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Here you go LavenderGirl

LOL @ Aunt Roberta

LOL..Bait Car

Senator Lindsey Graham: "half the people in the russia investigation are going to jail"

How the world views the dems

18 U.S. Code 2071


Leftists are going out of their minds

Violent Leftist Threatening To Cut The Throat Of The Leader Of Students For Trump At ASU

Looks like the Democrat party is IMPLODING!! And, I think the swamp may drain itself.

First, they can’t even fake the primaries in Iowa, then James O’Keefe from Project Veritas expose the communist background of the supporters of the eventual winner in Iowa primaries Bernie Sanders.

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

It seems like anyone and everyone who works for the Bernie Sanders campaign is all about promoting violence, extreme action, even “Republican reprogramming camps.”

And the latest video that surfaced this morning shows deranged liberal threatening to cut the throat to the leader of Students For Trump In Arizona.

Video link:

But no one needs more than 10 rounds

Question: Will the two articles of impeachment end up being expunged?

If President Trump is reelected will these two articles end up getting expunged on various lacks of constitutionality?

Senator Rand Paul names Eric Ciaramella on Senate Floor

Advance to 4:52

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