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TRUMP! - You're Fired! Hardcore Punk Heaven.

Greatest band ever! Believe Me!

Anyone thirsty?

On to the next "scandal" I suppose.

Any day now........

This is disgusting.

Because, as we all learned today, if you take a photo in another country that features a prominent political figure from that country's past, then you too are exactly the same as that figure. You agree with everything they did and support them wholeheartedly. You are also an idiot, a traitor and a disgrace.

Just saying.

Cruz pulls ahead of Trump in new national poll.

Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz has inched ahead of Donald Trump in a new national poll released Wednesday.

The Texas senator has the backing of 28% of Republican voters nationwide, unseating Trump, who won the support of 26% in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. But Cruz's 2-point edge is within the poll's margin of error.

The results are a major change from last month's NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, when Trump held a 13-point lead over Cruz, 33% to 20%.

Oops! Can't go telling truths in bubbleland Donald. The bubble people do NOT like it.

Happy 87th to the Greatest American!

"Because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 87 today had he not been so foully assassinated in 1968.

We can sure use some of his wisdom today in this bizarre political environment.

Post your favorite MLK speeches in celebration of the great man.

Bundy brothers lead right wing militia terror group in occupation of Oregon federal building.

Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy who was involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights in Nevada, told the Oregonian he and two of his brothers were among a group of dozens of people occupying the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.


The day started out with a peaceful protest in Burns, Ore. in support of an eastern Oregon ranching family facing jail time for arson. An Idaho militia leader said he knew nothing about the activities after a parade of militia members and local residents in Burns walked past the sheriff’s office and the home of Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Seven.


Bundy posted a video on his Facebook page urging others to come and provide backup. He said in a statement accompanied by the video “**ALL PATRIOTS ITS TIME TO STAND UP NOT STAND DOWN!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! COME PREPARED”


Among Bundy and one of his brothers, Ryan Bundy, told The Oregonian they aren’t looking to hurt anyone, but would not back down if police try to remove the group from the property.


Can you imagine what would happen if BLM or a Muslim group did something similar?

These assholes need to be put in their place or put to an end. This is terrorism plain and simple.

Lib, Con, whatever... Happy New Year to you all!!

At the end of the day we're all Americans, let's hope for a great New Year for us all!!

Happy Happy!!!

Eagles fire Chip Kelly.

I'm thrilled. It's too bad they let this jackass come in and ruin the team before they pulled the trigger but the cancer is gone now.

Motörhead's Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister dies at age 70.

I'm completely gutted over this. Lemmy is one of my all time heroes. A brilliant songwriter and musician, he epitomized Rock n Roll.


I'm not going to be alright for awhile.

Allow me to address my embarrassing post from Friday night.

Yeah, I went off like a complete idiot Friday night in an emotional, irrational outburst against Islam as the Paris attacks were unfolding.

I pretty much posted that all around, Facebook, various message boards (including this one obviously, other chat areas and to anyone who would listen at the time.

After I came to my senses a day or two later, I posted a retraction. For whatever reason, it did not make it to this board. I post in so many places that I just missed this one.

So here it is.

Well, now that my emotions are spent and logic returns, I'm embarrassed by my incredibly irrational, emotional reaction to the events of the other night. That is not my nature at all.

Obviously, we are not going to go full Hitler on people over this. Suggesting what amounts to genocide is completely off the rails. Forgive me, I was pissed.

That sort of emotional reaction is exactly what those idiots want. The return to the folly of a decade ago is what we must guard against. After all, that is what led to this situation to begin with. No, idiotic, criminal Iraq War, no ISIS, period.

The reaction of the right in this country, more than anything, led me to rethink this whole thing. Repugnant doesn't begin to describe their words and actions. Trying to blame the President and politicize these attacks is ghoulish and ridiculous, the craven actions of true scum and cynical opportunists. Not anyone with whom I want to be lumped in.

These attacks did NOT happen here. We need to stop allowing people to act as if it did. We need to stop acting as if we haven't been bombing the hell out of these people and droning their leaders for years. We can't allow the aforementioned scum to use their scare tactics against us. We have to stop acting as if we aren't winning.

Because we are.

The fact is, you're never going to stop every soft target attack. Hell, we get a mass shooting here every other month. Not only do we not prevent them, we have no interest in doing anything about them, at all. We're told to move on, that it's the price of freedom, that any attempt to keep nuts from purchasing guns is an affront to the very nature of the country.

So when a cartel member, a terrorist or a psychopath walks into one of those breeze purchase states and buys weapons they use to kill people at the local walmart, will we hear the same sentiments expressed? Somehow, I doubt it.

I see an awful lot of fearful and hateful things being posted by usually rational people. I get it, I did the same thing in the heat of the moment. By all means, keep the disgust at the actions but forget the fear and the unhinged hatred, it only leads down the road of self-destruction as we saw in the aftermath of 9/11.

I have my head back, get yours back too. Cooler heads must prevail if we want to figure this shit out.

Getting all that ugly out can be cathartic. Working your way through the emotional to get to the rational is what we should strive for.
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