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Women, what type of men do you tell your friends and daughters to avoid?

My list:

Men who need to treat a woman as inferior to feel good about themselves
MRAs, obviously, but then they don't really relate much to real women, so it's not an issue that comes up often
Men who lie, drink to excess, or are drug addicts
Men who try to cut you off from your friends and family
Men who are excessively jealous (they often end up being cheaters anyway).
Men who don't respect you or your time
Porn addicts
Men with anger issues

It's basically a list of character flaws that damage any kind of relationship, whether romantic or friendship

Any others?

I see Putin's troll finally got his pizza

Then he ran to DU to reboot his warmongering. Thanks to MIRT, he didn't last as long there.

There is a Russian government document being released by the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta that shows that Putin planned the invasion of the Ukraine months before the fall of the government in Kiev and planned to laugh a disinformation campaign to justify his imperial enterprise. That propaganda campaign is exactly what Clarity of Signal was engaged in.

The editor of Novaya Gazeta,
Muratov said the document characterized then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych as “a person without morals and willpower whose downfall must be expected at any moment.” Yanukovych fled Ukraine for Russia on Feb. 22, 2014.

Muratov said the Russian document appears to have been drafted between Feb. 4 and Feb. 15 last year. He said the overall strategy included plans on how to break Ukraine into automonmous sectors, immediately attaching now war-torn southeastern Ukraine to Moscow’s tax union, with a longer term plan for annexation.

The plan suggested “the main thrust should be Crimea and the Kharkhiv region, with the aim of initiating the annexation of the eastern regions.”

The strategy document also calls for a public relations campaign to justify Russia’s intervention. The newspaper did not release further details of the strategy at this point.

Read more here:

Why is it that right wingers always celebrate the death of black men

and the acquittal of their killers? Not all right-wingers, but far too many of them use the internet to flaunt their lack of human compassion. The idea that the Brown family should apologize to their son's killer is repulsive. They can pretend they aren't racist all day long, but they can't help but reveal themselves every time a person of color is killed. They ALWAYS side with the killer because they want to see young black men killed. It doesn't really matter whether it's racism; the fact is it demonstrates a deplorable level of inhumanity, a cultural sickness that celebrates murder and violence and shows complete contempt for human life. I can't imagine what it must be like to be so full of hatred that one takes joy at the killing of complete strangers. What kind of people are so devoid of compassion they can't understand a family that loses a child is in pain? How is it possible to demonstrate so little humanity? What makes them have so much hatred for their fellow citizens? How does an entire segment of the population come to act with such deplorable inhumanity? How are they raised that even makes it possible for them to show so little respect for human life and compassion for their fellow citizens?

Police Investigating Possible 4Chan Link in Murder of Washington Woman

Online predator posts pics and brags about murder on 4chan, ground zero for misogyny. Reddit boards light up.

A woman believed to be in her 30s was found dead in Port Orchard, Washington Tuesday night, and police are investigating a possible, albeit tenuous, link to a 4chan user.

Here's what we know right now: Images of a woman's body, nude and bearing what look like strangulation marks on her neck, were reportedly uploaded to a 4chan board yesterday afternoon at 2:56 p.m. (Jezebel has seen screenshots of the purported images, but not the original posts.) A comment accompanying the images read, "Turns out it's way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies."

A second comment by the same user read "She fought so Damn hard ." And a third, after other 4chan users questioned the images' veracity: "Check the news for Port Orchard Washington in a few hours. Her son will be home from school soon. He'll find her, then call the cops. I just wanted to share the pics before they find me. I bought a BB gun that looks realistic enough. When they come, I'll pull it and it will be suicide by cop. I understand the doubts. Just check the fucking news. I have to lose my phone now."

The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office has confirmed to local news channel KIRO 7 that a woman was found dead around 3:30 p.m. yesterday by a family member. She has not been publicly identified. Neighbors told the news station the woman's son had discovered the body. The woman's car is also missing: it's a gold 2001 Ford Focus with the back two tires doughnut spares and WA license 495-YLY. Based on the crime scene, detectives told KIRO without elaboration, "the woman appears to have been targeted." They're aware of the images, they said, but still not sure if they're actually linked to the crime.

Reddit boards linked to 4chan immediately erupted with news of the murder. "CNN HERE WE COME," one user remarked. On another thread, a commenter said, simply, "I'm not having fun anymore." And a third: "It just hit me how fucked up this is. Some kid is going to come home and find his dead mom. Jesus. I feel sick."

and this closely related life form

Our first date was the last day of his life

An amazing and moving story. You have to go to the link and read the whole thing.

"I woke up when Yves thrust himself off the mattress. “My head is killing me,” he said. “I’m going to take some more Tylenol.” . . .

Yves slumped on the floor, his back against the wall, his side against the bathtub. Tylenol was scattered on the tiles.

“Help me stand up,” he said. But when I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him toward me, we both fell forward, my back hitting the vanity as I struggled to cushion him from the fall. His eyes fluttered. He was clearly in pain.

“I think we should call a doctor,” I said. . . .

I’m not sure what made me get in touch with Yves when I saw him on Salon personals. How can we untangle the mysterious calculus that is attraction? I liked how he playfully listed the languages he spoke as “French, English, and Body Language.” I liked the description of the woman he was seeking: “sensualist a must. a self-confident goddess too. a mermaid is also welcomed.”

I’m sure other women looked at his profile and thought “nope.” But I read it and saw a kindred spirit. He lived in Montreal, and I could tell from the way he wrote that he was Quebecois. I liked the idea of the two of us communicating in two languages. “This online dating thing is well … difficult,” he e-mailed me early on. “And I’m a bit ‘clutsty’ at it.”

It was the “clutsty” that clenched my heart.

Question for administrators about how to vote on a jury

Since I signed up on Discussionist, I was under the impression that I was supposed to base my jury votes on whether or not the post was civil or violated the prohibitions against bigotry laid out in TOS. Several people have told me that isn't the case, that it is in fact encouraged to vote based on how one feels about a poster rather than the content of a post. Have I been doing it wrong? Are they doing it right? Should jurors allow abusive posts to stand by popular members and hide relatively innocuous posts by people they don't like?

What are feminists so angry about anyway?

Ask M and James Bond.


It's Never Been a Better Time to Be Rich

Frat brothers rape 300% more.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee police are currently investigating a fraternity after several women were found labeled with red and black X’s on their hands after they had to be hospitalized with memory lapses from intoxication at a fraternity party. Last year, three sexual assaults were reported at one Texas fraternity – within just one month. At Georgia Tech, a frat brother sent around an email guide called “Luring your rapebait”. Wesleyan had a frat that was nicknamed the “Rape Factory”. In 2010, fraternity brothers at Yale University marched through campus yelling, “No means yes, yes means anal.”

These are not anomalies or bad apples: numerous studies have found that men who join fraternities are three times more likely to rape, that women in sororities are 74% more likely to experience rape than other college women, and that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in four years away at school. So it seems only natural to ask: With all of the current efforts, from the White House to college towns, to curb campus sexual assault – using “yes means yes” as a standard for consent, holding administrators accountable, touting bystander intervention – why haven’t we addressed perhaps the most obvious solution?

It’s time to talk about banning fraternities.

When sociology professors Elizabeth Armstrong and Laura Hamilton conducted an intensive, landmark five-year study on college students – by living amongst, following around and interviewing students in one dorm at an anonymous Midwestern public university – they reported that two women living on their floor were sexually assaulted at fraternity parties within the first few weeks of the semester.

Armstrong, who turned the results of the study into a well-received bestseller about college inequality and a paper on sexual assault, tells me that while anti-sexual violence programs are doing all the right things, they may not be doing enough.
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