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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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Another win for an average citizen protected by Florida's "stand your ground" law

So the girlfriend dindu nuffin wrong, she just parked in a handicapped spot, she only 28, yo, y'all might not think she need that spot but she do have her keeeeeds wif her, know what I'm sayin?

So her boyfriend of at least one of them keeeeds comes out and pushes the white cracker to the ground because he was dissing his bitch, know what I'm sayin?

And so the white cracker who was packing shot the thug in the chest and killed him good, they keeeeds are still trying to understand where they daddy.

So she dindu nuffin wrong, know what I'm sayin? They daddy didn't deserve to die like a dog, yo, this stand your ground law just gets young brothers dead, and whitey seems to think he's allowed to do it too.

I don't give a shit if this gets alerted, she felt above rules and regulations which ultimatly got her thug boyfriend dead. If he wouldn't have been such an asshole he might still be alive. If she had been like normal people and found a regular spot instead of hogging the handicapped he might still be alive.

This white man is alive because of the stand your ground law, black people should quit testing it's parameters.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez knows nothing

Quote: Democratic House nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to get her political colors mixed up on Friday, when she said in a video that she wanted to turn a Kansas House seat red. E/Q

She is walking, talking, proof of what our colleges are "teaching" people these days which is slogans and talking points with nothing underneath.

She was probably "educated" enough to know it had to be red or blue, took her chances and lost.

I myself am going to start trying to figure out some shorthand to refference her instead of her long drawn out name.

Pot, meet kettle.

The slimes are sniffling because the Enquirer "might have crossed the line into politics", a big no no when everyone is supposed to stay as above board, and non partisan as the slimes.

It looks like the Enquirer might have helped the Trump campaign, and we can't have that.

Quote: It could also spell trouble for the company, which publishes The National Enquirer, raising thorny questions about when coverage that is favorable to a candidate strays into overt political activity, and when First Amendment protections should apply. E/Q


And we know the slimes would never do that, the piece of shits. I'd bet every single campaign ad disquised as news they gave for the Hillary campaign they'd say "no, that was news, it just LOOKED like a campaign ad, BIG difference".

Piece of shit presstitute treasonists.

Trump turned off the weather manipulator, and is allowing natural weather patterns again

Funny what a change in the jet stream can do, when allowed to have natural patterns and is not kept abnormally in one position or the other with whatever replaced the H.A.A.R.P. array.

If "rump ranger" is an alertable phrase (of which I didn't use, I was just on a jury for)

Because it is obviously referring to a protected species who get offended by anything, and I mean ANYthing that is not applause, praise, awards show and trophy worthy type slaps on the back and "attaboy's", then why wouldn't a heterosexual get just as offended if someone tried to insult them by calling them a pussyeater?

I'm a Doctor Nick Doctorb (where the "B" stands for bargain) when it comes to psychiatry but I do sense an "-ism" here, because if someone were to come up to me and try and insult me by calling me a hetero pussyeater I'd probably just say "yeah, so? What's your point?" (IOW, no offense generated).

Point out to a gay the nature of thier business, ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT (just as this thread is about to be I am sure.

Still I would like an answer on the mechanism behind this psychological question, that phrase is nothing more than a slang way of pointing out what they claim there's nothing wrong with, and get more than offended when it is referenced.

For future referance this is a proper form affirmation: "I applaud your decision, I am so happy this country finally came to it's senses regarding marraige and other items, and while I wont pray for you and your partner to get the little boy in the adoption because I know that would offend you, I will write several letters of recomendation to the requisate beauracracies to help your dreams of indoctrination along, I am so in agreement and congratulatory of the life decision you've made, and soon will be MAKING for your adopted son".

I'm down to zero hides tomorrow, any ideas on topics I can ride the edge of jury duty with?

I also think this would be a good opportunity for me to get a better picture of how the leftists at this site view me, as I ask thier suggestions as well.

For example, I'd imagine "why I won't eat food from a cook I know is gay" would be something someone here would expect me to post and risk a hide with, just to make sure I pissed someone else off in the process.

Any ideas?

Article: "How Thailand became the Detroit of Asia"

I didn't bother reading the article, it is CNN after all and anything within would be a convoluted fake news route around trade policies, tax rates, and tarriff blah's and never once give anyone the actual answer to the question:

"Unions came in and killed Detroit".

That's why industry moved overseas, increased labor costs thanks to unions, coupled with a sea of red enviromental tape designed to make sure snail darters and mosquitos won't lose thier habitats in our pursuit of easier living through mass production.

Muslim Uber driver kicks out lesbians for making out

He lost his licence over it and now is suing the city, which I actually agree with him. Still, gotta love lefty on lefty political warfare, almost as much as hot girl on girl action in the back seat.

I bet he was probably just pissed they weren't inviting his camel raping ass back there with them much more than any religious blah, but I still like the precedent it will set if he wins out, because that'll give people the right to deny service to gays too if they are being overly flamboyant and as everyone knows, hot girls making out aren't lesbians, but 2 guys kissing are definatly gay.

Makes perfect sense to me anyway.

CNN gives China's navy a reacharound disguised as news

Power, prestige, majesty.....mmmmmm.....makes a communist feel good about something that can finally match Americas unfair advantage at sea and around the world, just makes me wish I could serve in the Peoples Liberation Navy as a presstitute propagandist....oh wait, that's what I'm doing right now as an American "journalist"........{Things Brian Stelter thinks, the only Batman Villain who would never need makeup or a costume}.

The story reads like a puff piece on how much bigger and better the ships are than anything we have, and also a reminder to me of how only foreign enemy armies and navies ever get anything like respect from our presstitute treasonists, who can never find anything RIGHT with our military, but around the world, and especially enemies of America, let the "happy ending" massage begin when formulating a "news" report about it.

Disabled people unhappy with plastic straw ban

I'm sure I can understand why, they probably need them, but still I read the headline and said to myself "yep, there's always a complainer, no matter the issue".

As in, even if 99.9% of the population decides this or that policy needs enacted, there will always be someone, or something to gum up the works.

Like the snail darter that held up construction projects, or the muslim that sniffles that thier breed of people need singled out over others at the airport, or the quadrapalegic who needs a straw (I think we should make an exception in that case).

I'm not being cruel, not trying to be, just pointing out how minority sniffles rules in America these days. A muslim gets all bent out of shape because mostly muslims blow themselves up and we have to search them over others? Well, we'll just strip search gramma to make sure they dont think we're singling them out.

Blacks get poutraged the police over enforce thier neighborhoods so the police back off then they get poutraged when the crime goes up, we need to just quit bending over backwards for the snifflers, that's got to be a new rule in America.

You're not in the majority? You don't like what the majority voted on and made law? Tough shit hemmorroid, learn to live with it, this is America with majority RULE and minority rights.

Even though every rule has an exception, and I think we should make one for this need for straws, but everyone else is time for them to learn thier sniffles an exception does not make.

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