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First pict of the debate, Just for fun. but too good not to share.

Now we know how it is going to come down.

Are the rest of us liberals enjoying the Repub Right wing hysteria as much as I am??

I would guess the laundry expense of is going way up in those households.

The world is UNFAIR because:

Its CNN with agents on the Trump campaign on the air,
NBC holding onto video until forced to report it by the Washington post breaking it,
The general media being unfair to trump by running ACTUAL videos of trump speeches,
538 by not making the Right Wing approved unscrewing of the polls,
The FBI by not indicting hillary for treason the way it was supposed to, by the Repubs being unable to eliminate
By the unprecedented number of republican office-holders that refuse to enforce him,
By the inability of the Repubs to eliminate enough Dem voters,
By the debate moderators that actually asked questions and tried to make him answer them,
By the media not reporting on Trumps non existant proposals (except to have Economists and Tax experts evaluate his tax proposal.
By the media refusing to use his on line polls as meaningful
By the Immigration service sending millions of illegal Hispanics in to vote for Hillary.

Have I missed any. I am sure I am but this should be enough.

Main steam media is being unfair to trump. Using actual quotes and video should be banned.

Depend on Quote mining, misinterpretation of documents and hallucinations like real people do.

I only come by to see what the most current hallucinations of the right wing are.

and a post or two to keep my hand in.

538 just upgraded Trumps chance to become president!!!! Look out Dems

He'sgone from 13% chance to 14%.

Trumps defense. Look at them. I don't grope women that look like that.

Well maybe. I think he would grope anyone with breasts and a P###y.

I think the Clinton supporters need to create a fund so the Trumpettes can get drunk election night.

Shall we create a GoFundMe site for the project. They are going to need it.

I would be willing to toss in 5 bucks. To help our friends here that support trump.

Trump Getting his anti Clinton info direct from the Russians and Putin.

Is he That bought by Putin? Is he a fellow traveler, is he a Manchurian candidate?Or is he just gullible.

Pat Robertson Says Trump Is 'Macho' For Grabbing Women 'By The P*ssy' Without Permission

Wasn't he part of the Christian right?? well I guess p#@@@@#y grabbing isn't a real sin. .

I hope trump doesn't get used to the Secret service protection.

They are leaving on Nov 9th.

After the election What will the name of the main opposition party change to.

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