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Name: Jon
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit
Member since: Thu Jan 21, 2016, 09:26 AM
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This site has gone to shit

Been gone a couple weeks and wow I didn’t miss a thing. This site mostly sucks. The same old tired ass comments by the same old tired ass trolls.

I should have put Charlie mike on ignore a long time ago

Didn’t realize how much better the site would be without just one posters hair splitting and name calling. I get called a “spoiled brat” because my opinion doesn’t agree with Charlie mikes and the post stands. I call Charlie mike a dickhead....well....because and the post is alerted and hidden. The jury system is a joke controlled by a dozen or so trolls which is the number 1 reason users are leaving this site in droves. Fuel, I feel ya. Charlie you could have really earned my respect and admiration being active duty if you weren’t so acidic. At first I assumed you had been enlisted for a while, no way you could be an officer, they have more decorum. As a veteran myself and after further thought i concluded you probably aren’t in the military at all because you’re just to unprofessional. Have a nice day Charlie Mike, I wish I had ignored you sooner. Get your trolls together and hide this post since it’ll be my second hide I’ll be suspended? Yeah you can have this site, there are better ones out there were it’s a “discussion” and not a bunch of trolls looking for discourse.

Think Ive heard this tune before

Can the dems really be THAT out of touch again?

Gerrymandering over in Michigan?

Just curious what folks thought about the ballot proposal in Michigan to end gerrymandering.

Why are you voting for trump?

Ford foundation giving 100 million to BLM

I guess the 1% are worried the masses are gathering their pitch forks. Can anyone say why it's taken this long?

What is your definition of drug dealer?

Are we talking street level, or the pharmaceutical company ceos? Cause if we are talking about the later, I'm all for it.
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