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Advice for the Democrat/socialist/ Leftist on the Muller report.

Hey, I feel your pain. You were close. Very close. Your dream of Trump going down, was stolen from you. You know Muller was bought off. So here is some advice from an average John Q Public, who did not vote for Trump.

They call you crazy, childish, violent, a poor looser, power hungry, stupid, ignorant and many other mean words. Well I'm hear to tell need to turn that shit up to 11. That's right! Pull out those pussy hats, me too shirts, drum circles, horns, cowbells,bike locks, molotovs, oh. Oh! Don't forget the witches! Man, that was so edgy. Casting curses is so hip. Bash a MAGA hat where ever you can. Tell bigger lies. Make more out landish claims and smears. Especially on minors.

You cannot. I repeat, cannot give up. Hey that really cool guy running for prez, the one that eats dirt and plays with baby poo, that guy needs to be your president.
Not this orange buffoon who has kicked your ass at every turn.

So take those antidepressants and hit the streets. You are sure to convince the average voter that your side should be in charge. Good luck and remember.
Get down right dirty dog mean and you will triumph over those who are better than you......wait, I got that wrong. Well you know.

I am struggling on which party to support.

Help me out here. Sell me on why I should support Democrats.

Now that Sessions was confirmed as the new AG....

How do you feel about, how the democrats changed the rules back in 2013, where only a majority was needed to confirm cabinet choices?

Seems to me that the Democrats thought they would stay in power for ever.

Why, were there not a lot of violence from the Right,

When Obama was President?

Why, when there were tea party protests, there were no burned buildings or dead cops?

Why, when Obama did the exact same thing, and in some cases, much worse things than Bush, the Left did not protest?

Why was it Ok for Obama to use EOs, but it is not OK for Trump?

Why does the Left always talk about peace and civility, yet do not practice it?

Questions that make me go mmmmmm.

And before you accuse me. I am not a Riechwinger, nor a CONserviative, nor did I vote for Trump.

Milo Yiannopoulos...

Why do those on the Left hate him? I read where he is called a Nazis. Now I know that everyone who does not agree with the Left is a Nazis. Trump is. All those who voted for Trump are. Romney is. Bush is. The Boy Scouts are. Fox news is. And so on. But, Milo?

Can there really be a gay, Jewish Nazis? Makes my head spin.

Th first two weeks of Trumpmania...

Has been very entertaining. First off, I did not vote for Trump, the first go round. I voted for Obama the first time, so that right there shows what I know.

Over all, I give Trump high marks. He is doing what he said he would do. Like it or not, he is more honest than any ten you find in Washington. After sixteen years of the two worst Presidents ever. Yes. Ever. He is a breath of fresh air, with a touch of napalm.

The Establishment, Left and Right, hates and fears him him. The Left has gone mad and shown their true colors. The Right is tepid in their support of him. The Hoi Polloi, of which I am a member, are cheering him on. Good times.

I do not think it is a good thing for one party to control all three branches of Government so here is some friendly advice for the Democrats, from a rabid Independent.

Grow up and clean house. Get to know the Hoi Polloi, the working class, the backbone of America. Do you put your family first or second in all things? Same should apply to your country. You have elements in your party who are making you look like fools and idiots. Yea, I know, that is harsh. Independents decide national elections. You need us "uneducated" masses, you really do. What we see now confirms for a lot of folks, who voted for Trump reluctantly, that they did the right thing.

Or..... you can stay the course, turn it up to eleven, and become irrelevant for a very, very long time.

Trump is the result from the "sickness" of our political system. Wake up.

On this day I am coming out.

AMERICA BABY! HELL YEA! A new day has dawned.
I will no longer have to hide my feelings, nor when asked if America is great change the subject. I will no longer have to deny or be ashamed of who and what I am. Not that I ever was.

I just watched Trump's speech. I Had to work today. After sixteen years of the two worst Presidents ever, I am now disappointed that I did not vote for him. How many times did that Narcisse saw "I" in his speech? None I heard. America First!
About. Damn. Time.
He laid waste to the Establishment today. I never thought I would live to see the day when a President would say something like he stated in his speech. Just for saying that, in the most corrupt city in the world. He can be as rude as he wants to be, as far as I am concerned.

To you on the Left. Keep it up. Never stop being you, nor try to understand why you lost. Stay with the America is evil. Keep the Nazi theme alive. Keep the Racist, ignorant, uneducated, gun humping, bible thumping, White people meme. Double down. Turn it up to 11. If someone does not agree with you they just have to be all those things. So keep it up.

The Establishment is the enemy. Not us.

The Concert from HELL!

I'm watching the Inaugural. On CNN. That is got to hurt. Must be what Hell is going to be like for journalist and such.

What happend?

Hey all! On November the 7th I went into a coma and I just now woke up. Who won the election? Is Hillary the Queen? (Snort, snicker,) No, really it's true.

If Florida flips. The count will be 269 to 269. Epic anarchy will ensue.

That's what I and many others are hoping for.

How come with all the support for Hillary, from the elites of both parties, the MSM, The DoJ, and out spending Trump 2 to 1, it's this close?

Greatest election cycle, ever.
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