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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Home country: U.S.A.
Current location: Undisclosed bunker
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I am a Pro-American, Pro-military, Pro-cop Christian Zealot.

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Antifa killed by an SUV, group wants witness silence

I hadn't heard about any asswipe antifas being ran down by cars at any recent street parties of thiers, but it looks like someone did that in Portland, I came across this on a YouTube vid I wont link because it's 40 minutes and I haven't seen the whole thing but the mother came out and asked that no one talk about it as well which is the second web link, the SUV plowed into democratic headquarters after running down the basement dweller and being shot by the antifa on the street who had guns, the Portland cops are getting no help from no one.

I bet it was someone they knew in the car, the driver probably thought the antifa was a Trump supporter or something, LOL?

Further thought: this also explains the "news" not making big hay of an antifa being ran down and killed, they've just been itching for someone with a Trump bumper sticker on thier car to do just that but if the driver was a democrat or antifa themselves and maybe just DUI trying to get to the party themselves, then it's "Operation: Coverup" "who, huh? What? I see nothing...NOTHING!!"

They CLAIM to like anarchy even though they're nazis using that as cover, I have to admit I'm not as into anarchy as I once thought I was but I still like this song, it's "rip yer hed off metal".

Metal Shavings in Taco Bell beef, no word on how many jihadic muslims work in the plant making it

I really need to start writing the date and issue with food contamination, theres been issues with pieces of plastic in various food stuffs and metal shavings are even better for the digestive track, they wont say where it was produced the story has the word "plant" highlighted when it says "a problm occured at a plant making the beef" but you click on that, and it takes you to a Wal Mart ad for house plants, and not disclosing where the beef was made, and by who, go figure.

Socialism is awesome!! Free stuff!!

Project Veritas to release hidden camera footage of CNN next week


It's a 45 second video he says they've had someone on the inside for months and will be putting out the video next week, LOL.

An 18th century toaster that still works

It might be like my iron skillet, something thats available today rather than still around since the revolution but it works for toasting bread AND giving a laugh.

Jew and Gentile jokes

What I think is most funny is Norm not getting the joke, I had an idea of what was supposed to be funny about it but wasn't sure until Senfeld explained it.
Posted by Frankenvoter | Tue Oct 8, 2019, 09:41 AM (1 replies)

Ellen seen next to GW at game of Jock-ola

All sports are "Jock-Ola" to me, this was a Cowboys game

So Ellen is going around explaining to her fans how the Bush' are "proper" republicans, deep state lite as I like to look at it, they're still heading the same direction as you, just not as fast and with an air of conservatism to them that will dupe just enough gullible voters to make them THINK they voted conservative, when in reality they voted fascist deep state.

I remember when the asswipe from Venezuala told everyone at the U.N. he could still smell the sulfur after GW left the podium, he was worse than Hitler and equal to Satan, but in these days of "orange man bad", I guess he's ready for his reintroduction to the public on shows like "Today", and "GMA", and political commentator on CNN and I'm supposed to believe this shit.

And if Trump is worse than GW, who is equal to Satan himself, I think I'm starting to understand lefty's unhingedness regarding Trump, he's the apocolypse, it's all over, game over man, we're screwed!!

At the very beginning I think Sabbath was more political than evil, Geezer Butler was talking one day about the upside down cross on thier first album cover he was visibly disturbed and said it was the record execs who did it and it just "stuck" after that, I'm not sure if that's why Tony Iommi always wears a crucifix prominently on stage, I just think this song fits the Bush's and the deep state as was it's origional intent during Vietnam.

16YR old Dominatrix Greta Thunburgs sniper rifle sniffle

That's what she reminds me of, she might have reminded this teacher of a downrange target, he made a Fartbook post that got him placed on administrative leave, which were he a democrat protesting the president would mean he'd be back on duty after the smoke cleared, wheras this person can be sure of a future asking if they want fries with that I'm sure.

"How to properly use an impeachment narrative", AKA "always read the manual"

Posted by Frankenvoter | Mon Oct 7, 2019, 09:49 AM (0 replies)

Should Trump go to a CA tent city, and use the event to explain how democrat policies caused it?

Posted by Frankenvoter | Sun Oct 6, 2019, 09:33 AM (4 replies)
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