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Why do we need mail in voting?

Right now I go to Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, Kroger, Publix, and the pharmacy in person. In each case, the business has taken precautions to provide for social distancing and sanityzing what I touch.

Voting can and should be handled the same way. Only certain folks should be able to vote by mail and they account for an extremely small portion of the electorate.

Any politician that says otherwise is trying to sell you a bill of goods.

Do you hear me, AOC, Stacy Abrams, Chuckie Schumer,
Eric Holder, and Nancy Pelosii?

National vote by mail is dead on arrival.

We need to change CNNs name

to the China News Network. They seem to be shilling for the CCP lately.

Hunter Biden Retains Stake in Chinese Private Equity Firm Despite Stepping down from Board

Hunter Biden announced Sunday that he will step down from the board of a Chinese private equity firm amid allegations of a conflict of interest involving his father, but his statement, issued through an attorney, made no mention of plans to divest his personal stake in the company.

NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Bank of China Deal, Leaves Out Key Details

The conservative author Peter Schweizer has claimed that Hunter Biden used the trip to secure a deal with the Bank of China — a claim that has been echoed by Mr. Trump’s allies in the conservative news media.

But a lawyer for Hunter Biden said he did not conduct any business related to the China investment fund on that trip, and was not an equity owner in the fund while his father was vice president. He later acquired a 10 percent interest in the entity that oversees the fund, but to date has not received any money from the arrangement, according to the lawyer.

The Times fails to note basic facts about Biden and his associates that would challenge their version of events or, at the very least, offer readers context to assess the veracity of their claims.

In June 2009, Hunter Biden teamed up with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of then-Massachusetts Senator and later Obama Secretary of State John Kerry, and a longtime Heinz-Kerry family associate Devon Archer to form an international private equity firm rooted in the investment fund Rosemont Capital.

The firm was Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, and was one of a series of related LLCs formed by Biden, Heinz, and Archer that branched off of Rosemont Capital. The other offshoots included Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and Rosemont Realty.

“Of the various deals in which these Rosemont entities were involved, one of the largest and most troubling concerns Rosemont Seneca Partners,” Schweizer noted in Secret Empires.

Hunter Biden was the managing partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners.

When the firm was created in 2009, Biden and his associates eschewed headquartering the firm in the world’s financial capital of New York City and instead opted to lease space in Washington, DC, where just five months earlier Biden’s father was inaugurated as Barack Obama’s vice president and where Heinz’s stepfather chaired the powerful Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

“Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments,” Schweizer wrote.

For a small firm with no track record, Rosemont Seneca scored high-level meetings with officials in China over the years, with each meeting coincidentally corresponding to official meetings between Vice President Biden and Chinese leaders.

Much more at link ...

NYT Article

Pelosi is starting her crap again.

Says she won't do another bill without left wing priorities in it. I say that the President should VETO anything but a clean bill that is directed towards Covid and nothing else. Enough of Pelosi's bullshit. I've had it with her.
Posted by MeatSandwich | Wed Apr 8, 2020, 12:44 AM (5 replies)

Did President Trump disband the Pandemic Team?

Media, Democrats Ran With False Claim Trump ‘Disbanded’ Pandemic Office

"It has been alleged by multiple officials of the Obama administration, including in The Post, that the president and his then-national security adviser, John Bolton, ‘dissolved the office' at the White House in charge of pandemic preparedness," Morrison wrote. "Because I led the very directorate assigned that mission, the counterproliferation and biodefense office, for a year and then handed it off to another official who still holds the post, I know the charge is specious."

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said in a March 1 interview that Trump "eliminated that office." Journalists soon began taking up the former vice president's talking point as fact. The Boston Globe picked up the narrative, running a piece titled, "Trump attacks CDC over coronavirus preparedness, though he eliminated an office dedicated to pandemic prevention." The accusation was a particular favorite of the Washington Post, which furthered the narrative by running an op-ed from former Obama NSC staffer Beth Cameron headlined, "I ran the White House pandemic office. Trump closed it." Not including Cameron and Morrison's op-eds, the Post mentioned the accusation in five other op-eds or pieces.

As part of an effort to slim down the historically bloated National Security Council, the directorate of global health and biodefense was merged with two other positions—not eliminated—according to Morrison.

"If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled," he wrote.

I created this thread for a *friend* who doesn't know how to do basic research. Some folks would question a person's intellect if they couldn't take the time to look something up, or crack open a book, or a newspaper. But not me, I support those of lesser IQs. Since I'm doing telework, I thought I would help him out.

DU is full of morans

I've been a member of DU for a very long time. I joined when I was a blue dog Democrat. I'm an independent now. I replied to a thread about Trump's response to the pandemic and said he should be given "some" credit for closing down travel from China fairly early and that it might have saved some lives. The post was removed for being a right wing talking point. I guess the truth is not allowed there. This is what happens when a bunch of morons flock together. Group think is alive and well at the DUmp.

Message from Kentucky: Strong candidates matter

A loss is still a loss, but I think context does matter.

"President Trump tried. And he warned Kentuckians at a huge rally a few days ago that the gubernatorial race was going to be viewed by all as a referendum on him.

So the apparent loss of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin to Democrat Andy Beshear last night, is a stinger. A Trump endorsement is usually a surefire means of winning the election and it has been up until now for nearly all candidates in special elections, which is why so many candidates want them. Once Trump endorses, Republicans almost always win.

But apparently, not even a Trump endorsement was enough for Bevin, who had some popularity problems. The punditocracy of course is calling curtains for Trump. The Washington Post is calling it "embarrassing." But there's plenty of reason to be dubious.

Bevin seems to have lost for three reasons:

One as the Washington Post notes, he only got into office four years ago by a thin 85,000-vote margin. So he was on thin ice all through his term and didn't work to increase his support."

More at link:
Posted by MeatSandwich | Wed Nov 6, 2019, 12:30 PM (1 replies)

Soros Dumped Nearly $1 Million Against Republican DA. She Won Anyway, And Trolled Him During Victory

"Sandra Doorley, the incumbent Monroe County, New York district attorney running as a Republican, crushed her George Soros-backed challenger Shani Curry Mitchell on Tuesday night.

Soros, a Hungarian billionaire and the foremost Democratic megadonor, dumped more than $800,000 against Doorley via one of his political action committees (PACs), starting in early October.

... Still, Doorley pulled out a big win over Mitchell, so much, in fact, that USA Today reporter Jon Campbell deemed the Soros money-dump a complete backfire.

“The $800K of Soros-funded ads appear to have backfired in the Monroe County DA race,” Campbell wrote via Twitter on Tuesday night. “Incumbent Sandra Doorley, a Republican, is cruising with more than half of precincts reporting … and I mean REALLY backfired. Compare the early DA results to the Monroe County exec race, where the Democrat (Adam Bello) has a very slim lead.”
Posted by MeatSandwich | Wed Nov 6, 2019, 12:10 PM (1 replies)

Biden Forgets Obama Lost North Carolina in 2012

It seems creepy Joe just can't get anything right.

"Former vice president Joe Biden falsely claimed Sunday that he and Barack Obama won the state of North Carolina in 2012.

During a Biden campaign event in Durham, Spectrum News reporter Tim Boyum asked Biden how the state fits into his campaign strategy.

"Big time," Biden said on Sunday. "Because the fact is I think we can win North Carolina. Barack and I won it. Barack won it twice in a row."

Sen. Mitt Romney (R., Mich.) won North Carolina’s electoral and popular vote in the 2012 election. Obama won the state in 2008."
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