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US Navy Retired, Aerospace worker. All around good Dude. Eternal Foe of the work ethic

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She would regularly scream into the Pillow....

Hillary Clinton refuses to accept reality and is desperately trying to cling to political relevance. She has enjoyed a lifetime of political privilege as a First Lady, a United States Senator, a Secretary of State and a presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Sadly, she was awarded all of these prestigious positions because of her husband, not due to her own merit.

On her own, Hillary Clinton is a disastrous loser. In fact, she is the most famous two-time presidential loser in U.S. history who should have received a clear message from the American people. The voters of this country do not want her to be President of the United States.

In 2008, she lost the Democratic Party nomination to an unknown and unproven United States Senator. In 2016, as the infamous email disclosure proved, Clinton was the beneficiary of a corrupt Democratic Party nomination process. Despite having a Democratic National Committee giving her every advantage, and CNN giving her advance notice of debate questions, Hillary Clinton barely defeated an elderly socialist Senator for her party’s nomination. In the general election, she lost the presidency to a political novice, Donald Trump, who was facing incredible disadvantages.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton cannot move past her election loss and will not “go quietly into that good night.” She is a bitter loser, who is mad at the world and especially livid at the American people. As part of her media tour promoting her new book, “What Happened,” Hillary was recently interviewed for the Irish television program, “Late, Late Show.” Hillary claimed that the loss was “excruciating.” She admitted that she did not even prepare a concession speech and that the loss left her in a “state of shock.”

Obviously, Hillary and her campaign team were overconfident. They believed the phony polls and the false praise from the leftist media. They were facing a candidate, who was derided as a former reality television star and was being destroyed on a daily basis by a hostile media.

While Clinton had a united Democratic Party supporting her, Trump had to deal with a divided Republican Party. In the campaign, Hillary spent almost twice as much money as Donald Trump and was advised by an experienced team of professionals, as well as her husband, who was elected President of the United States twice.

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Sun Oct 8, 2017, 01:14 PM (4 replies)

A Liberal Coup is in progress

Derrick Watson, a Democratic Party activist who was appointed to the federal bench in Hawaii by President Obama in 2012, has issued a purported injunction barring implementation of President Trump’s travel order. I have not yet read Watson’s opinion, and will comment on it in detail when I have done so. But I have read Trump’s order, and the idea that it somehow can be blocked by a federal judge is ridiculous. The order is absolutely within the president’s constitutional discretion.

What we are seeing here is a coup: a coup by the New Class; by the Democratic Party; by far leftists embedded in the bureaucracy and the federal judiciary. Our duly elected president has issued an order that is plainly within his constitutional powers, and leftists have conspired to abuse legal processes to block it. They are doing so in order to serve the interests of the Democratic Party and the far-left movement. This is the most fundamental challenge to democracy in our lifetimes.

The battle lines are clearly drawn. What Watson has done has nothing to do with the law. It is a partisan coup, and must be resisted.

John Hinderaker is a trial lawyer with a nationwide litigation practice. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Thu Mar 16, 2017, 07:11 AM (28 replies)

Sweden Realizes Its Been Financially Supporting Hundreds Of Terrorists For Years

Close to every person who left Sweden to fight for terror groups in the Middle East received welfare to support themselves abroad, according to a new government report.

A study of 300 Swedish citizens who fought in Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 shows jihadis are getting increasingly good at getting away with welfare fraud. The individuals often use a person in Sweden to handle paperwork and create the illusion that they’re still in the country.

“It’s not surprising, we’ve seen the same pattern in other countries,” Magnus Ranstorp, one of the authors behind the report, told state broadcaster SVT. “What’s most surprising is that close to everyone received it in some form. The oversight process needs to get better.”

The most attractive option are government loans to study abroad. The loans are easy to get and thousands of dollars are paid out at once.

They are paying the People who want to Kill Them

Read more:
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Mon Mar 13, 2017, 09:48 AM (3 replies)

Speaking of GITMO, Send US Citizens fighting for Islam there?

American Citizens who are captured fighting for Islam (overseas) against the West have lost their Constitutional protections and need to go to GITMO with the rest of the troglodytes

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Wed Feb 22, 2017, 09:36 AM (19 replies)

Does anyone really care what Ac-Tors and Celebrities think

Regarding Geo-Politics?

I couldn't care less what Bruce Springsteen and Robert Dinero think. I will never watch a Danny Glover movie again for what he said about Bush

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 12:45 PM (32 replies)

Feel good story of the day, Ex-Detainees say CIA used makeshift electric chair at secret Afghan Site

Good! probably not true but nice to think about

By David Rohde and Jonathan Landay

(Reuters) - Two Tunisian men who spent 12 years in U.S. custody in Afghanistan said CIA interrogators tortured them using previously unreported techniques that included

threatening them with a makeshift electric chair and beating them with batons so brutally that they suffered broken bones, Human Rights Watch reported on Monday.

The accounts, which could not be independently confirmed, raised new questions about how prisoners were treated in a former CIA prison in Afghanistan that remains shrouded in secrecy.

Ryan Trapani, a CIA spokesman, said the "CIA reviewed its records and found nothing to support these new claims."

But Daniel Jones, who led a Senate investigation into the CIA detention program, said the accounts given by the two men, Ridha al-Najjar, 51, and Lotfi al-Arabi El Gherissi, 52, were important because so little is known about the "Cobalt" black site, where an Afghan detainee froze to death in 2002.

"The committee found that the COBALT detention site kept so few written records that it was impossible for the Senate, or the CIA, to determine how many individuals were detained there," Jones said. "And what exactly was done to those detained."
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Tue Oct 4, 2016, 09:37 AM (9 replies)

NY Slimes Crowned Trump the Comeback Kid

Gee, they loved him before he ran against grandma, funny nobody called him a racist back then🤔

Though there are still four years to go in the 90's, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called "the comeback of the decade."

Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80's before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his debt and is moving ahead with major projects at a time other developers are idling.

Judging from the attention showered on him yesterday at the Union League Club, some of New York's civic and business leaders are quite captivated by Mr. Trump, despite the financial uncertainties that still surround some of his properties.

But the operative word at the luncheon was comeback, though Mr. Trump might dispute that he ever went far away. William D. Fugazy, the limousine magnate and chairman of the Forum Club, the group of business and civic leaders that sponsored the luncheon, presented Mr. Trump with a boomerang encased in glass. "You throw it and it always comes back," he said as he handed it over.

In a flattering speech, Lieut. Gov. Betsy McCaughey called Mr. Trump "the comeback kid." Charles A. Gargano, who as chairman of the Empire State Development Corporation is himself considered one of the new powers of the state, joked about a Perot-Trump presidential ticket. "He would be the most loved Vice President since Spiro T. Agnew," he said. Mr. Gargano, who heads the state's economic development efforts, added, "Thank you for your tax dollars."

After the collapse of the real estate market of the 1980's, Mr. Trump's company was left holding some $8.8 billion in debt, causing his personal net worth to drop to a low of about $1 billion in the red by 1991.

But since then, his fortunes have changed. He continues to pursue the trademark trophy-style projects he is known for, such as a hotel and condominium project on the southwest corner of Central Park that is expected to open by late 1996.

Indeed, about an hour before the luncheon, Mr. Trump and representatives from a Hong Kong development firm huddled over drawings and models for their planned Riverside South development, a 17-building project at the site of the old Pennsylvania Railroad yard on the West Side.

In addition to his real estate ventures, revenues are strong throughout the casino business, where Mr. Trump is one of the most noteworthy operators, owning three gaming establishments in Atlantic City. "The market is quite vibrant," said N. Bruce Turner, a gaming analyst at Solomon Brothers. "It has lifted Donald Trump's vibrancy. Has he come back along with the market? No question."

To be sure, for all his latest achievements, Mr. Trump is still somewhat at the mercy of the various lenders who granted him concessions on his debt. Also, he has recently proposed another refinancing of his Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, which has never lived up to the huge profits that he predicted.

But at Tuesday's luncheon, with his family by his side, Mr. Trump was in full form, gracefully taking in all the praise, like a preacher gathering up Sunday's collections.

For the guests, who included Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, and the developers Lewis Rudin and Peter Kalikow, he recalled how in 1991, the world was far different.

Outside the room, he proclaimed with no shortness of his characteristic hyperbole, "I'm the biggest in real estate in New York, and I'm the biggest in the gaming industry."
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Tue Oct 4, 2016, 08:37 AM (2 replies)

Interesting Coincidence- U.S. Internet Disruption Maps During Wikileaks Presser

There was a great deal of anticipatory interest overnight in a press conference held by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Numerous alternative media sources hinted at a potentially damaging release of information that might impact the U.S. election.

However, the WikiLeaks presser was schedule for 4:00am East Coast U.S. time, 10:00am in Berlin Germany. U.S. media were not covering the press release, however it was being streamed live over the internet. Coincidentally, at the same time the WikiLeaks press conference was taking place, there were widespread internet disruptions amid major U.S. corporate internet service providers:

NBC / Comcast / Xfinity outages in the major population centers on both coasts.

…and Time Warner disruptions were centered in New York City, Los Angeles and the state of North Carolina:

Amazingly at 5:13am EDT (USA) / 11:13am (Berlin) Julian Assange announced there would NOT be a specific release of anything related to Hillary Clinton at this event, and all of a sudden the outage issues cleared right up.
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Tue Oct 4, 2016, 06:27 AM (8 replies)

A sensible weeknight debate drinking game

Before the debate begins pour a shot of your favorite adult beverage and wait.

At some point Kaine will be OUTRAGED! Outraged I say, at something Pense says.

Down your shot, but then you're on your own because he'll only do it once.
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Tue Oct 4, 2016, 06:05 AM (0 replies)

Are you a U.S. citizen? Check “Yes” or “No.” And remember, don’t lie!

A new report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) and Virginia Voters Alliance (VVA) has discovered an “alien invasion in Virginia” and the subsequent coverup by the state in allowing non-U.S. citizens to vote.
In the investigation, both PILF and VVA “found 1,046 aliens who registered to vote illegally.” And that was only a small sample, only across eight counties in the state who responded to the requests. 

“The problem is most certainly exponentially worse because we have no data regarding aliens on the registration rolls for the other 125 Virginia localities,” the report states. “Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony.”

Virginia is like most states in that it doesn’t have a formal program that helps identify non-citizens who are registering illegally. The only safeguard — and that term is used very loosely here — is a small check box to indicate if you are a citizen:

“There is plenty of blame to go around. One culprit, however, is glaringly obvious—federal and state voter registration forms, which ask registrants to affirm their citizenship with nothing more than the check of a box. No documentary proof of citizenship must be shown. It is nothing more than an honor system, one that is unquestionably failing to keep non-citizens from voting. States that have tried to remedy this problem by asking registrants to prove their citizenship with documentary proof have uniformly been stonewalled by litigation brought by our own Department of Justice and legions of attorneys working with left-leaning voter groups committed to keeping ineligible voters on the rolls.

So, not only are these illegal aliens committing a felony, they are having an affect on elections. As the report notes, “We discovered that 31 non-citizens had cast a total of 186 votes between 2005 and 2015. The most alien votes were cast in 2012, followed by 2008, the year President Obama was elected to his first term.” In the local Virginia attorney general race in 2013, the Republican Mark Obenshain was defeated by Democrat Mark Herring by only 165 votes.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), signed by President Bill Clinton, did what it was intended to by increasing the number of registered voters but it also increased the number of ineligible voters. This is the law that only required the honesty of the registrant to check a box. But if it weren’t for groups like PILF and VVA, the oversight happening in Virginia, and every other state, would continue to be obscured.

These two organizations ran into several roadblocks in trying to obtain the information for the report. One of those is the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) invoked by Virginia’s election commissioner Edgardo Cortes who prevented the watchdog groups from the access to the public records. Because the illegal aliens were prompted to register to vote when they applied for driver’s licenses at the DMV, the DPPA protects them. 
“This is what a cover-up of alien voting looks like. State election officials are preventing public access not only to records showing the number of non-citizens who have successfully registered to vote, but also records showing how many of them voted prior to being removed from the registration rolls,” the report states.

The data the organizations did obtain represents “a minor snapshot of the problem.” The report published the names and registration cards of many non-citizens who had their voting privileges revoked in Virginia, but that's just the "tip of the iceberg:"

The problem is real and the solutions are simple. What is happening in Virginia is happening in every other state. Your vote is at risk and elected officials must act. You can help. Please contact your local election officials to ask what they are doing to ensure voter lists are accurate and free of ineligible voters.

How Come you never hear of Republican Voter Fraud?

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Mon Oct 3, 2016, 05:49 PM (6 replies)
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