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Name: Lee
Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 13, 2014, 06:12 PM
Number of posts: 2,970

About Me

Conservative Republican. Interested in space, technology, philosophy, economics, science, mathematics, and anthropology. Disabled Army vet, ex-Infantry officer and current military contractor. Spent four years in Iraq as a "contractor"/corporate soldier. Hard core Nationalist. Voted for one Democrat in my life: Obama. I have regretted that decision. Education - BS Applied Mathematics, MA Diplomacy, MA Public Administration. Currently employed as a research analyst for the Army.

Journal Archives

Well, I see DU is so solipsistic they are immune to nonconformist opinion

Got interested in a topic and registered an account. Had a very respectful discussion. Thought there may have been a sea change. Posted infrequently. But always with respect and facts I could backup with sources. So they banned me.

Nothing I said was even controversial, other DUers had said similar things, but I guess new members are just not welcome. Can't wait to vote for Trump again now.

Why are we pandering bronze age mythology on science board?

There's a board for beliefs.

Pseudo-science and mythologies dont belong here


Welcome to the Schumer Shutdown.

Because Democrats value Illegals over American citizens.

Hellova Iron Bowl

War Damn Eagle

This Republican has had it. Voting for whomever is running against Roy Moore

Goddamn embarrassment. Why the GOP isn't kicking this asshat to the curb is beyond me. I will be voting Democrat this election.

About REP Nunes and security clearances

EVERY elected Representative or Senator is considered cleared Top Secret/SCI w/o poly.

NO AGENCY has the authority to deny information to Congress (when acting as a body or committee - individual members submit FOIA requests like the rest of us).

So, not only is this completely fake news, it's pathological wish fulfillment fantasy by the deranged Left.

Just watched the youtube copy of the halftime show


Drones were amazing.

Lady Gaga is just an amazing artist. Best Super Bowl halftime show I can recall.

I demand the US Navy rename the USS Ponce the USS Shark!

With freaking LASERS!

Snowing again in Kabul

Almost makes this place beautiful.

Hellova speech

Been a long time since we've had an honest to God Nationalist as President.
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