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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
Member since: Wed Dec 16, 2015, 08:27 AM
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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People of color frightened to go to the farmers market

One of the vendors got doxxed, they had posted some pro white statements which is a HUGE no no these days, whites are to be ashamed of thier race, it's thier only option.

And so some antifa asswipes started standing out in front of thier market with the usual twaddle "dont buy vegetables from nazis", by acting like nazis themselves, and scaring off customers, now theres a huge racial hemmorroid being irritated in Indiana because some whites refuse to get in the back of the societal bus.

"people of color", the most whiny sniffly constantly in fear for thier very existence nazis I've ever seen.

Damn protestors

New live feed, antifa blocking streets

A bunch of flash bangs were just going off, and I heard someone say "they can't arrest us all"

Live feed w/antifa asswipes

New, this fall

Maybe coexist bumper stickers should be on the front of the car

These people might have known the driver wasn't a threat

Dem Indiana rep impersonates cop during offtime

Dems just have an urge to be in an authority position over people one way or the other.

Quote: The man who showed up outside an Indianapolis couple’s home on Saturday night claimed to be a “legit officer doing a drug bust,” according to police. Except he wasn’t, and prosecutors have charged Indiana state Rep. Dan Forestal (D) with impersonating an officer, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated, according to court records.
Forestal, 36, has represented parts of Indianapolis since 2012. E/Q

Rashida Tlaib is using Grandma as a political tool

Hopefully any of her constituents or anyone else who's paying attention is noticing how she's using her 90 year old grandmother as a political tool, first as the excuse to have a reason to be in Israel, to which they graciously allowed, but then she says, "She doesn't want to see her grandmother under these oppressive Conditions".

Huh? Seems to me if you LOVED your grandma you'd be walking over barbed wire to go see her, dealing with any number of uncomfortable situations, maybe customs and political narratives, maybe even NOWHERE TO CHARGE THE PHONE!!! (THAT'S gonna be the new torture they inflict on westerners, isolation therapy in a room with no audio, no video, no phone, no WiFi, horror to a millenial).

So I repeat, she's using granny as a tool, and people should take notice of how muslims do thier elders.

I mean, they line thier kids up as human shields, why shouldn't they get whatever political gain they can at thier expense as long as it helps the narrative, or even wheel them out in front of tanks or Humvees and dare us not to run them over ala Tianamen square?

I'd better not give them ideas, but she is of course not being called on this disrespect of her elders by the press either, the hole (I won't do her the service of calling her a "cunt").

Maybe the Japanese can help us in this area, they know all about respecting thier elders.

Man dead after taco eating contest

No word yet on what the cause of death officially was, it could have been a heart attack or stroke he was due for, but I have to think with tacos the shell if not chewed completely could leave lots of sharp edges in the stomach that could puncture if the stomach is overly full, just my working theory for now.

My second working theory, and the reason for the post is we all know what this means: food eating contests, hot dog, taco, or otherwise, need to be done away with, someone could get hurt. Not to mention the signal it sends to starving mudpuppies around the world as to just how gluttonous and priveleged we are in America.

White privilige that is, I almost never see a "hot dog eater of color" at the Nathans contest.

Chinese troop carriers on way to Hong Kong border, American socialists are Sgt. Schultz

"That's because we do socialism better in America, that'll never happen here......"
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