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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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"23 and me" website is racist

"Critics WARN"

Yeah, I know, they see it everywhere, around the corner, down the street, under a rock, racism is EVERYWHERE in America, and sites like this are just reinforcing racial purity stereotypes (by whites) because they are the only people not allowed to have pride in thier heritage, while a black man or any "person of color" could possibly find out they are descended from the royal Mutobo clan of east africa, get all homesick and start dressing in the attire, and adorning their office cubicles with all of it too knowing the whole time their boss wouldn't dare say anything, and even though it's as racist as racist gets, it won't be CALLED racist, because THEY'RE "people of color" in America.

All praise our nation's "people of color", all praise our nation's "people of color", all praise our nation's"people of color"
(I hope that's good enough, poutrage is always around the corner with them and I hope they understand I have nothing but addoration for them and their contributions to America

(that would be the Somalian sidewalk driver at OSU)

So getting back to the sniffle story about 23 and me, their admins are regurgitating this example of how their site is bringing peoples of different backgrounds together

Quote: "There is spectacular human diversity in the world and we celebrate and embrace it," says the 23andMe website.
By way of proof, the site showcases an African-American descended from a slave and a white person descended from a slave-owning family who found out through the company's tests that they have a common ancestor. They now meet at that ancestor's grave in the spirit of "reconciliation." E/Q

Oh yeah, that's just how I want to lessen my white guilt

They then mentioned the idiot who said he traded in his lederhausen for a kilt and how that is (drumroll please) racist

Quote: In one advert for Ancestry's DNA testing service, a man tells how he used to wear Bavarian lederhosen because he thought he was descended from German immigrants, but switched to a kilt because he found he had Scottish ancestors.
"They are basically marketing a form of racism, a form that your genes are meaningful, you should think of what group you belong to based on your genes," said Caulfield. E/Q

Unless you find out you're descended from the royal Mutobo clan of East Africa, then you may embrace, and flaunt, your racial purity at will.

Pizza spitter pleads guilty, to misdemeanor

I read this paragraph more than once and was left with thinking he plead to a felony for something else and also plead on the misdemeanor food law violation and that's not good enough for me

Quote: Court records show Jaylon Kerley entered the plea Wednesday to one felony count and one misdemeanor count of food law violations. The felony is punishable by up to four years behind bars. E/Q

That reads to me like spitting or more on someones pizza is only a misdemeanor and I'm so happy everyone is aware of that now too. "Hey man, wipe your ass with that pizza dough, worst case you get 6 months"

That's BS. In this day and age we do not need incentives for more of this we need it treated as attempted murder.

People in the pacific northwest are a bunch of leftist snobs

I bet there will be a city council meeting about dismantling the house altogether to keep THOSE people out down the road (THOSE people would be the rank and file from red America who'd seen "The Goonies" and thought they'd take a road trip to see the house, not knowing people who live in the pacific northwest are a bunch of leftists who know nothing of standard American interests and would prefer "outsiders" would stay "outside" thier community).

This is of course as opposed to real people, in a real state, who understand the value of a dollar and don't mind cashing in on it

Burger Pimp claims new sandwich will give you nightmares

Quote: With the aid of Paramount Trials, Florida Sleep and Neuro Diagnostic Services Inc. and Goldforest Inc., Burger King claims to have conducted a “scientific study” over the course of 10 nights with 100 participants. After eating the Nightmare King before bed, doctors and scientists monitored everyone’s brain activities and found that they were 3.5 times more likely to have vivid dreams......"Someone... transformed into the figure of a snake," one subject said when asked about her dream, according to a release. Another recalled “aliens attacking” a boat he was on. E/Q

Must have something to do with the green dye in the bun.

Hillary's bobblehead was not engaged as a result of the crash

Of course there could be lingering effects that could spring up while she's on the road with Bill here in the near future

....And just like that an outy becomes an inny....

Well, not quite "just like that", there was a complication

"Gender confirmation surgery", make me puke

LOL, FBI raids San Juan political offices

Quote: FBI agents raided San Juan's municipal building on Tuesday amid an investigation into purchasing practices conducted by city officials, including Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. E/Q

If I may borrow a line from Sigournia Weaver in Aliens "Nail that bitch to the wall, right to the wall".

Ilovestx is a punk, a weasely little bitch

Just leave the response up instead of immediatly deleting it. I saw what you wrote, I wrote a response to it and hit send but it wouldn't go through because you had already deleted your post, like you seem to have a sexual fetish for because you do it constantly.

Just say it, and stick by it, quit being a little bitch about it, punk.

The thrill of flying

Alternate title: "This pilot earned his pay today", because it is absolutely a sideways landing, the passengers on the right side of the plane were looking right down the runway probably testing the limits of thier own bowel retentioners during the ordeal.

Don Lemon is gay

At least according to this guy on his live broadcast, about 5 minutes ago

Says his partner is white, too.
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