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Regarding the mass shootings--

Don't worry--

"there are good people on both sides" !

The State of the Union

I don't watch speeches by the buffoonish orange pretender.

If it comes on TV, I change the channel.

Elissa Slotkin wins Michigan 8th District Congress seat, Mike Bishop concedes

(( my very own district! This makes me very happy.. "blue wave"? Well, enough of one for me))

In an upset that bolsters Democratic control in the U.S. House, Elissa Slotkin, a former Defense Department official and intelligence officer, defeated U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, early Wednesday in a district that previously had been considered safe ground for his party.

Bishop called her to concede shortly before 1 a.m., even though the Associated Press had still not called the race.

With 99 percent of the vote in, Slotkin led Bishop with 49 percent of the vote, or 156,945 votes, to 48.3 percent, or 154,686 votes.

"This didn't work out the way I had anticipated," Bishop told supporters early Wednesday. "I just got off the phone with Elissa Slotkin and I wished her well. We want to work with her in the transition period."

Republicans projected to pick up 70 seats

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a development that could dramatically change the composition of the federal penitentiary system, Republicans are projected to pick up as many as seventy seats in prison, a leading incarceration expert said on Thursday.

“Prognostication is an inexact science,” Davis Logsdon, who studies conviction rates of corrupt politicians for the University of Minnesota’s Guilt Project, said. “Having said that, if current indictment trends hold up, the Republicans could be flipping at least seventy key prison seats.”

Logsdon broke down criminal cases against Republicans into likely convictions, likely acquittals, and toss-ups, and found that the G.O.P.’s path to the magic number of seventy new prison cells was “very doable.”

According to his projections, Republicans are running for prison “especially well” in districts where the G.O.P. member of Congress was an early supporter of Donald J. Trump.

“In those districts, we’re seeing Republicans who did an incredible job of raising money,” he said. “All of that money is going to translate into a huge number of new freshman prisoners.”

All in all, Logsdon sees the prospect of seventy new Republicans in prison as “nothing short of seismic.”

“Prisons need to get ready,” he said. “A red wave is coming.”


Perhaps we should start a similar 'movement' advocating abandonment of the Republican party! In the GOP's case, don't "walkaway" but RUN!

There are plenty of reasons someone might want to do that-- so many that it would hardly do to go into detail here....


America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule (Corruption Is Legal In America!)

Americans celebrate their independence 242 years ago today from Britain with little thought it seems about who rules them now, comments Caitlin Johnstone

By Caitlin Johnstone
July 4, 2018

Today America celebrates its liberation from the shackles of the British Crown and the beginning of its transition into corporatist oligarchy, which is a lot like celebrating your lateral promotion from housekeeping to laundry staff. Fireworks will be set off, hot dogs will be consumed, and a strange yellow concoction known as Mountain Dew will be imbibed by patriotic high-fiving Yankees eager to celebrate their hard-fought freedom to funnel their taxes into corporate welfare instead of to the King.

Spark up a bottle rocket for me, America! In trouncing King George’s red-coated goon squad, you made it possible for the donor class to slowly buy up more and more control of your shiny new government, allowing for a system of rule determined not by royal bloodlines, but by wealth bloodlines. Now instead of your national affairs being determined by some gilded schmuck across the pond, they are determined by the billionaire owners of multinational corporations and banks. These oligarchs have shored up their rule to such an extent that congressional candidates who outspend their opponents are almost certain to win, and a 2014 Princeton study found that ordinary Americans have no influence whatsoever over the behavior of their government while the will of the wealthy has a direct influence on US policy and legislation.

The elite class secured its stance as British Rule 2.0 by throwing their money behind politicians who they knew would advance their interests, whether those interests are in ensuring that the arms and munitions they manufacture get used frequently, the expansion of predatory trade policies, keeping tax loopholes open and keeping taxes on the wealthiest of the wealthy very low, deregulating corporations and banks, or enabling underhanded Wall Street practices which hurt the many for the benefit of the few. The existence of legalized bribery and corporate lobbying as illustrated in the video above have enabled the plutocrats to buy up the Legislative and Executive branches of the US government, and with these in their pockets they were eventually able to get the Judicial branch as well since justices are appointed and approved by the other two. Now having secured all three branches in a system of checks and balances theoretically designed to prevent totalitarian rule, the billionaire class has successfully secured totalitarian rule.

By tilting the elections of congressmen and presidents in such a way as to install a corporatist Supreme Court bench, the oligarchs successfully got legislation passed which further secured and expanded their rule with decisions like 1976’s Buckley v. Valeo, 1978’s First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, and 2010’s Citizens United v. FEC. This has had the effect of creating a nation wherein money equals power, which has in turn had the effect of creating a system wherein the ruling class is, in a very real way, incentivized to try and keep everyone else poor in order to maintain its rule.

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The Solution:
Bypassing congress with citizen initiative anti-corruption laws on the local and state levels:

Billy Graham Warned Against Embracing a President. His Son Has Gone Another Way.

Billy Graham Warned Against Embracing a President. His Son Has Gone Another Way.

By Laurie Goodstein
Feb. 26, 2018

The Rev. Billy Graham admitted in his later years that he had learned a hard lesson after the Watergate scandal exposed his cozy complicity with President Richard M. Nixon: Pastors should not become too enmeshed with politicians and partisan politics.

“Looking back I know I sometimes crossed the line, and I wouldn’t do that now,” he said to the magazine Christianity Today in 2011.

Now, the movement that he helped spawn is divided over the very danger that Mr. Graham — who died last week at age 99 — had warned about. Evangelicals have become locked in a tight embrace with President Trump and the Republican Party, and some of them are now asking whether they have compromised the Gospel message.

Among Mr. Trump’s most vocal evangelical supporters, few are as high-profile as Billy Graham’s eldest son and the heir to his ministry, the Rev. Franklin Graham, who is 65. Though admired among evangelicals for his aid work in hardship zones with the charity he leads, Samaritan’s Purse, he has drawn criticism for his unstinting support of the president.

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Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida seeks to hire 78 foreign workers

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida seeks to hire 78 foreign workers

By David A. Fahrenthold July 10

President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club has asked permission to hire 78 foreign workers to serve as cooks, waiters and housekeepers during this winter's social season in Palm Beach, Fla., according to Labor Department data.

The club -- a for-profit business, which also serves as Trump's weekend home and "Winter White House" -- submitted applications to hire 21 cooks, 40 waiters and 17 housekeepers from overseas. After working from October to May, the workers would return home.

The latest application, for the housekeepers, was posted by the Labor Department on Tuesday. The Trump Organization has made similar requests in the past, but it is asking for slightly more workers this year than last year -- when it requested a total of 70.

Those applications signal a sharp difference between the president's political rhetoric -- which holds that low-skilled foreign workers drive down wages for native-born Americans -- and the actions of Trump's own businesses.

David A. Fahrenthold is a reporter covering the Trump family and its business interests. He has been at The Washington Post since 2000, and previously covered Congress, the federal bureaucracy, the environment and the D.C. police. Follow

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"Making America Great Again by undercutting American workers!" Yeah.

"All The President's Racists" (cartoon)


The Coming War Against Iran (

The Coming War Against Iran - (Consortiumnews)

We’ve been through this before: the trumped-up threat from Iraq based on false evidence in 2003 is the harrowingly similar model to what is emerging for Iran in 2018, argues John Kiriakou.

By John Kiriakou

I spent nearly 15 years in the CIA. I like to think that I learned something there. I learned how the federal bureaucracy works. I learned that cowboys in government – in the CIA and elsewhere around government – can have incredible power over the creation of policy. I learned that the CIA will push the envelope of legality until somebody in a position of authority pushes back. I learned that the CIA can wage war without any thought whatsoever as to how things will work out in the end. There’s never an exit strategy.

I learned all of that firsthand in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. In the spring of 2002, I was in Pakistan working against al-Qaeda. I returned to CIA headquarters in May of that year and was told that several months earlier a decision had been made at the White House to invade Iraq. I was dumbfounded, and when told of the war plans could only muster, “But we haven’t caught bin Laden yet.” “The decision has already been made,” my supervisor told me. He continued, “Next year, in February, we’re going to invade Iraq, overthrow Saddam Hussein, and open the world’s largest air force base in southern Iraq.” He went on, “We’re going to go to the United Nations and pretend that we want a Security Council Resolution. But the truth is that the decision has already been made.”

Soon after, Secretary of State Colin Powell began traveling around Europe and the Middle East to cultivate support for the invasion. Sure enough, he also went to the United Nations and argued that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, necessitating an invasion and overthrow because that country posed an imminent threat to the United States.

But the whole case was built on a lie. A decision was made and then the “facts” were created around the decision to support it. I think the same thing is happening now.

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