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Trump is handling North Korea perfectly

Walk away from a bad deal but keep the relationship close. Those suggesting the talks were for theater are proven wrong. While we have no idea if ultimately he’ll succeed at least he’s using a different approach and seeing short-term success.

The tax cuts last year cost me $2K!

Thanks Trump!

2 years of GOP control

and now Trump digs in for wall funding? I'm all for the wall but I'm suspicious of how badly he wants it since he just went along with every funding bill congress sent him while the house was in GOP control. To me this feels much more like normal establishment politics than an "outsider" shakeup. Why didn't he shut down the government over this before?

Death to the deep state

This is real winning folks. Holding government agencies accountable to judicial review will go a long way to eliminating abuse.

A life well lived - RIP Bush 41

Whether you agree with his politics or not, we all should be inspired by his dedication to his wife and family. Our nation would be far better if more of us took his lead there. God bless him.

Immigration charade

Nobody seems to have a plan. The arguments over caravans, DACA, etc are just ways to keep us divided and push the electorate for voting one way or another.

Meanwhile we have a great economy that might be ruined because a lack of skilled trade workers. Right now in the Boston area, anyone who wants to be a pipe fitter and has no skills can make $90K/year as an apprentice for 3 years then go up to $115K/year. That’s without overtime. The situation is the same for carpenters, machinists, electricians and other skilled trades.

Yet neither party has a plan to meet the needs to fill these jobs through immigration or otherwise. Of course each party seems content for us to focus on a caravan or the 14th Amendment. Are we lemmings?

Blexit is where Ill be sending checks over the

next couple years. Watch the video at the link. This women deserves wide support.

When will everyone wake up?

It seems the media and politicians have much of the US population where they want them - asleep at the wheel.

We’re consumed with the ancestry of a senator, what the meaning of boof is, why didn’t a movie show our flag being planted on the moon and so on.

Meanwhile our national debt continues to skyrocket during a good economy. The party supposedly of fiscal responsibility controlling both houses and the Presidency continues out of control spending. At least when Bubba had a good economy he ran surpluses. Imagine what happens if/when the economy goes south.

As long as we continue to focus on bullshit and fund the swamp, the swamp wins.

Climate dramatists: you cant have your cake and eat it too

Germany has proven what many already knew. Solar and wind are not viable alternatives to replace existing power generation technologies. You better get on the nuclear bandwagon!

“Despite having spent $580 billion on renewables like solar and wind, German emissions have remained unchanged since 2009, thanks its abandonment of nuclear power, which does not produce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Where is the senate censure of Difi for withholding evidence.

This is why the GOP are either feckless or in cahoots.
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