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Has there ever been a shut down when one party has both majorities and the presidency?

If violating campaign finance laws isnt cheating to win an election, then I don't know what is.

Trump cheated. Cohen is going to go to jail for it. Its not an opinion. Its a fact.

How about the NC election fraud...? Actual evidence..? People might be held to account....?

Latest reports say that one individual may have being doing this for up to 8 years.

Here's an interesting read -

Trump's new middle class tax cut - Was that election BS, too?

Where's that caravan???

Regarding the bombs -

Were they not intended to detonate? Were they all duds? Are the secret service / FBI disarming them without detonation?

Either way, hats off to all security involved for no one getting hurt so far.

I am also curious if the bombs are being delivered via USPS, or what...

Ford's appearance will A) answer all questions. B) lead to more questions.

Which do you think is the most likely?

The only thing that would make this more intersting is if Ford hires michael avenatti

And you know, stranger things have happened.

Guns and mental illness....

I don't see this as being the answer, or anything close to it.

Can I just call the cops if I think my friend has lost it, and have the cops come lock him up, or take his guns away? I don't see this ever being the case. Or better yet, can a TEENAGER call 911 and say my friend is losing it and I think his dad has guns.....I mean, when you think it through, there is no solution here.

Is a doctor going to put a patient on a BANNED FROM BUYING GUNS list based on a hunch? The patient will just go to another doctor. There is simply no medical diagnosis that is consistent with mass shootings. None that we know of. Any doctor would be guessing or theorizing.

I think the mental illness angle is nowhere......I think we need to keep looking.

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