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Why can't Pelosi take her time like Trump is with Hillary......?

What's the rush?

Righty is silent about the texts.....must be waiting for Rush to tell them what to think....

What did that one say? Something like - its crazy to withhold financial aid over a political campaign.....

Regarding Biden's Son's qualifications.....

Surely righty of all people can see the value and appeal of bringing in someone with zero experience, zero qualifications etc. etc

Perhaps the board he was on wanted to break away from the status quo. Perhaps they felt they needed a complete outsider to change things up.

Why are Biden's son's qualifications an issue for righty, but not Trump's qualifications.....or Ivaanka's qualifications....or jared's qualifications.......?

Why can't Trump and the DOJ charge and convict Biden and son here in the states?

Why is Trump continually asking other countries to do it for him?

Rudy is lawyering up. Why would a lawyer need a lawyer........?

Ill give you a hint - I don't think Rudy's getting divorced again.....

Has there ever been a shut down when one party has both majorities and the presidency?

If violating campaign finance laws isnt cheating to win an election, then I don't know what is.

Trump cheated. Cohen is going to go to jail for it. Its not an opinion. Its a fact.

How about the NC election fraud...? Actual evidence..? People might be held to account....?

Latest reports say that one individual may have being doing this for up to 8 years.

Here's an interesting read -

Trump's new middle class tax cut - Was that election BS, too?

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