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How many terrorist acts committed by refugees

in the US since 1980 (37 years ago)?


One more time, for the cheap seats...

"Democracy" "Socialism" "Capitalism"

They're all fluid terms and they're all on a rheostat. They don't exist in absolutes, they exist in degrees. The United States of America is a Representative Republic that has both strong capitalistic and socialistic influences.

NO decision we're considering is going to turn us into greedy "it's-mine-mine-mine" capitalism or "give it all away" socialism.

We're just deciding on where we want the rheostat set. Do we want to believe that giving power to the few or power to the many best serves us.

The Venezuala screamers are stupid (I honestly tried to think of a more accurate descriptor, but no, the comparison is actually just stupid). Nobody is suggesting that we adopt a Venezuela model.

I appreciate that there are people who are more "pull yourself up from your bootstraps" and "I shouldn't have to pay for somebody else's decisions"...but you've chosen to live in a society that protects people when they're down. We don't let people die in the street and we provide for those that have less than us.

Our government may completely mishandle this goal, but I believe that most of us support the principle. We just need to elect people who will do it intellegently.

We're all really not that far apart.

Great stovetop popcorn

I hadn't ever made stovetop popcorn and this method really worked...

3 quart saucepan (or bigger). Add 3Tbs oil over medium heat.

When oil starts to get hot, throw in 3-4 kernels. (You should put the lid on now unless you want popcorn all over your kitchen)

When those kernels pop, add 1/3 cup of popcorn and remove from heat for 30 seconds. This gives all of the kernels time to get to just below popping temp.

Back on medium heat until they all pop. It starts slowly and then takes off. Almost no unpopped kernels and none burned.

I thought it sounded weird, but it works very well.

If Clinton or Trump become President, I'm leaving the US.

.. for a couple of weeks (personally, I like Costa Rica) and I'll be will EVERY PERSON WHO THREATENS TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY BASED ON PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

Yeah, Clinton and Trump would both suck, but neither is a reason to relocate.

Great Story :

My nephew (4 years old) has learned about those handicapped buttons at building entrances that make the doors open.

Leaving church today, he pushed the button.

The problem? The church doesn't have handicapped buttons that open the doors.

It does have fire alarms.

Calling somebody a "faggot" as a slur.

Universally offensive or no big deal?

I'm kinda interested with the mix we have here.

Any retirees here?

I retire in just over 4 months after 25 years of a ginormously bad work schedule.

I'm looking forward to regular sleep, but how did you transition to retirement?

Any tips?

A message to temporarily homeless DUers...

We're crass and we don't pull punches.

We also discuss ALL sides of issues without fear of the echo chamber's retribution.

Yes, it's a little rough here at DI, but we actually talk.

This is what having real money looks like:

Aston Martin Vulcan

24 made

3 coming to the US

Not street legal in the US

The owner of this car owns the dealership. He convinced the local PD to let him illegally fly a drone in a populated area, take a track car onto public roads, block off said roads for him, hit 60mph in a 35mph zone...all while providing a 4-car police escort.

(The reason they manually pushed it onto the street is because it has 2 inches of ground clearance. They had to put it on elevated casters just to get it out of the dealership driveway)

This took place a few miles from my house.

Oh, it's a $2.3M car.

Question: Since 1776, what positive foreign policy decisions have we made?

I'm truly at a loss.

Ok, with WW1 and WW2 we really had no choice...but do we EVER make wise foreign policy choices?

Help me out here.
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