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I watched England win the World Cup and it was glorious.

52 years ago I watched the World Cup final with my dad. What a time to be alive. The sun wasn’t setting on our Empire and we beat the Germans - again.

The last time I saw my dad I was trying to remember all the player’s names - I missed a couple but, as ill as he was, my dad remembered. Those men were national heroes.

Bobby Moore
Bobby Charlton
Jackie Charlton
Nobby Stiles
Geoff Hurst
Gordon Banks (Banks of England)
Martin Peters
Roger Hunt
George Cohen
Ray Wilson
Allan Ball

and Alf Ramsey (RIP)

Im very disappointed more people didnt comment on this.

U.K. lefty is outraged about children being separated from their parents - when the parents are breaking the law - and I wanted American Lefty to see one of the things that U.K. Lefty does when Lefty has power and control over citizens. They take away any means of self-defense, even pepper spray/mace, take away the freedom of speech and then take their children.

There are hundreds of similar video’s on youtube.

U.S. Lefty, do you think U.K. Lefty is a hypocrite?

Please watch happens to families in the country which is outraged (virtue signaling) about children at the U.S. border being separated from their parents when the parents are breaking the laws of the United States.


U.S. immigration is the most compassionate in the world. Even after I divorced my American husband I was allowed to stay in the U.S. In the UK though it is a different story. (See links below). Furthermore, British spouses have to make a minimum amount every year or, even though they are married, their foreign spouse gets deported. In other words; get laid off and you lose your family.

They want us to convert so they can live in Muslim countries.

"Miss Vinson said the one of the shooters told her: 'I'm not killing you because you are a woman and we don't kill women but you have to convert to Islam, read the Qu'ran and wear a veil.'
She added that the men shouted 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar' as they fled the scene".
More here;

I was born and raised 20 miles from here;

Did anyone else see this on DU?

A poster claims to have killed a 'man of color' while serving in the US Coast Guard. People in the thread take him at his word that he had no choice but to kill this person, even though there's no video etc.

Then to top it all off, some US Coast Guard folk get wind of the OP and he's outed as being dishonest. Talk about stolen valor.

This astounds me after this thread, and others like it on DU and here;

Like I said above, I'm gobsmacked no one questioned if he really had no choice but to kill 'man of color' and before he's exposed by some actual coast guard members, the people at DU were doing some arse kissing and gave his thread 103 recs, lol.

Christmas 1914

Its been a hundred years.

My grandpa fought from 1914 until the end in 1918. He fought against 'Johnny Turk' at Gallipoli.

When I was a kid and would skin my knees, grandpa always had strips of sheet ripped and rolled - ready for any injuries. I often walked around with big bandages on my knees - complete with knots in the front.

He was injured many times and at least once treated in Egypt. I can't imagine how such a peaceful & calm man got through WW1. He taught me a lot.

English village under siege

Until last night, the Libyan flag was still flying at full mast over Bassingbourn Barracks. Before it was lowered, it was perhaps the most visible sign, at least from the outside, that things have been far from normal at this military establishment for some months.

Drunkenness, theft, violent clashes with British troops and in-fighting between the Libyans themselves had become an almost daily occurrence. More disturbing, allegations of a male rape and sexual attacks on three local woman are now being investigated.

‘They (the Government) didn’t tell us about British law and what’s the difference between right and wrong,’ he said.

Read more here;

(Trigger warning) Girls with guns.

To match their skirts, flipflops and everything else in their doll-filled bedrooms, the girls have theirs in pink. The boys, of course, choose blue.
But these are not toys, they are real guns — a U.S. gun-maker’s range of .22 calibre, single-shot rifles marketed for young children.
The ‘youth model’ of the Crickett firearm, which is sold in a ‘My First Rifle’ range, are snapped up by American parents enthusiastic to introduce children to the joys of gun ownership. The youngest of the gun-toting girls pictured here is just six, the oldest eight.

How not to get your ass kicked by the police

Dear Conservative friends, I have a question.

Why are Conservative against birth control?

I understand your dislike for abortions, but I can't figure out why you are against birth control pills, etc.

I would think that abortions could be cut dramatically if more birth control was used by more people. So why are you against it?

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