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Navy Times Op-Ed on the Chief Gallagher prosecution

I suggest you read it and the links as well. The person cited as the author is his brother, but the links and data provided are pretty damning. One of the links did say that the Trident review was cancelled for everyone, not just Gallagher, so the three officers will remain in the SEALs, at least for now. IIRC one of them (Lt Portier) has already announced he will be separating from the Navy. I am rarely happy with Trumps obnoxious and brash style. However I am satisfied he did the right thing here at this point.

Looking for some previously seen data

A while back there was a site putting together pictures of mass shooters (4 or more WIA/KIA) based on police reports etc. It was a useful tableau. I can't seem to find it anymore. Was it taken down? Do they still maintain it? If anybody knows what happened or had a link, I would appreciate it.

Racist Exam Questions or Educational Mediocrity?

This wandered across my feed today. Author is seriously off the plantation. That said, I saw the seeds of this when I was in high school in MD.

Colin Noir hits it out of the park

I am a proper married woman and all of that, but there are days I want to have that man's children...

Did anyone else see the story about a black man called a nazi for wearing an NRA hat?

Saw it online yesterday(?) and cannot find it today.


The awards night was tonight. I missed this year but prior years have been awesome. List should up soon. Some are available online. Watch them if you can
Posted by His Daughter | Fri Sep 6, 2019, 10:01 PM (4 replies)

We had another unhappy camper group on the property over the weekend.

The “camping area” has no trespassing and tow away signs. It has a moveable block, since sometimes we need to get in there and work. The area where they like to ride has a log chained down to block access. Sometimes neither does any good. In the camping area, we have a concealed game camera. It sends text with pictures to our phones. I woke up Saturday AM and there were a bunch from it. A couple of trucks, a fifth wheel toy hauler, and an open trailer. I told hubby, who said he would speak to them during the planned dump run.

Hubby goes off and when he returns, he says there was no one there so he called the tow service. I go back to my workout, it is abs day and I need to finish up. He gets a call back from the tow service. They took both trucks, but the 5th wheel had levelers down so they left it and the cargo trailer had a lock on the hitch. They also notified the police and left a notice on the door of the 5th wheel. Hubby has a funny look on his face, but I let it go. We had things planned and I was getting ready for a trip out of town.

Soon after that the gate buzzer chimes. I did not realize that hubby had closed it. I headed out there to answer it. It is a woman who asks me about their missing trucks and some ramps. I say they might have been towed, since the property is posted, and I don’t know anything about any ramps. She tells me the ramps were next to the log across the street. I say I have not seen them. I suggest she call the number on the sign for the tow company. She is unhappy and leaves.

I go back to house and pack the SUV. We are planning to go to the nearest large town for shopping. Before we are able to leave, the gate chimes again. I tell hubby I will handle it. This time there is a group, with a guy doing the talking. He wants to know who stole his stuff. I tell him what I told the woman about probably towed and I have no idea about any ramps. When I ask why we was using posted property he says that does not matter, all that matters is that they get their stuff back. I say I cannot help him further.

We get into the SUV and leave. We reconstructed this next part when we got back. They call the county sheriff about their missing ramps. They end up being cited since their OHVs did not have proper AZ paperwork. They are told to stop riding and camping on posted property and get out of there before dark. They go to the tow company where it cost them a small fortune in cash to get the trucks from the tow lot. They expressed their displeasure at being towed and demanded to know who called on them. The reservation cops got called for that scene. They left unhappy but not in cuffs. Eventually they manhandled the quads over the log but could not get the UTV over the log without ramps. There was nothing locally, so they had to drive to where we were to get replacements.

When we got back, they were still there. I went over to the site while hubby unpacks the SUV and plays with Pooch. The woman I spoke to first was there. After pleasantries she tells me that the other couple is out getting ramps in the same town we had been visiting. She is very upset and wants to know who owns the land. I tell them some company does, which is technically true. She says they want to sue them for ruining their vacation. I say IANAL and don’t know anything about how that works. Their other truck returns with a set of ramps and they load the Razer over the log directly on to their trailer and head out.

With the excitement over, I finally ask hubby about the ramps. He says that they were abandoned and unlabeled on our property so it he took them to the dump. That caught me by surprise. Tacky but technically legal. The man continues to surprise me.

NRL/Precision Rifle Shooting

A video from an NRL match. Its a great shoot. Hubby has gone to a couple, though they are a drive from where we live. He did OK with novice equipment as well.

Finally a duo I could support wholeheartedly in 2020
Posted by His Daughter | Mon Sep 2, 2019, 01:01 PM (1 replies)

Board question

When the OP cancels a post, does it now disappear from the main list? Even my responses are disappearing.

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