gold hoop earrings, and oversize black sunglasses. E/Q

Aren't washboard abs a guy thing? As for the legs they look awfully guyish to me as well. A "playful" bandanna? That's when I said there's a fashion person writing this article and men fashion experts? Well, you know.

(Before you go alerting for homophobic blah's, the answer is he obviously voted for "her" and "her" husband).

2 teenage punks get charged with felonies for killing 500,000 bees


CNN accuses Fox of shelving story about Trump

My favorite bumper sticker slogan is that the "news" don't just decide what stories to cover, they decide what stories to cover up.

Whether or not Fox covered this up I don't really give a shithole, the fact CNN is trying to act as if they have never done the same thing is laughable.

2 Americans, 2 Canadians kidnapped in Nigeria

Trump should learn those Nigerians up on the capability of our special forces to deliver fast and assured death for the infraction, sending a message to other wannabe pirates and kidnappers in the process.

He should also imbed a reporter or two with them and make them do a tandem HALO jump on the way down. Once on the ground the SEAL can tell the presstitute "oh, we could've driven in, but we were ordered to scare the shit out of you" (while handing them a clean pair of pants).

Alec Baldwin defending Woody Allen’s-unfair-and-sad-to-me/ar-AAuMpkQ?ocid=spartandhp

Quote: Baldwin, 59, called criticism of Allen over longstanding sexual abuse allegations “unfair and sad.” E/Q

Ohhhhkaaaayyyyyy........Got any "issues" you'd like to out Alec?
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