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SCOTUS litigation about Creek reservation in Oklahoma

Interesting articles about a case pending before SCOTUS if I understand it properly.

Not supporting the defendant in the slightest, but it does raise interesting issues about what might happen if the reservation were recognized. Unlike the east, the reservations out west are large and a huge chunk of real estate is on the table.

Fun with Hydrogen gas

As most of you know, I am a big fan of hydrogen as a fuel. Here is a video of H2 going bang.

Interesting article on saving or the lack thereof for single payer

I have spent most of my career in sort of a single payer environment, the US Army. We did what was needed, cost in terms of $ was not an issue, though sometimes scarcity of supplies was. I liked working that way, though it was clearly a luxury.

Article has its POV, not sure I agree with all of it. Note the delays cited in the Canadian system that push some to the US for treatment.

We are about to start building our new home

It has been one hell of a slog to reach this point. Way too many things had to come together. Power utility was a PITA until we reached the right person. County was about the same way. Finding a builder willing to work out here was not easy, and we are paying a premium for that. The planning was worse than D-Day, or so it seemed. However, we have a final plan and required approvals. It is costing a small fortune and we will probably never be able to sell it. Don't care. This is home.

It is going to be a barndominium. About half is living space, the rest shop and storage. Grid tied solar initially, with a large field planned for Phase II. Propane, well, septic, multiple split AC units for HVAC. Barndos can and should be heavily insulated. Will have a tornado shelter built in. It is being built to current earthquake standards. A lot of time has been spent on weather, prevailing winds, sun patterns and the like. Interior design will be country/farm. We leveraged off of the concepts of Universal Design. Plan on being able to live here until we die. Everything is open and accessible. Other things include a massive external BBQ/smokehouse and provisions for other buildings and functions. We own the place where we are currently living and will keep it, it is across the road from where we are building. It starts with bringing in power, digging the septic, and drilling the well. Permits have been pulled for the first stages.

I am not sure I am ready for this. Hubby worked in construction with his family a long time ago and is eager. I am concerned about getting tradespeople this far out. The general we are working with is giving us confidence. I think he sees us paying for his kids college and then some. I know part way through this I am going to wonder why I did not settle for a doublewide...
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Some thoughts on the Tx Church Shooting

I stole this from a FB post from a friend of my father, edited somewhat:
1) The defensive shooter was part of the security team at the church, not a security guard or a police officer. He is an older gentleman and an NRA instructor. That church has members who are authorized to carry firearms on the premises for just this eventuality.

2) It was not a wonder shot. To qualify as an instructor, you have to be able to but 16 out of 20 shots in a 6 inch circle at 45 ft. It is a readily achievable standard. Sharon and I repeat that target regularly. She normally is perfect and I manage to drop one about half the time.

3) There were other armed people in the service. On the live stream 5-7 others are looking to be retrieving firearms. Note that only one defensive shot was fired. Once the threat was terminated, no other shots were fired.

4) It is reported that the perp was a prohibited person with multiple felonies. Not ironclad on that.

Already politicians and others are making noise over this. Beto has already stepped in it deeply. So have Shannon Watts, and Mike Bloomberg. To them I suggest they do what Trump should do…just stop tweeting. Biden had previously blasted the now Governor of Texas for changing the law to allow armed people in church. Hopefully he remembers doing that, because the Internet does. Some states still do not allow armed people in church. Maybe they should rethink that. My final thought is a quote from the Havamal, about the closest thing to Viking scripture.
I will quibble with a bit of this. The NRA instructor shooting qual is not hard only if you practice. I recommend those of you who shoot try it sometime. Harder than it looks. His wife Sharon is the sweetest grandparent you could meet. Kind of like the guy who dropped the shooter in the Texas church. You would never know what a gunslinger she is or that she was a senior technical systems engineer on JSF for the Navy.

The Havamal quote reads: Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You cannot feel a battle in your bones or predict a fight. I may make it my new tagline here.

It is official, I am now officially more Native American than Elizabeth Warren

Hubby and I have officially been made members of the local tribe. No hereditary issues, since neither of us have kids or are going to. While mostly honorary at this point in our lives, it is a big deal and we are humbled at being given membership. Health care and teaching are more than jobs to us, but this was seriously unexpected. Not being given notice, we were dressed quite casually. I would have liked to have worn something better than a hoodie. I am still glowing.

Shims and Springs and Polishing...OMG!!!

An Army buddy of my hubby was coming through the area and stayed with us last week. He is another serious shooter, who has a portable gunsmith biz. He works meets and does some mail order stuff. He and hubby worked on the Ruger I gave him as a wedding present. Shims, springs, and polishing. It is a new gun. Super smooth and crisp. The kind of action that can make a girl hit a high C. I am not a revolver woman, but it Is so nice it's tempting. It may only have a few rounds, but if each one can drop a water buffalo it might still work out.

Navy Times Op-Ed on the Chief Gallagher prosecution

I suggest you read it and the links as well. The person cited as the author is his brother, but the links and data provided are pretty damning. One of the links did say that the Trident review was cancelled for everyone, not just Gallagher, so the three officers will remain in the SEALs, at least for now. IIRC one of them (Lt Portier) has already announced he will be separating from the Navy. I am rarely happy with Trumps obnoxious and brash style. However I am satisfied he did the right thing here at this point.

Looking for some previously seen data

A while back there was a site putting together pictures of mass shooters (4 or more WIA/KIA) based on police reports etc. It was a useful tableau. I can't seem to find it anymore. Was it taken down? Do they still maintain it? If anybody knows what happened or had a link, I would appreciate it.

Racist Exam Questions or Educational Mediocrity?

This wandered across my feed today. Author is seriously off the plantation. That said, I saw the seeds of this when I was in high school in MD.
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