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John Dowd just resigned....

Hmmm Interesting palace intrigue.
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Thu Mar 22, 2018, 11:54 AM (29 replies)


I tend to think this is phaw. Using a new account, lashing out because he was suspended. Just a guess.
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Thu Mar 22, 2018, 10:14 AM (47 replies)

How much damage have the Austin bombings done to the Parkland Gun control narrative?

With the continued bombings in Austin and their potential to be very deadly and indiscriminate. How much has this damaged the semi-automatic weapons ban narrative that was cultivated in the wake of the Parkland tragedy? Can a gun control narrative that promotes the idea that gun control will end school tragedies be continued when deadly bombs may be used instead?
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Tue Mar 20, 2018, 09:33 AM (4 replies)

What is the Blowback if Mueller fails...

If Mueller cannot extricate Trump from office. What will be the result? i can't believe that Rod Rosenstein or Jeff Sessions keep their jobs. Do we see a renewed effort to prosecute Obama era issues? What happens when nothing keeps Trump from showing his teeth?
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Mon Mar 19, 2018, 12:09 PM (158 replies)

Russia and a nagging question...

The narrative that continues to be pushed is that Trump was assisted by Russia to get him elected, in order that he will do their bidding and promote Russian interests in US policy.

Something occurred to me. When I watch the news it seems based on the report Mueller is closing in. He is turning this person or that person and they are ready to spill the beans on Trump's collusion with the Russians.

The question is, if the Russians were hell bent on Trump and they worked to get him elected at great peril. Wouldn't his being impeached be liability? Wouldn't they want to protect their most valuable foreign asset? If indeed Trump was in great peril due to these potential witnesses, how are the witnesses still alive?? It is not as if Russia has ever been above assassination.

Why are the minor players still around?
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Tue Mar 13, 2018, 11:35 AM (12 replies)

Logical Review of the Evil that is the Democrat Party

Raising Workers’ Wages

These sound nice, but increased wages would mean that a private employer would increase wages, which government has no control over or it comes in the form of government mandate which means that the rights of employers are trampled. When wages increase, inflation rises to meet those wages until all reaches equilibrium

Protecting Workers’ Fundamental Rights

The fundamental rights generally include more restriction on the employer. More sullying of the employers rights.

Supporting Working Families


Helping More Workers Share in Near-Record Corporate Profits

This would mean either TAKING from companies or inducing companies to give their profits to their employees who did not build the company.

Expanding Access to Affordable Housing and Homeownership

This means inducing private banking institutions to provide loans outside of the risk they would generally take, ergo they force banks to act against their best judgement. The government backs the loan with tax payer money and if there is a loss, it hurts all taxpayers.

Protecting and Expanding Social Security

Social Security is taken from paychecks but does not return as much as most other retirement accounts ergo hurting all wage earners. Social Security funds are also not transferable to family members as are private accounts so when you die, you lose money that could have been left to your family.

Ensuring a Secure and Dignified Retirement


Revitalizing Our Nation’s Postal Service

Yet they do not let the leaders of the USPS to treat the Service as a private entity and do the thing that must be done to insure they can return a profit.


By doing what?

Building 21st Century Infrastructure

This is fine as long as funds are not sequestered and funneled only towards urban centers.

Fostering a Manufacturing Renaissance

In what way?

Creating Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs

Promoting clean energy using push marketing and government coercion to create an artificial energy market benefits no one. When this action was attempted, billions in taxpayer funds were used to prop up commercially insolvent entities meaning that they hurt all American taxpayers.

Pursuing Our Innovation Agenda: Science, Research, Education, and Technology


Supporting America’s Small Businesses

Small businesses depend on finding the lowest costs, how is forcing new insurance programs that they are forced to pay in tandem with increasing minimum wage while being vilified for increasing prices considered "support?"

Creating Jobs for America’s Young People

When increasing a federally mandated wage that is economically artificial, you actually depress jobs for young people and force people to overpay for some types of work.

Reining in Wall Street and Fixing our Financial System

Reining in Wall Street means more government oversight and regulation without any real guarantees that there will be no graft or corruption. In the end these actions cause the people money and depresses business community which weakens the economy. Which makes all-Americans a little poorer.

Promoting Competition by Stopping Corporate Concentration

This means using government police power to break up and therefore steal the value of one company in order to insure an arbitrary set of competitive companies.

Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

They are advocating stealing more from the "wealthy," how is this ethical?

Promoting Trade That is Fair and Benefits American Workers

The liberals created NAFTA which deported American manufacturing, imported illegal immigration and ha overall been a negative on American society. Liberal trade treaties have cost the US billions, often for the benefit of Social Justice meaning that the whole is robbed for the benefit of a few.

Ending Systemic Racism

In practice, this means tipping the scales of opportunity when possible toward the potentially affected minority.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

Redistributing wealth. Taking from those who have made good choices to equalize outcome to those who did not make such choices. In the end, more theft.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

Making it stronger for their own interests and disregarding tradition values.

Fixing our Broken Immigration System

Legalizing those who came to the US illegally for the payoff of increasing the liberal voter roles.

Guaranteeing Civil Rights

Forcing all Americans to acquiesce to the Democratic vision of civil rights.

Guaranteeing Women’s Rights

Forcing all Americans to acquiesce to the Democratic vision of women's rights.

Guaranteeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights

Forcing all Americans to acquiesce to the Democratic vision of Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights while normalizing and condoning condition which are more than likely mental disorders.

Guaranteeing Rights for People with Disabilities

Happened 20 years ago.

Respecting Faith and Service


Investing in Rural America

This is laughable.

Ending Poverty and Investing in Communities Left Behind

In practice they send payments to these groups and hope for the best, without understanding humans tend to be lazy by nature. Give them something and they will try and survive on what they are given. They inhibit human ingenuity and motivation.

Building Strong Cities and Metro Areas

If that means funneling money to their voting base, yes they do.

Promoting Arts and Culture

They take money from the general public to pay for arts and culture that is not embraced or even wanted by the general public. Theft of taxes.

Honoring Indigenous Tribal Nations

In the end, this is the same process as happens with welfare payments, usually the same results.

Fighting for the People of Puerto Rico


Honoring the People of the Territories


Protecting Voting Rights

They want all provisional and marginal voters to vote Democrat.

Fixing Our Broken Campaign Finance System

Stop corporate donations because they want to eliminate the freedoms of companies but unions should have a louder voice.

Appointing Judges

Activist judge who ignore the founding documents and divine meanings an words when none exist.

Securing Statehood for Washington, DC

The intention is to steal the electoral votes and representatives from small states to give the liberal position more power and give Democrats two more Senators.

Strengthening Management of Federal Government


Building a Clean Energy Economy

Already discussed.

Securing Environmental and Climate Justice

Meanin persecute the business community and seek innovative ways to fleece industry.

Protecting Our Public Lands and Waters

Restrict the general publics ability to use them as they wish and only under the purview of government.

Making Debt-Free College a Reality

Take more from ALL people to give to SOME people, also called theft.

Providing Relief from Crushing Student Debt

Simply create more incentiviztion to do things that are needed in society.

Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions


Cracking Down on Predatory For-Profit Schools

Destroying viable businesses because they make a profit, then promoting to the public that they were committing fraud yet prosecuting no one???? Morals and ethics there!!

Guaranteeing Universal Preschool and Good Schools for Every Child

But increasing extraneous curriculum that does not add to the general knowledge and education for every child.

Securing Universal Health Care

Government administration of medicine, which means they decide the route you will take when you need medical aid, not you nor the doctor. No freedom/

Supporting Community Health Centers


Reducing Prescription Drug Costs

By forcing drug companies to kill their own margins. A type of theft.

Enabling Cutting-Edge Medical Research

By killing babies at will

Combating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

How will that happen if they are promoting the legalization of marijuana?

Treating Mental Health

By drugging them and returning them to society.

Supporting Those Living with Autism and their Families


Securing Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

The slaughter of babies is the most reprehensible.

Ensuring Long-Term Care, Services, and Supports

Keep pushing Social Security.

Protecting and Promoting Public Health

By weakening family values?

Ending Violence Against Women


Preventing Gun Violence

By seeking gun control, inhibiting rights and not doing anything effective to affect the status quo.


But make sure we take their guns away.

Defense Spending

Got be able to wag the dog with a war from time to time.

Veterans and Service Members
Military Families
A Strong Military



Yet you allowed it to fester for 8 years, denying it existed in some major cases?


Yep, evil motherfuckers that you support.


Yep a war you supported yet dont have the will to win.


WHom the democrats made a great deal with and basically gave them nukes. Great for the world and America.

North Korea

Whom the Democrats sought to pay off several times and placate.


That old chestnut..

Cybersecurity and Online Privacy

Yet you do not want to punish your own when they do nefarious cybercrimes?

Non-Proliferation of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons


Global Climate Leadership

A way to further cripple the American economy in the name of social justice and to seek to push commerce into the arms of government.

Women and Girls

End the patriarchy, shift power to those more likely to vote democrat.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People

Seek to shift power to those who definitely vote Democrat.

Trafficking and Modern Slavery


Young People

The potential voice of the Democrats in the future, subvert them when they are young!

Religious Minorities

Promote the muslims, repress the Chrisitans, Muslims vote Democrat.


More voters.

Civil Society

Democratic vision of a civil society.


Broad spectrum, usually means squeezing the power, money and opportunity of the wealthy in society.


Define torture.

Closing Guantánamo Bay

Because without Muslim terrorists how can we promote crisis to a voting bloc.

Development Assistance

Money out of the hands of Americans to give to the world.

Global Health




International Labor

Spreading socialism around the world???

Middle East
Global Economy and Institutions

Make America Great Again??

So as you see the Liberal Agenda is based on theft, murder and the restriction of rights. What plank do Democrats offer that describes greater freedom and self reliance??
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Mon Mar 5, 2018, 02:27 PM (7 replies)

When were the FBI and other parts of Federal police honest and commendable?

Lately, people have made their beliefs known that they believe the FBI and other Federal organization to be honest and upstanding.

I was wondering when this supposedly happened? Granted, I have not been alive since the beginnings of the FBI. But, In my life I have seen more than my fair share of actions against American citizens by the FBI.

The actions at Waco against the Branch Davidians was a debauch. What happened there was so flawed, I don't believe any reports that have come from it. The government was forced to admit so much even in their "victory." They couldn't very well step back and admit their true range of wrong doing.

Ruby Ridge was another debacle! Ended with the government having to pay a pittance of 3.5 Million to people they attacked and basically killed and entire family.

The MOVE siege in Philadelphia where the FBI helped burn down an entire neighborhood.

Then thr was the Elian Gonzales raid.


The Clinton Email Server....

WHEN was the FBI a positive organization that we can all look up to??? When was it beneficial and honest?

When was it a positive force for the protection of the rights of the American citizenry?

Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Thu Mar 1, 2018, 02:07 PM (19 replies)

Racist Liberals Don't Care About Black People...

Top cause of death among Black Men ages 18-34 is homicide. Most are killed with handguns. Liberals don't want more police in their communities.

Liberals don't like this community to be criticized. Why do liberals hate black people???
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Tue Feb 27, 2018, 11:13 AM (30 replies)

Gun Control Confusion....

Can anyone help me out.

We just went through a prolonged national debate about how police are brutal evil people. They overwhelmingly shoot innocent minorities and we should be ever mindful of them....

But because a bad actor may get a hold of a weapon and kill people, police should be the only ones to have weapons?

Does this make sense to anyone?
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Mon Feb 26, 2018, 04:50 PM (11 replies)

What about a drone...

With a Tazer or something attached that can engage an attacker??? It could be flown from safety using cameras to anywhere in a building. As built now they are fragile but that could be improved. What do you thing?

Or maybe like a Roomba with a concussion grenade.
Posted by GoldwatersSoul | Fri Feb 23, 2018, 01:01 PM (4 replies)
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