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First world problem

The local meat supplier had a run on tri tips over the weekend, hubby had to settle for flat steak. Not sue how we will recover but we will persevere

Interesting AP article on abortion unavailability on Guam

Reasonably even handed for AP. Key point is that doctors are choosing not to do them. The laws in Guam and Samoa are fairly restrictive, including no exceptions for rape. Also interesting is that some islands in Hawaii do not have abortion providers either.
Posted by His Daughter | Fri Jun 7, 2019, 11:31 AM (0 replies)

Memorial Day

In the local area there are often large get togethers for holidays. We were invited to one today and volunteered to bring meat. Hubby was smoking and grilling since yesterday. I think he cooked half a side of beef, a whole pig, and a flock of chickens. We had to bring it in the bed of our truckā€¦there was that much food.

The spread was huge at the community center and I have no idea how many people were attending. It was a large scale community event with plates being taken to those who could not attend. Just off to the side at the end of the buffet line was the table with empty chair, the plate with a slice of lemon on it, and the rest. For those who are not familiar with it, start here During the course of the event, people would stand in front of the table for a moment of silence. Some saluted. It brought tears to my eyes.

American Indians have a larger share of people with military experience than any other group in the US. It was clearly in evidence today. Parts of being here make sad and sometimes angry. Today I was proud and touched.

Article: Abortion bans have some women preparing for the worst. It involves auntie networks'

In response to the abortion restrictions some states have enacted, people are organizing. Many do not seem to realize that there are already organizations set up to do much the same thing. In the overwhelming number of counties in the US, abortion services were not available even before this all started.

My parents actively supported women escaping domestic violence including covert sheltering and sometime that included helping them get abortions. I strongly support both a woman's right to choose and medical staff to choose not to participate.

Article about Bounty Hunters breaking in to a bad address

Read the article and follow the links to the video. Damn its shocking.

My take is that if the defendant gave a bad address, that is not a blank check to law enforcement or bounty hunters. I have turned a few away harshly at the California homestead. Residents could have blocked the door, chained themselves to the security screen to stop them, or shot them once they entered. It all would have been legal. While not a big fan of vigilante justice, it would have been legally justified.

Bounty hunting has its limits, and defining it at the point of a gun, which I have, works for me.

Article: Parents Enraged by Passage of State Assembly Bill to Kill All Charter Schools in California

This could be interesting. Purportedly California Teachers Union and Gavin Newsom have made closing all Charter Schools a goal for 2019-2020.

I cannot/do not have children. Montessori has always sounded interesting to me and I might have sent them there.

Potential S300/S400 killer from Isreal

Heavy SAMs like the S-X00 series are national asset units. This is a low cost way to destroy them. Not the only infiltrators with a RPG would do just as well, particularly if they are moving. The key to remember, is that even though they are Russian systems, designed to be rugged, take out certain key components and they cannot deploy or possibly fire, depending on what was damaged/destroyed. An example would be to destroy the front axle of the TEL truck. You do not have to turn all of it into a flaming wreck, if it cannot set up. Same with key antenna systems and even the command vehicle.

The comments on the video are amusing, made by many who do not understand how these things really work.

Happy Beltane everyone

I brought this up at the staff meeting this one there had ever heard of it.

Posted by His Daughter | Wed May 1, 2019, 12:50 PM (6 replies)

Article: Britain's Version Of 'Medicare For All' Is Struggling With Long Waits For Care

While I still support some form of universal care, how you do it is very important...
Posted by His Daughter | Sun Apr 7, 2019, 11:34 AM (9 replies)

Bounty Hunters Screw Up Again

We have a couple of bounty hunters in jail charged with kidnapping, assault, vandalism, and other miscellaneous charges. They tried to pickup a tribe member on FTA for a DUI and did not realize they were on reservation land. That is a serious bozo no-no. Generally speaking, bounty hunters can only grab people on the reservation with the permission of the tribe.

Sovereignty is a big deal. At the local level, the local LEOs all know each other and get along pretty well. These bozos did not do their homework. The boundary is at an angle to the main road. The person in question was clearly on the reservation and they busted the door down anyway. The residents called the tribal police who took the bounty hunters into custody.

If the Feds/state/county LE need to come on the reservation, they always call ahead and coordinate. Best I can tell, they have always been accommodated. I believe it is not always required but it costs them nothing to be polite, if nothing else. No one really wants to test the boundaries. Bounty hunters are universally unloved and the tribe goes out of its way to see that they starve on its territory. Local policy is that if there is a warrant out for someone on the reservation, the tribal police will pick them up and take them to off reservation law enforcement. It also means no $$$ for bounty hunters.

Be interesting to see how this works out. I imagine some sort of deal will be worked out involving payment for the damages caused and a guilty plea for something minor for time served. It should cost them their licenses, but I am not sure what state they are out of.
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