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Michael Jacksons monkey.


MSNBC host Joy Reid was a favorite of Russian trolls

Mohammed is most popular newborn boys name in Netherlands, for second straight year

Video; Armed robbery suspect shot in Huntington Beach

Video is violent and graphic

From DU: Afraid of Nazis and Confederates,

liberals consider buying a gun.

Wreckage of USS Indianapolis located

The cruiser was sunk by a Japanese submarine after delivering parts for the atomic bomb. A friend of mine lost his father on that ship, born 3 months after his father died.

How much weight have you gained since high school?

I graduated in the late 70's at 6', 145 pounds. Sting bean! Got weighed at the Dr.'s office last week at 182. So almost 40 pounds in almost 40 years. Think the most I ever weighed was 185, and that felt slow and heavy on my frame.

Last year, Libbys forgot to nominate any black people for an Oscar.

That was Ray-ciss! This year, to compensate, I think every black person nominated will win, even if they don't deserve it.

Am I right?

Germany: Man drives car into pedestrians

What's your handgun of preference for home defense?

I've owned several over the years, from hi-cap 9's to 1911's. Been shooting on a regular basis since 1972. Finally settled on a 4'' S&W 686 Mountain Gun in the wonderful .357 Magnum caliber, about 10 years ago. I'm just more comfortable with a revolver and a couple of speedloaders than I am a semi-auto. I shoot better with revolvers as well.

What's your preference?
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