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A good jockey knows about horses

A great jockey knows the race officials

Britons..... RISE UP

Britons Scots Welshmen Irish


you have nothing to lose but your chains

another one bites the dust...jet engine with rubber fan blades

Ethiopian Airlines

see my post from May 2017
for more info


Mexican yellow vests did something torched

the struggle continues

Lion Air.. fake CVR supposedly found

Lion Air.. fake CVR supposedly found

reminds me of Bohpal.

every Indian ..fake or otherwise.....
within 1000 miles ...
filed a lawsuit

soccer hooligans...Argentina

no link
heard on the radio

hooligans from River Platt
attacked the bus carrying Boca players.
several players hurt by rocks, glass, and tear-gas.
game postponed.
on top of that,
fans were robbed leaving the stadium

looks like a setup

World Series 17th inning


do not upload images to the are being tracked

every time someone downloads an image from
'the usual places', Facebook, Twitter, Imjer. etc.
every downloaded image is different and unique.
stego, or something like it,
makes the hash(of the image) traceable

when that image shows up on the internet somewhere else.
they(Gulag) know how it got there

Winter John Kerry

I have read Winter Soldier...
a long time ago...

anything new by that same author

Trump , does not want to be loved

Trump wants to be feared.

how do DIers not get that?
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