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Lazarus Long

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Name: Robert
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When the idea of war and killing others from above gives you a chubby you're a sick MF

That's the presence you present.

So my 90 YO dad speculated...

What if a bunch of other countries decided America has gotten to big for its pants? And decided to put an end to it?

Trump could do that for us.

Rest of world prays that Trump doesn't feel the need for another distraction.

Nothing gets the attention off you and your past behaviors like bombing another country.

Posted by Lazarus Long | Fri Apr 7, 2017, 07:30 AM (4 replies)

LYING FUCKING MEDIA! There was no attack on Syria,

Right? And there was no nerve gas/sarin? And Trump didn't really order military strikes on another country...?

Fake news!!!!

Sorry, you can't play fucking Chinese Menus with reality.

How you like trump's quote now "Killers, we got a lot of killers, you think our country's innocent?"

If someone fired 50-60 missiles at the United States would you call it an act of war or a miltary


Just asking. Especially those who are minimizing what just happened.

To those of you who never held your buddy as his life slowly leaked from where his arm used to be:

Do not cheer on a war that might be avoided.

Do not try to make cute comments. There is nothing cute about the families gassed or the people dying tonight,

This is serious shit. You dishonor our soldiers and the living in general when you try and make light of wartime actions.

Not even 100 days into his term and he bombs another country in a massive fucking way.

Written in another thread shortly before the bombing.

1. This is one of my big fears. The dipshit might start a war or two to drive attention away from what his other hand is doing and has done.

I hope to fuck I'm wrong.

Hey, the guy can't even sell booze without failing (Trump Vodka) so I worry about his presidency while much the less his commanding an arsenal that includes Nukes.

Oh, fuck. Trump just launced over 50 Tomahawks on Syrian Gov't targets

Pray for us all.

Breaking: Trump blaming his Erectile Dysfunction on Obama

saying that Obama had his staffers replace the salt with saltpeter. When asked for proof he pulled a white dove from his jacket with a flourish exclaiming "Would'ya look at that! I'm a bigly magician! Wanna see a card trick?"

He then walked off as he tweeted about it on his phone.

Brought to you by Trumpco's own Alternative News, Inc.
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