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Bubble and Squeak

Tonight my BIL made Bubble and Squeak for dinner out of leftovers. Never heard of it before. Pretty damn good.

Some comments about masks

I borrowed some of this from a friend and embellished it somewhat.

Let’s start off with the lack of COVID-19 specific knowledge. We have a bunch of meds that seem to help, but no specific cure. We are not sure about herd immunity or the number of variants/mutations. We do not know how long it lasts in sunlight, UV light, or on surfaces. We do have a bunch of things that help, but no magic bullets at this time.

Masks come in two types. Surgical and respirators. Surgical masks are made of cloth or paper, and often pleated. They are not an airtight fit. They have been standard in the medical community for a long time because they help protect others from you. Respirator mask (N95, N100) are tight fitting masks that filter incoming particles out. They protect you from others. They have a fairly short usable life and are in limited supply.
Wearing a mask is not a sign of servitude to the state or any other such bullshit, it is a sign you care about others. Not all masks are equal in protection, but they all provide some. Wear them when near others in public. Protect others and others will help protect you and yours. It’s the right damn thing to do.

Several times I have operated on people wearing firefighter style breathing mask and what we called moonsuits. Patients represented that much of a risk to us we needed that kind of precautions. It was a serious PITA. Other times I have fully gowned up and worn a breathing mask because a patient was that frail. I probably could have refused to do either, but it would not have been right. Wearing a mask, even if you think you are totally healthy is showing respect for others, something we need more of in this county.

I have spent considerable time educating people on this topic. I have heard it all when it comes to excuses not to wear a mask, and they all fail. I carry extra masks to give out, cute ones for kids. Being known as the local doctor lady helps a lot, but I will shame you into it if need be. It really is that important.

Amazon sends…

Family Update

I just realized I had not updated on the family situation…basically its awesome.

Sis is running the household stuff. BIL is doing the home schooling. Hubby is leading PE and the desert rides. He does his teacher thing while the kids are doing their schoolwork. The kids are having the time of their lives. Basically 4 adults are focused on them and their enrichment. BIL undergrad is in biology. He is doing nature walks and teaching all of us things. Sis can cook better that I knew. It’s a good thing we are working out every morning. BIL Is going to have to get them horses when they return to Virginia.

The kids took to firearms like they did to horses. They are big enough to handle full size firearms. Hubby and I are taking them up the NRA awards chain. There are no age limits on them, so they could leave here easily with expert ratings in multiple firearms, possibly a DE in one or two as well, which I can sign off. Their parents are also getting better, Sis want to get a CCW when she gets back to VA. We are sticking to bullseyes at this point vice practical pistol with silhouette targets.

With talk about reopening the nation, it is not clear how much longer they will be here. The kids know there is no school for the rest of the year. BIL and Sis are loving it here, but it is also a no work situation for them. I see them in the morning on their yoga mats facing the dawn. Neither had spent much time in the desert. They could move out west, but I doubt it. She is an employee, but I assume his practice is more convoluted than that. Sis and I have been having conversations about them reexamining their priorities, like I did after dad died. His parents are on the west coast and his siblings are looking after them. They would like to be closer. With the inheritance we split, money is not an issue.

I have found out that if the Army did start to play a major role I would have been recalled to active duty. It would have been like the Comfort and the Mercy. Use the military units for non COVID cases. There just has not been the demand.

I have been asked to help cover another facility for a while. I will be away for a week and then home for a week. COVID is doing a number on Native Americans and their health care providers. I leave in a few days. I will take BIL’s truck and trailer. I have a place with hookups and good facilities. Be interesting to see how the other facilities are run.

Wed Family update

Hubby bought the kids ATV riding gear. Local rental/sales shop was glad to sell him used gear that was in good shape. I insisted on new helmets and googles. I understand everybody wore masks and kept social distancing. With him on my KLR, they took off after PT and breakfast this morning on a trail ride. Sis was worried, but they kept in touch via ham radio. My BIL has kept his ham tickets despite living in a no antennas neighborhood. As I feared, a new horse and 2nd juvenile saddle are inbound (just borrowed, so I have been told). I also found out the farrier is an essential service. He is coming out tomorrow. I may find it easier to hide at work than watch some of the shenanigans.

Sis and BIL are planning a city trip for additional supplies in the next couple of days. We are going thru supplies faster than I thought. The kids are eating machines. Paper goods are going too. Sis brought some, but demand is higher than at least I thought. Hearing the store stock levels are pretty good so there should not be a problem. Taking the enclosed trailer. It may be that kind of trip.

Sis is giving me crap about my hair. She figured by now I would have it out of my TWA/military look into something more civilian. I tell here the nearest place that does African hair is 2 hours away and not open. Does not matter for her, she has natural very dark brown very wavy hair. Her kids are beautiful, especially her daughter. Could pass for Spanish or Italian mix of some sort, even Native American with those cheekbones. Exotic eyes. She is going to be a heartbreaker. Her son is tall and athletic, and according to hubby a track team grade sprinter. Both are scary smart. Hubby and I have talked about it. His take is it’s the home environment and the private school. Kids rise to meet expectations. They could both readily graduate from HS at 16.

The family has been here for a little bit

They have been in their own quarantine for 3+ weeks. Minimal contact on the drive out. They are healthy. Still we will be keeping our distance for a while. We are doing temperature checks every morning for all hands.

The kids are amazed by the desert. Being reared in VA, they have seen nothing like it. They love riding and caring for the horses afterwards. The ATVs are popular but riding is limited since they lack proper helmets and armor. I will get that fixed soon. They are also being homeschooled and that takes a fair amount of time. We have satellite internet. Works well enough for that.

Sis and brother-in-law are rusty with their gun handling and Sis in particular is lagging on the morning runs. She is more solidly built than I am, taking after Dad. She is hitting the weights and calisthenics hard, seeing this as an opportunity to shed some weight. The guys are getting to know each other as they have never spent much time together before. Two totally different backgrounds. Kind of fun to watch. It is good sitting around the firepit with adult beverages for everyone but me. I am on call for afterhour needs..

Hanging with my sister again is wonderful. We have been apart for too long. Lots of discussion about mom and dad. We will probably go through the storage container to get out some pictures.

More on this as it comes.

My family is coming to visit

My sister got furloughed on Friday. Her facility has shutdown. Her husband’s clinic was closed last week. They are headed west for the time being. It will be fun. Finally, I will be able to teach my niece and nephew to shoot and ride ATVs. Hubby wants to teach them to ride horses and he as even located a youth saddle. I just hope we don’t have an third horse by the time they head home. They are bringing both of their cars, their RV trailer, and an enclosed trailer. They are clearing their house of valuables, guns, and food. Should take them 4 days if they push hard. Figuring on a ten day quarantine when they get here. I will need to get the house ready. We only have one bed (ours). Internet will help with mattresses, but I am not going to Ikea at this point for dressers. We could use additional furniture, though some was here when we moved in.

I sent her a list of what to shop for in route. We won’t have a problem with meat and canned staples, but fresh fruit, breads, and vegetables are a bit of an issue. Still can’t get tortillas, many paper goods, or baking supplies. Hoping she can get a couple of big boxes of c-fold towels. Work great, easier and cheaper than paper towel rolls. I am mail ordering linens, which are readily available. We are seriously excited.

Music that takes me back to my youth

From the IDF. Easy listening in Hebrew. Takes me back to my early teens
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New Mexico's governor warns tribal nations could be 'wiped out' by coronavirus

While my little corner of the world is doing OK, other parts of the Navajo nation is being hit hard.

Does anyone know how to turn off the CERT OUT OF DATE warning

Its on every single page I open.

Our patient was negative

Releasing people from quarantine and other good things. Nobody else got sick either.

All scheduled staff showed up today. Hearing that is not true at all facilities. Some medical people, especially those in high risk categories, are having to make hard decisions. We have a couple. They are with me on the reserve team for that reason.

I worked call in for the weekend. No potential COVID-19 patients. One serious asthma attack, a couple of cuts that needed sutures and a car accident. Fairly typical. We worked it in masks, but not suits. Changed out of scrubs at the office before coming home.

The lockdown is helping. Not even seeing the flu patients we normally would be. Keep it up everybody.

Fuck Pelosi and Schumer for stopping the stimulus bill. That money would go a long way here with the people.

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