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Gun Owner's Rights Actually Expanded Under Obama

While there was much political theater, and both firearms and ammunition were purchased at near panic rates, firearms owners actually did well during the Obama years.

I know for me, personally, things did not change much, but the ability to plan a trip that includes visiting a national park could be a major issue for people interested in travel. The right to carry in national parks was returned under Obama.

Bottom line, many mainstream Democrats do not want to touch 'gun control.' Extreme leftists will most likely be shut down by the public (see the 'nukes' comment) or by fellow Dems who will remind them that it is a dead issue.

The FBIs Kavanaugh Report Was Enough for Key Senate Republicans - The Atlantic

“I feel very good about where this nomination is right now,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley told reporters at an afternoon press conference, even as he lit into Democrats for orchestrating what he called “a demolition derby” that left Kavanaugh “just about destroyed.”

“Hopefully we’re 48 hours away from having a new person on the Supreme Court,” Grassley said.


FBI completes interview of Kavanaughs high school friend (Mark Judge) 10/02/2018, 11:36am

WASHINGTON — The FBI has finished interviewing a friend of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who was said to have attended a high school gathering in the early 1980s where a woman says she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, the man’s lawyer said Tuesday.

Mark Judge, who has denied any wrongdoing, completed his interview with FBI agents as part of the reopened background investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, said his lawyer, Barbara “Biz” Van Gelder.

She declined to say exactly when it ended or what Judge was asked. She had said Monday night that the interview was not completed.


Believe Women

Definitive, unassailable proof of wrongdoing is now available...


You MUST Read How Lefty Uses Flimsy NON-Evidence to 'Corroborate' Ford's Story

- First, he mis-defines 'corroborate' to include any of the flimsiest circumstantial 'facts' which are nothing more than coincidences.

- Then he re-defines 'corroborate' to mean definitive proof.

- Then he sets the bar really, really low for his standard of proof.

- Then he uses a litany of coincidences as proof ultimately to destroy Kavanaugh's chance of moving to SCOTUS.

- And all the while giving absolutely no weight to any counter arguments (K's side of the story)


Folks who do not know what sub MOA means should not instigate civil wars with those who do.

Folks who do not know what “sub MOA” means should not instigate civil wars with those who do. Just saying.”
Matthew Bracken.

This is the fucking funniest (and spot on serious) blog I have ever read. Just found it. Enjoy.

Woman who made false rape claim sentenced to prison By Bob Fredericks August 23, 2018

The 19-year-old Long Island woman who filed a bogus rape complaint against two Sacred Heart University football players was sentenced Thursday to a year behind bars — and got a tongue lashing from the judge.

Nikki Yovino first told cops in October 2016 that the two players from the Fairfield, Connecticut, college forced her to have sex in a bathroom at a booze-filled party.

She later admitted that she made the charges up so her evident promiscuity wouldn’t alienate a potential boyfriend.

In the end it is not perjury nor is it even relevant to his character or her allegations. It is just

A deflection from her year books which detailed her as a fucking skank ho.

The above attributed toTM999, Saturday 9/29/18 with my appreciation for the truth being told.

That's all this nonsense about Kavanaugh's use of early 1980s teen slang really is. In her yearbooks, she admits to having over 50 sexual partners. Her classmates admit to many of the males being younger than the females.

Do the math - statutory rape?

"A firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties."

"at MANY of these parties..."


1) You attended a party or parties in which girls were allegedly gang raped

2) You continued to attend such parties despite this knowledge

3) You were surprised when it allegedly happened to you

4) You returned to this alleged party scene after you were allegedly raped

5) You never alerted anyone of authority, particularly the police


6) Not only do you have no witnesses to back up your account BUT you also can't tell us where or when any of those parties took place

No further questions, your honor.
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