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Member since: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 12:21 PM
Number of posts: 9,127

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I was the original JaimeBondo. I've been here since Day Two.

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Is there a daily quota for virtue signalling?

Because you are one AWESOME person.

Unisex bathrooms.

Shed your Puritan mindset. No urinals. Stalls for everyone.

Oh. Em. Fucking. GEE. Read the subject line, then the first five words of the rest of the post.

Here you go, kiddies... the last normally aspirated Ferrari V-12 AKA The Superfast.

For the money, I'd sooner buy 4 Z07s, but man this baby's pretty.

"Rounding up people is so inefficient. Go to the source of illegal immigration."

"Go to the illegal employer."

WTF? The source of illegal immigration is the fucking border. And ya don't have to "round 'em up". All you have to do is wait til they get in trouble. And the ones we really don't want here WILL get in trouble. Got arrested? Illegal? Here's a free trip home.

Her songs of love and unity sabotaged our minds..." Ya wanna read some good shit?

The hard left is into alternative reality these days.

Good shit. Good shit I say.

So the Democrat from CA, on CNN for the morning Trump bashing, says...

"When Robert F. Kennedy was President..." and the female newshole filling in for Camerotta doesn't bat an eye.

Imagine if a Trump supporter said something like that. It would be all CNN and PM$NBC ran for the rest of the day.

Interesting times.

This angst over ICE and how it operates... what's the inspiration for it?

Is it because Trump passed x number of laws forcing a change in the way ICE operates vis a vis the law...


Did someone at ICE get a message from the Trump administration informing the organization it would be wise for ICE employees to enforce every pertinent law?

If it's the former... what are those laws? If it's the latter, wouldn't that be an example of government "governing"?

I read on Facebook that this landslide near where I live was Mother Nature's reaction to

Pruitt's confirmation today.

Mother Nature. She has a sad... I guess. More like a mountainside got more saturated than its weight could support and... Gravity reacted to Pruitt's confirmation. Yeah. Gravity. Today Gravity was angrier than Mother Nature.

Fuck me to tears. What next. Mother Nature causing Oroville Dam to fail because of a tweet?

Do these people not know when they're being trolled?

Well I guess it's evident from reading the responses that some get it, but overall? If a 787 with "Point" painted on the fuselage flew over their heads, I doubt they'd even notice the shadow.

Really? 44 posts before posting this?
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