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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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LOL, city council votes to ban vaping in public parks

Technically it's ALL nicotine, but specifically the people who vape and then exhale large cloudbanks of whatever previous lung contents they were carrying around with themselves ("Is that Bronchitis I just inhaled or is that Hep-A I'm smelling?").

I didn't mind people vaping in public until they started one upping each other with the size of their toys, "ohhh, mine uses a rechargeable nickel cadmium battery with a wireless recharge feature for emergencies, it's ALWAYS ready for a big drag, I can fill up a large gymnasium with my vape if I want to LOL".

Soon I expect people to be wearing backpack type vaping apparatus' complete with hose attachment and facemask, which will be better now that I think of it, at least a facemask would keep everything within the confines of itself, and none of that precious precious nicotine would be wasted either.

I suppose now we know what Darth Vader was REALLY doing all day with that mask on, his whole body suit was just a nicotine delivery system, and the empire was just on a constant search for E-juice (it IS an addiction, after all).

For those of you who want to quit, cold turkey is all that works and it's called "one day, one week, one month" (those are your goals).

First, one day, that's ALWAYS a Saturday, or whatever will be your weekend, that way you have a couple days of gritting your teeth and getting used to the feeling before your first work week, then that week itself.

Wake up and dont have that first one of the day. Any day you've already had that first one, consider that day done and don't torture yourself with talk about how "maybe I'll just slow down, try to make a pack last a little longer", just go on about a regular smoke day and try again tomorrow, wake up and dont have that first one of the day.

Don't worry about slip ups, just try to get more time each time you try.

Get through one full day of no first cigarette and none at all through the day until you (hopefully) fall asleep that night and wake up again and dont have the first one of THAT day, you can consider yourself a winner of the "one day" award at that point.

One week sucks, because every day of that work week sucks, it just sucks, BUT a wonderful thing happens once you get some time under your belt which is you dont want to give that time up and start all over again.

I can promise you that somewhere around the 3rd to 4th week you start noticing how you haven't been constantly thinking about a cigarette, and you're done, until the next time you get drunk, someone lights one up and it seems like a good idea to take a drag.

5 years or so and counting for me on this hiatus from nicotine, good luck............

Poking fun at punk basement dwellers

She'll find whatever it is she's looking for eventually

McFecal matter on touchscreens

Mmmmmmmm, makes me want to go to McDonalds.

Now of course I expect them to blow it off and say something like "these types of things have always been there, every doorknob you touch, every faucet handle or touchscreen".

While this is true, the real question is "how often do your slacker employees clean the screens?" (probably next to never). Same thing with the shake machine, it's supposed to be torn down and cleaned every night, SUPPOSED to, but now that more and more McDonalds are open 24 hours you can't count on it (cough) listeria outbreak incoming (couch cough).

I go by "oil smell" these days IF I go to fast food at all, you can tell when it hasn't been changed in a while. And if it hasn't been changed in a while you know it hasn't been cleaned either, just like the other cooking items and (worse) refrigerators where spills happen, then no cleanup followed by "crustification" (that's too much work, if they want that done too they'd better just give us the $15).

I suppose going forward it might be a good idea to bring your own disinfectant with you and do the job they wont, nothing survives Formula 409.

Ed O'Neill talks "Marcy Darcy"

I found this interesting, it has Bearse for the first minute or so then has O'Neill for the majority of it, listening to why he and David Faustino weren't invited to the lesbian wedding of Bearse was hilarious: "Amanda, what's funny about two women walking down the aisle of a church in tuxedo's?" (as he laughs)

(It's because it IS funny)

Posted by Frankenvoter | Sun Apr 7, 2019, 09:59 AM (4 replies)

Bedbugs at movie theaters

Is it a problem, and would it be the thing to cause Hollyweird to get on the DDT bandwagon?

As to why I put this in culture, that's not a question, WE ALL KNOW where the bedbugs are coming from.

Umbrella takes man for ride

Regarding the re-virginizing of "Radar" on M*A*S*H*

If I was Gary Burghoff I know I would have hated it, I can hear it now: "you're an actor, so go out there and act you piece of shit" (I don't know if those exact words were spoken but I have a hunch the writers and Burghoff didn't like each other too much).

I mean, I was too young at the time when it was on the air to be able to see the change in the character from the movie (which is a good dark comedy) and first season or two when he was a weasally conniver who was a bit shifty until later when he was in all his teddy beared "golly gee whiz, his colonelness" self, but as an adult I can see where his character somehow regressed to a virginal, recently post pubescent 12 year old who somehow managed to run the paperwork of the unit and still be a gopher when needed.

I was watching an episode of Match Game and Burghoff was on it probably around the same time mid 70's or so and he looked like a pimp, I figured he was trying to distance himself from the "Radar" character as much as he could but was already typecast before he had ever heard that term uttered.

I'd have hated it. I imagine he's living off royalties still to this day though for the seasons he was on, although I did see him on a propane commercial a few years ago hugging a teddy bear and using the tie in so he must not be that well off, what a bummer.

I'm curious when it officially started. What was the first episode where the trend started and what was the topic he was dealing with where it was obvious he had been taking too much saltpeter.

I'm pretty sure it's into the Potter administration, but not sure of the exact episode first person with an exact answer wins federal mail fraud charges for Jessie Smollet.

Can federal charges still be brought against Smollet for mail fraud?

I hope so, the piece of shit.

78 yr old kicked in face on subway

I've made some observations in my years, some would say bigoted, racist observations about the tendencies of various racial groups, "tribes" if you will ala Barrack hussein Obama, and that while white guys do the "simmer and stew until they go off with an AR15", blacks do the "violent, sudden, thug beatdown", hands down.

Gays you can count on for false flags designed to "highlight their plight", while lesbians do the PR work of the Alpha bit community (LGBTQ/RSTUVWXY and Z's), they get the pictures out there of a newly married couple to soften the revulsion and then gays "bring up the rear" with a whiny "we want to get married toooooooo" (and adopt), all the while staging events or kicking people out of restaraunts they cook at OR harassing people on airplanes.

Muslims you can count on for a finger in the face, lecturing you about the superiority of islam, and fascistically enforcing the rules and regs of sharia in whatever enclave they infest and metasticise in, but then turn right around and play the victim and act as if without Uncle Sam, they're nothing but sitting ducks in this great big racist land of the Christian majority who make them so very fearful for their lives blah blah bahklavblah.

Mexicans you can count on to work twice as hard for half the money, while asians you can count on to sit quietly and get ahead socially and economically thereby earning themselves a label of "racist" and being denied college admissions because it isn't fair they're so smart compared to other, lesser intelligence people who COULD be saddled with a good $100,000 of student loan debt before it's all said and done, all while earning a degree in Lego design.

Is that a bigoted view of all of the odds and ends that make up modern Amerika? Some would say I'm sure but on the money? Yes, so before you click the alert button just TRY and remember, in all comedy is an element of truth, and when living in an age where the rage is just under the surface and we're all at each others throats thanks to the "news" and the nazi party, I mean the democrats, dark humor is still humor.

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