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Oberlin wanted bakery to call college for any shoplifting, not police.


US Govt's Entire Russia-DNC Hacking Narrative Based On Redacted Draft Of Crowdstrike Report

It's been known for some time that the US Government based its conclusion that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on a report by cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, which the DNC paid over a million dollars to conduct forensic analysis and other work on servers they refused to hand over to the FBI.

CrowdStrike's report made its way into a joint FBI/DHS report on an Russia's "Grizzly Steppe", which concluded Russia hacked the DNC's servers. At the time, Crowdstrike's claim drew much scrutiny from cybersecurity experts according to former Breitbart reporter Lee Stranahan.

Now, thanks to a new court filing by longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone requesting the full Crowdstrike analysis, we find out that the US government was given a redacted version of the report marked "Draft," as reported by the Conservative Treehouse.

What makes the whole thing even more hokey is a footnote admitting that "counsel for the DNC and DCCC informed the government that they are the last version of the report produced."


The Department of Education has launched an investigation into foreign cash secretly flowing into U.S. universities and sent letters to Georgetown University and Texas A&M Thursday.

A Senate report found that 70 percent of colleges that took money from a Chinese propaganda program broke the law by not disclosing it.
Almost all of the colleges contracted to shape U.S. textbooks on the Middle East received massive funding from countries in the region.

Wow...Hong Kong protests.

Papadopoulos: Obama State Department Prodded Foreign Governments to Spy on Trump Campaign

George Papadopoulos told Judge Jeanine that Italy was already investigating Joseph Misfud and the Italian intel community’s role in spying on the Trump campaign.

Papadopoulos said it was all being run from the Obama State Department.

Papadopoulos: This was a global effort to take Trump down… Absolutely, I believe all these foreign governments were being prodded by the State Department to essentially weaponize their intel agencies against us. That’s why you saw many Trump associates who were abroad being spied on. And, hopefully the president did bring this up during his last visit to the UK. Cause the UK was heavily involved in this and this should be called out to the light right now.

If Russia gives Trump dirt on Biden and he gives them campaign money hes good?

This is for future use of course.

FEC chair used to work for Perkins Coie.

It’s a joke people.

Democrats now accusing Team Obama of treason?

Lefty now accusing Papadopoulos of being an *ISRAELI* agent.

I guess they’re abandoning Russian collusion?

Whoa... one of Flynns new attorneys wrote the textbook on prosecutorial misconduct.
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